Make a White List and Protect Your Kids {CocoonKids for KlassKids}

I was thrilled to learn about a free browser plug-in designed to protect children from corporate tracking and family computers from malware, recently.  CocoonKids for KlaasKids has developed a plug-in that works with Firefox or Chrome.  Parents can lock it into “Kid Mode,” ensuring kids only browse a parent-sourced whitelist of recommended, appropriate and safe websites.  Accessing sites beyond CocoonKids for KlaasKids requires parental permission.  How fabulous is that?

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Why is CocoonKids for KlassKids needed?

Companies routinely collect information to build brand loyalty with youthful consumers, but the data being collected about kids’ online activities can also be obtained by identity thieves and other child predators.  Scary, right?  CocoonKids helps protect this from happening!

What CocoonKids does:

  • Parents lock Cocoon for KlaasKids into ‘kid mode’ to enable safety features. Kids then log in to access sites approved for them. Other sites require parental permission which can be granted either through an email or push notification on a mobile device.
  • Along with Cocoon’s online privacy and security tools that help shield personal information, CocoonKids for KlassKids will include a parent-sourced whitelist of recommended, appropriate websites.

Additional benefits:

  • Protects kids personal data from marketers and predators
  • Protects the family computer from harmful downloads of viruses and malware
  • Helps parents manage their family’s online lifestyle

More Information on Cocoon for KlassKids

  • Here is a video from Marc Klass to learn more about Cocoon for KlassKids.  Super helpful.
  • A link to the Klass foundation. (established in 1994 to give meaning to the death of twelve-year-old Polly Hannah Klaas, (Marc’s daughter) who was kidnapped at knife point from her mother’s home during a slumber party in Petaluma, California, on October 1, 1993.)
  • How to create your own Whitelist.

Create Your Own Whitelist!

white list

Creating your own Whitelist is easy.  Just click the link and follow the steps provided.  Once you’ve installed the xpi file in your browser, it’s easy to whitelist sites that are safe for kids.

cocoon for klasskids white list

You Can Help!

I would love for you to leave your recommendations for age-appropriate sites that have a solid reputation for their commitment to protecting children’s identities in the comment section below.  This way, I can add the sites to my WHITE LIST, and anyone that visits my site can add them to their browsers as well.  It’s a wonderful way to share good resources!

Disclosure:  As a member of the Parent Advisory Board for Cocoon for KlassKids, I love being able to help support this free online tool.  I’ve been given a stipend to help spread the word on this platform.

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  1. Cathy LaPearle says is my go to site for my grandkids.

  2. What a great plugin! I just compiled this post of apps that help track kids mobile and internet usage that would be a great compliment to CocoonKids. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I agree with Cathy. Since my kids are pretty young, our go to sites include: (free math website for kids of all ages)

    I also make them read Seven Clown Circus daily. 🙂

  4. Our top 3 sites are:


  5. I let my kids use disney websites and have a net nanny installed as well.

  6. My kids love Club Penguin!

  7. My son loves pbs kids, too. And nick jr, although that can be questionable!

  8. My kids actually don’t go on the computer yet! But, they are very interested – they always say, “Mom, go on your Q-ter!” and then they get on their little play computers and tippity tap away. I love the concept of this service though, because honestly, I’ve been avoiding the computer for them because I worry about what they might stumble upon. Very cool that there’s something available to filter!

  9. Disney and Disney Jr are both good ones that can be added. Also, Webkinz.

  10. We LOVE and

  11. is a good white list site – Princess Nagger LOVES it – it’s like computerized legos, and what also got her interested in Those are the two sites she plays on most (I have parental control so I can make sure she stays safe) though she still, even at 10, still goes to as well as Nick Jr., Club Penguin, Webkinz and Foo Pets. 🙂