I think one of the greatest things to ever happen to our family was moving to Massachusetts. We spent almost 3 years there, and loved every minute of about 5 months of each year. The streets are a world unto themselves. Navigation is a nightmare, and I thought California drivers were aggressive. Winters are rough. Spring lasts about 1 minute. Summer can be oppressive at times with high humidity, crazy thunderstorms and very little air conditioning. Fall though is absolutely amazing. Every second. We did a ton of exploring, and since I’m a huge history fan, I was in heaven.

Our duplex in Worcester. We owned the right side.
Garrett, Angie, Grace, Emma and Jeff in our backyard in the fall.

Boston. USS Constitution. Fanueil Hall. Paul Revere. Old North Church. Freedom Trail. Newbury Street.

Cambridge. Harvard. MIT. Henry Longfellow house.

Salem. My favorite city. Not even because of the Salem Witch Trials. For the city. For it’s history. For it’s diversity.
Concorde: Louisa May Alcott house. Transendentalism. Emerson house. Emerson house. Emerson house. Loved the Emerson house.
Sturbridge: living history museaum. Set in the 1830’s. Awesome.
Word conversions: bubbler=drinking fountain, carriage=shopping cart, and in case you are wondering, irregardless is NOT a word, even though you’ll hear it there a hundered times AND grow to love it.

So much to love, so much to see. And, I haven’t even touched upon the OTHER New England states. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Most grateful though for the strength we found in our family and marriage. For the opportunity it gave Jeff it finish his schooling allowing for a profession. Thankful for friends that won’t be forgotten. Thankful for glorious falls and for being provided for.
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  1. Ah, I still wish I could move my family there for a few years. Maybe when they are all a little older though and can appreciate the history. We saw all that stuff when we visited Brooke. It is amazing. I love it there, though I never had to endure the weather. Are you sure irregardless is not a word? coulda sworn it was…

  2. Casey's trio says

    I have always wanted to visit back East, but haven’t done it yet. The fall sounds absolutely breathtaking! Love the family picture. You and your husband look so young (not that you look old in pictures now). So fun to learn more about you!

  3. I love this area. I have many of the very same pictures from my visit in December. I am already planning a return visit, someday. I love history too, another thing you and I have in common!

  4. I’d love to explore the east more. I’ve explored Lancaster County, PA and it was awesome. I’ve been to CT, NY, and NJ on business, but never got a chance to explore. Maybe when the kids are older we’ll do a sightseeing tour! Sounds like a great place.

  5. Go to this link to find out how Massachusetts you are!

  6. Boston, such a wonderful place. I too think moving to Boston was the best thing I could have ever done. I love the history there too. I also love that everyone wanted to come and stay with me when I lived there. I guess California just isn’t that exciting of a place. Not many takers for the B & B in Monrovia…

  7. Mark and Kiss says

    Ha, ha, ha! I love it. Ah, yes, there really was two nice weeks in the year, first week of June and the second week in October. I loved every minute too. One time I asked someone if I could have their cart (they had just finished unloading their groceries into their car) and they looked at me in astonishment, I asked again, and they said, “You want my car?” No, your cart. “What?” I pointed to the grocery cart and they said, “Ohhhhh, the carriage.” Parlour= front room, Rubbish=garbage, sofer-couch, and Mark thought it was pretty amusing to hear one of his PhD professors say “drawer-ing” for drawing. I miss the Worcester Ward and all those wonderful people and will forever cherish the friendships we made there.

  8. I would love to visit! I am a history buff too. The only states in the New England area that I have visited is New Hampshire and Maine and I loved them both and hope to visit again someday.

  9. We lived in Maryland for a year. 20 minutes north of D.C. I loved the rich history. Michael’s family is from that area so we did a ton of family history. I cannot wait to go back when the kids are older. My favorite were the Smithsonian museums downtown DC.