Mice peanut butter?

I was making Garrett a peanut butter sandwich for lunch when he asked me, “is that mice peanut butter?” Huh? “do you mean lots? are you saying ‘much peanut butter’?” “NO! Mice peanut butter”. Repeat, please?

Apparently there are two kinds at my house. The one for human consumption, and the other kind (sorry Jiff) that serves as the last meal for the mice under our house. I thought there was just smooth or chunky. Not so!

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  1. oh that is so funny! i love the things they say sometimes.

  2. yummy! can I come over to your house to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? That’s Trevor’s favorite!

  3. I just love the way little minds think. Hannah wants to wear her new red velvet Christmas dress everyday. I told her that it is a special dress for Christmas. To which she replies, “Momma, it is Christmas downstairs at our house.”

    Needless to say we decorated for the Christmas season and now it is Christmas.

  4. Hmm, I know when we had a mouse in the attic at the last house we used peanut butter in the trap. From what I understand mice love peanut butter. Strange, huh?

    A Garretism…

  5. I’m a mouse.. I’m a mouse… I’m a cute mouse.. I want peanut butter sandwiches…
    hey, that’s Ibit’s fave breakfast!

  6. My name is Tammie says

    Cute! My husband is an exterminator and uses peanut butter in his mouse traps. Works like a charm. Did he pretend to be a mouse while eating it?

    I like the new look. How are you doing those headers?

  7. Love the new header and color!!

  8. Casey's trio says

    How cute! Love the things kids come up with:)

  9. Oh no, winters coming and the mice are staking their claims to your house already. Good luck. I hope they’re not bad at our house while we’re gone.

  10. I will never think of peanut butter the same again! Now I’ll hear a mousy death march everytime I make PB&Js!

  11. Oh. my. goodness. Kids are so funny!! And smart. They pick up on everything!

  12. Jeremiah R. Jones says


    We had chipmunk peanut butter…

  13. Ah kids. They don’t miss a thing do they?

  14. Have I ever told you I have an irrational fear of mice, totally terrified of them. Last winter I did not sleep in my room for a month because I heard a mouse in the attic. I think Garrett is hilarous. Kids really notice everything!

  15. carrie & troy keiser says

    hahahehehehehahe! 😀 kids make me laugh … especially other people’s!