Magical Mirror Makeovers in a Matter of Minutes – {guest post}

‘Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’

Ask any child where that phrase comes from and nine times out of ten you’ll hear the correct response. Posed to the magic mirror by the Wicked Queen in Walt Disney’s ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,’ the answer was always the same (the Queen was the fairest) until it wasn’t (Snow White was the fairest).

Apparently the mirror was ready for a change.

What about the mirrors in your life that are ready for a change? Even if the image reflected in them has undergone makeovers throughout the years, have you ever given them an update?

Maybe your mirrors are ready for a magical makeover of their own.

Magical Mirror Makeovers in a Matter of Minutes!

The best part is that it’s very easy to brighten up their frames with nothing more than a little TLC and a fresh coat of color. Here are three of the top mirror makeovers that you can do to your own mirrors to grant them their wish of a fairy tale ending that will leave you ‘happily ever after.’

Spray Painted Personal Reflections


If you want to transform your mirror frame from common to something straight out of Walt Disney’s creative imagination, grab a can of high gloss lacquer spray paint.

Here are some tips for your spray paint application:

  • Always spray paint outdoors or in a garage with the doors open
  • Make sure to shake the can for the amount of time listed on the label to thoroughly mix up the pigments
  • Apply several light coats rather than trying to spray one heavy coat for more control over the color and to avoid drips

Sophisticated and Stenciled Frame


With the wealth of stencils available these days, even if you have no proclivity for free-hand painting, a beautiful design is possible.

If you settle on the stencil route:

  • Try mixing finishes to create dimension – for example, maybe paint the base of the frame with a matte finish paint and then apply a high gloss, glitter or metallic stencil on top
  • Marking your stencil pattern with a pencil first will make it easier to stay on track with your design
  • As with the spray paint, less is more when it comes to stencil paint – wipe of the excess from the tip of your brush or dauber and dab on several light coats until the stencil is complete

Gilded Looking Glasses


For frames that just need a bit of refreshing, consider applying gold, silver or copper leafing to the edges. You may find that a thorough cleaning of the entire frame and then a whisper of metallic shimmer on the outskirts is all you need to restore the mirror to an updated version of its former glory!

If you decide on a two-tone look, make sure to tape over the portions of the frame that you don’t want to paint. And for more on taping, here are the general prep steps you should take for all of your mirror makeovers.

Proper Prep

No matter which of the high-end finishes you plan to apply, you need to make sure you have properly prepped the glass and frame before setting to work on your magical masterpiece.

Covered Glass
First, clean the mirror’s glass to ensure the protective coverings you put over the piece adhere properly.

After it has dried, cover the entire mirror with pieces of newspaper or construction paper and tape them down around the entire outer edge of the mirror where it meets the frame. The goal is to have no portion of glass peeking through near the edges (or in the middle).

Tip: Masking tape is great because it doesn’t disappear on the glass like transparent tape and it is easily removed from the mirror when you’re finished.

Ready Frames
Whether the frame is wood or metal, you may need to sand it (the amount of sanding will depend on the previous coating of the frame) to prepare the surface for proper paint adhesion.

Start with a higher grade of sandpaper like a 320 or 220 before moving down the scale to a harsher grit (the higher the number, the more fine the grit). Remember, you can always sand more but if you sand too much, you can’t add it back!

Make sure the frame is wiped free of any dust before painting and always allow it to dry thoroughly before handling it or removing the glass covering after the painting is complete.

What are some of the magical makeovers you’ve seen or done with an outdated mirror?

Author:  Shahab Shokouhi is a glass design expert at Dulles Glass and Mirror, an innovative manufacturer of glass table tops, glass shelves, and all other glass and mirror products. Follow Dulles Glass and Mirror on Pinterest or on YouTube to see how they’re changing the way glass products are manufactured, customized and delivered.

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