Making Headlines…again

Do you remember the moment that I became famous as clearly as I do?

It was July 17th and I was thinking about finishing packing for my Cancun getaway celebrating 10 blissful years of marriage with the hubby.

In Colorado or California either Heather or Tiffany pushed the “Publish Post” button and put my name in lights. Almost immediately I was inundated with comments and for a whole day I knew how it felt to be a celebrity. Oh the attention was bliss. My inbox could hardly keep up.

Kat was featured before me and knew just how it felt to be a diva for a day. She wrote me a letter that got me thinking.

“How do I get myself featured again?”

That ESP crap really works because today I’m listed as one of the “CLASSICS”.

I’m not trying to brag. I’m just letting you know. In case you’re interested. 🙂

P.S. I do not wear tube tops, and I’m pretty sure I’m not that much shorter than Kat. Plus, I don’t really think I’m famous. Only sometimes. 🙂

About Angie

Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. I think you’re an ORIGINAL, even better than a CLASSIC… for example, Coke original – much better than coke classic…

    Hope you have a great day…

    J/ (

  2. American in Norway says

    Oh I am SOOO loving my moment in the spotlight so go on… ask me how much I have gotten done today…
    Thanks for the bloggy love on my SITS day! : )Congrats on being featured AGAIN…. that is very cool!

  3. Famouse or not ; ) I just think you are plain fun.. That’s what keeps me coming back..

  4. Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons says

    Congrats on being CLASSIC and FAMOUS, I think its great you were featured!! I love SITS and what Heather and Tiffany have done.

  5. It’s nice to see where you got your start. Any famous person knows just how important it is to “keep it real.”

    I was just remembering the post you had about David Becks it still makes me laugh.

  6. Mrs. De Miranda says

    I am aspiring to the precedence that you have set! One day, I too hope to achieve featurism and classicism! haha! have a great day!

  7. WheresMyAngels says

    Thank goodness you aren’t a tube top wearing Diva!

  8. Congratulations Angie!
    I doubt I’ll ever make it as a featured blogger but it’s nice to know people who have!

  9. Wow! great for you! Keep up the good work!

  10. Lucky! I can’t even get on the Saucy Blogs!

  11. You’re so saucy and….famous! Congratulations! I hope everything is going smoothly. I can’t wait to hear an update!!

  12. props to you, way to go!

  13. Yay for you! I *heart* your blog!

  14. You and Kat both rock the blogosphere! Congrats on getting a shout out from the SITS sistas. You totally deserve it!

  15. mommaof4wife2r says

    ur the good kinda classic…like casa blanca classic! yeah for u!!!

  16. wow, that is awesome angie!

  17. Live.Love.Eat says

    Well, Angie, you certainly deserve it. As much attention as you get you always make time to be responsive to the people who come to visit you. Not everyone is like that and while some may crave attention they don’t give it, so you should feel good about that!!!!

  18. you are original yeah…
    sst…. and I think you are starting to become a celebrity blogger 😀

  19. Becoming Me says

    Very fun. Congrats dear famous one

  20. American in Norway says

    I was doing soo good on keeping up with the comments..& then I had to actually go get something done… It will be a few days now… Not like that is a BAD thing! Gosh… I am feeling a bit like DOOCE today!

  21. Well congrats on being one of the Classics.. I wish I were famous.. well.. sort of. haha.

  22. I need/want an autograph.

    There, i said it.


    Love your blog!


  23. Don Mills Diva says

    Don’t forget the little people now that you’re so famous okay?


  24. Congrats on your Classic status! And don’t fool yourself… are a celebrity. I know I get totally excited when I get comments, but I get plain giddy when a SITS celebrity comes over and says hi! 🙂

  25. girlytwins says

    So very cool. You are a classic. You have set a great example of what a great blogger should be 🙂

  26. Here's my story…

    So yesterday I'm getting all these comments on previous posts. I'm all, "Did Dooce give me a shoutout?" I ask H & T, "Is something going on over at SITS?" Oh, and I asked this BEFORE going to SITS.

