Memories In Motion-A New Community to be Excited About!

I am thrilled to introduce to you the newest BlogFrog Community, Memories in Motion.

BlogFrog has partnered with Pixorial, a video editing site that I’m really excited about, to bring us a new, interactive community that will improve our memory making skills.  With five kids, and loads of memories to preserve, this community is particularly appealing to me.

And, most exciting of all, I’m a Community Leader!

pixorial leader badge

This means that I’ll be in the community regularly  interacting with the community members, AND I get host live chats.  We’ll be discussing topics like:   crafts, family, DIY projects, food, gifts, memories, video, traditions, and sewing.  There will be great tips for digitizing video memories, and the community will be “the” place to go for tips and tricks for creative projects.  Plus, there will be excellent giveaways.

How fun is that?

To kick off the new Memories in Motion community, BlogFrog is offering a chance to win a $140 Conversion Package from Pixorial!

The community just went  live today!

I’d love it if you’d hop on over and join me as we start putting our Memories in Motion!

pixorial badge join

P.S.  If you have a favorite family recipe you’d like to share, I’d love it if you’d chime in in the Favorite Family Recipe thread I started.  I’m dying to get my hands on your tried and true recipes!

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  1. I need this kind of thing! I have all these old videos of Jordan from when she was little that need to be transferred. And I’m into pictures, scrapbooks etc….BIG time – something new you didn’t know about me eh? I’ll join your community for sure! 🙂 “See” you there!

  2. Such a cool thing for you! Looks like fun!

  3. What a great idea! It inspires me to get more involved in video!!

  4. That’s really cool, Angie! Congrats! I have so many old vids of the kids that need work.

  5. That’s awesome!

  6. I am already pulling all our old videos together for conversion. LOVE this company!

  7. I’m kind of jealous that you’re a leader over in that community. Cuz it’s right up my alley. 🙂 So glad that you’ll be there. I’ll be visiting for sure!

  8. How exciting, thanks for sharing!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful community!

  10. All joined up! I’m such a bad crafty person but I’d love to learn more.

  11. I joined your community on the Blog Frog. I love that website and am an active member with my own community as well.