How to Match Accessories to Any Outfit {guest post}

Guest Posts are always fun, especially when they deal with fashion! Here’s some fashion advice from Maria Dawson that will help to Match Accessories to Any Outfit!

When it comes to personal style advice, we tend to hear more about the actual clothing than anything else. After all, summer fashion trends dominate magazine covers and blog headlines for a reason! However, as any true fashionista understands, it’s often an outfit’s accessories that make the greatest visual impact. The right accessory can catapult your look to a whole new level. So here are 5 tips on how to choose the right accessories for any outfit.

Chose the Right Accessories for Any Outfit

1. Consider Color First

Certain outfits can work with just about any color of accessory. For example, if you’re wearing an outfit that’s primarily white or black, you can choose any accessory color you like and it will match just fine. However, it’s important to recognize that beyond this, mixing color combinations can look very bold. One tip is to stick to the color wheel. Colors near one another on the wheel can compliment each other beautifully – for example, blues and greens. Meanwhile, colors opposite one another on the wheel – say, a blue and yellow – make for stark contrast and bold fashion. Consider this as you match your accessories.

2. Don’t Go Bold-On-Bold


If you’re wearing a bold outfit – one with an unusual design, a design pattern stitched in, or even a graphic print – bold jewelry can be distracting. For example, an elaborate, low hanging necklace with multiple pendants takes attention away from a gorgeous print top. There are of course exceptions, but generally speaking try to match simpler accessories with bolder clothing.

3. Know What’s Casual

This takes some practice and experience, but it’s important to recognize casual vs. formal accessories as you plan outfits. For example, just because a diamond necklace comes from a jeweler it doesn’t mean it’s only for formal occasions! A 77 Diamonds necklace with a tasteful diamond pendant, or a single diamond stone, for example, can be worn quite casually. Generally speaking, approach “casual” accessories with a mind toward being a minimalist. If it sparkles too much or costs too much, it’s probably not casual.

4. Know What’s Formal

Glamour necklace

This is an extension of the previous point, but it’s equally important to understand. Just as a pendant diamond necklace can be dressed down casually, drop diamond earrings, or a chain diamond necklace, comes across more formally, and belongs with fancier clothing. An expensive pair of heels, or a clasp bag covered in glittering rhinestones, etc. will also work better with formal attire.

5. Know What’s Trendy


Finally, keep an eye on the trends. This doesn’t speak to matching accessories with particular outfits, but it does help you to narrow down your accessory options. For example, this season you might want to look into rose gold for your jewelry collection, or ornamented sandals for your time out and about. Summer accessory trends are very accessible, and help you in planning your outfits.

About the Author:  Maria Dawson is a freelance writer and fashion blogger. She loves keeping up with seasonal trends and writes about any topics related to style.

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  1. Keeping up with fashion trends and all the do’s & don’ts can be pretty time consuming! But I have solved that problem by having teenage girls. They like to keep up with all that stuff and seem to have endless amounts of time to watch YouTube video bloggers and then tell me what I am doing wrong.