    Silly me. I had no idea. I'm a classic, too. I feel all black patent, pearly, and navyish. Don't you?

  27. Veggie Mom says

    You ARE a CLASSIC, just to let ya know! Thanks so much for stopping by for my own personal SITS Day in the Sun yesterday! I’m busy returning everyone’s comments-it’s a lot of fun, but pretty humbling, too!

  28. It’s always good to read (and know) the Classics!

  29. Kacey Randolph says

    Well, I think you’re famous and I love your blog. Plus, if you ARE famous then that means I kind of know a celebrity right? See how it comes full circle right back around to me? Ha! Ha!

    Congrats to you on your “classic” status. That is AWESOME!

  30. You are totally a classic.
    And famous.
    And one of my favorite all time blogs.

  31. Wow. It is a GOOD thing to be a CLASSIC?
    I guess. In YOUR cause, I think it is.
    Congratulations Angie! And to think…you do it all just by being you.
    You are a perfect example of a SITster; warm, receptive and you always have something valid to say. Well, usually. There was that one time about the shoes..

  32. You are definitly a celebrity around these parts. Congratulations on being a classic. Audrey Hepburn is a classic and everyone loves her just like we all love you.

    (on a side note a woman that was oh let’s say mid to late 30’s came into my job today wearing a tubetop. She also had no teeth. Not that that matters but maybe that’s a requirment.)

  33. Congrats to you Angie! You deserve it!

  34. sassy stephanie says

    I just started blogging in May. By July, I had just gotten “it” and started visiting other bloggers. I found you that day and have been back ever since!!

  35. I love Gotee man’s comment! Classic/Original, whatever…you rock! Congrats on your celeb status 🙂

    BTW, catching up on reading and I LOVED your Photo Friday story….speaking to the hearts of momo mommies!

  36. says

    I think this is awesome! Especially for a Pacific Northwestern-er to be featured. Yeah.

    Congrats and thanks for sharing,

  37. It’s nice to see that the blog world now knows what I knew all along. You are a greater writer. Love ya!

  38. A classic! Those never go out of style. Congrats! I must say I’m not surprised…I don’t know of another blogger who gets as many comments as you do!

  39. I’ve always said you were classic. Always. said. it.

  40. I so know what you are saying. I loved my day of fame but it seemed like it was over to quickly. I want more. Now I will just hope to be one of the classics.

  41. OH to be a classic. that would be seriously awesome!


    also i left you a little love on my blog…you. are. welcome.

  42. Oh how cool!! What wonderful recognition for you and your wonderful blog!!

  43. How fun! I don’t think I have ever been featured anywhere, but imagine it must be a great feeling to be loved, really loved 🙂

  44. No one deserves the spotlight more.

  45. I’ve been blogging for 3 months and I’m just now finding “blog communities”, so maybe I’ll be famous one day too!

  46. it’s ok, we all need to be fomewhat famous in our own minds, don’t we…. kinda like walking down the street and having your own theme music, now that would be super cool….

  47. Carrie and Troy Keiser says


  48. DysFUNctional Mom says

    I love SITS! I haven’t been featured yet. *pout*
    Congrats on being a classic!

  49. Jennifer P. says

    I get occassionaly called “the famous Jennifer P.” and try not to let it go to my head. It just feels soooooo good for a writer to have people like to read what she has to write. It was sure fun to be “classics”, wasn’t it :)?

    Sorry I missed this post before!

  50. Scary Mommy says

    I want another SITs day. It was just over so fast, I barely remember it!!

  51. That’s awesome Angie….

  52. Migraine Mom says

    I think you are “classic and fabulous”! I am so gald that I read you on that day you were featured…I’ve been coming back ever since!

  53. armyfamilyok says

    Shame on me….I always forget about SITS!! I try so hard to keep up with it all, but I never seem to hit ALL of my buttons. I do try to keep up with you though because I enjoy your blog.

    I’ve given you an award!! You can pick it up on my blog.