Memory Monday

One that I will never forget.
Grace’s first play date without mom.
My last post brought back this Kafkaesque (that’s the nice way of saying nightmarish) day.
A good reminder to all that scissors are best hidden under lock and key.

And just so you know, everyone said I’d be able to laugh about it one day. I *STILL* can’t, and it’s been FIVE years.

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  1. Oh my goodness! How long was her hair to start with? Man that’d take me a while to get over too. What a disaster. Things for me to look forward to with Yuki I guess.

  2. Her hair was shoulder length……the longest it had been since birth. She has the worldest SLOWEST growing hair, so it was a REAL set back. The length her hair is now (past her shoulders) is the accumulation of growth since then. No kidding. She’s only had less than 1/2″ trims since then. In 5 years.

  3. Oh, love the Milz sign in now. Makes it much to quickly recognize you.

  4. oh, my, lord! i don’t think i could laught about that one either.
    I tried to trim anna’s bangs about a year ago,a dn i ended up cutting thwm all the way up to her hair line. it looked awful. everyone asked me if she cut her hair herself,a nd i told them the truth…for a while, then i would just say “Yes, she did”
    my husband was as upset as i was.

  5. Casey's trio says

    OMG…So did I read that right that she was at a friend’s house for a playdate and did this? I’m speechless….I would have been so upset.

  6. Casey, YEP! YOu read that right. 🙂 It was terrible. Basically ruined a friendship which was the worst part.

  7. Ouch! To have that happen at someone else’s house must have been the last straw. Could you imagine returning a child you were supposed to be watching with less hair. I would DIE of mortification.
    And no, I wouldn’t be able to laugh about it either.

  8. carrie & troy keiser says

    I have some pix and a story to post on this subject…..

  9. I am very vain about hair and I think this would have killed me. NEVER would I think that picture was funny! Horrifying! Horrible! When I was little I cut my hair, my neighbors hair, and both our dolls. I can’t believe my mom let me live.

  10. Oh and when I first saw this picture I thought it was from today and I was about to call you and see if you were o.k. I am glad its in the past!

  11. We have had so many self-hair cutting experiences here, that I had to laugh. (Sorry, I know this was hard for you!!!) What would have made me upset was someone not watching my child enough for the entire head of hair to be cut! Was she checking on them at ALL?

    You know those scissors that come in the doctor kits that are all plastic? They DO cut hair!! Joseph cut Emma’s just like Grace’s is cut in this picture, when she was 2. I was upset at the time, but when Livie recently cut her hair, I just laughed. I could not change it. But we have the scissors under lock and key when dad is home with the kids by himself!

  12. Are You Serious! says

    I would have been beyond devistated to have to bring a child back their mother with hair like that. I think I would have been on my knees begging for forgiveness and oh my word!!! The post just before mine about the husbands and scissor SO true. Eliza did her last cutting experience and was husband was home. What’s worse is they were in our bedroom and the door is always child locked!!! AND he was sitting in the chair next to our DOOR when she got in there!!!!!!! It would take me 50 years to start laughing!

  13. Angie…I don’t think I could get over that one either!! Holy Cow!! I would of been devestated!

  14. OMGosh!!!! Where’s the photo of the cute pixie cut that the really expensive stylist did to fix her ‘do’? All my kids have done the hair clip at least once, never this bad though. Looks like her friend had a share, she couldn’t do that to the back of her own head!

  15. Now, that’s a hack job!! No beauty school in her future, huh?

  16. Okay, this most certainly has my Gracie’s Care Bear hair cut story beat.

    I’m not sure how fast I could get over that one either. How did you “fix” it?

    My Gracie’s hair doesn’t grow either. Stringy, baby fine hair that tangles into knots at the slightest breeze. Think it’s the name?

  17. Crazymamaof6 says

    oh no! that is so sad! oh my gosh and what was the friends mom doing when that happened? that had to have taken some time! nightmare is right!

  18. Hey Angie! I’ve been wanting to email you. What’s your email address?


  19. My name is Tammie says

    Oh. My. God. I would have died. Died. No I couldnt get over that. Poor honey. Does she remember it?

  20. Wow, that is a serious hack job! Holy Cow, I’m surprised your head didn’t start spinning! I would have FLIPPED out!!!

    She is cute tho, even with hack job hair! I’m so glad it grew back so cute!!

  21. what did you say to the child’s mom? she look OK from front, but awful from back.

  22. The mother felt truly terrible. It was aweful. Everything about it was bad, and I didn’t handle it well, either. Maybe that’s why I can’t laugh about and probably never will. Too much emotion and heartache afterwards.

  23. I don’t blame you, I don’t know if I would be able to laugh either. Maybe when she has kids and one of hers starts “designing” will you be able to laugh:)
    By the way you are an incredible blogger. I love your new design.

  24. oh, so sad! I think every mom goes through this- you are not alone!

  25. AHHHHH! I think I might have cried! The dreaded scissors. No homes with small children should have them!

  26. seriously could not stop laughing when I saw this! -Jan

  27. It’s just some freaking hair – and it’s not even YOURS!! Get over it