A guilty pleasure for sure. Because I check for it too frequently. And probably derive too much pleasure from reading a quick note. Growing up, a highlight was checking 6 days a week to see if I had any personal snail mail letters. I always had penpals (whatever happened to my 10 year penpal Elizabeth Winslow from Tewksbury, MA?) and I got so excited to see a letter for me delivered right to my home. Now that “letters” can be delivered right to my “office” via the internet any time of the day, I check every chance I can get. I mean, what *if* someone sent me an email that can’t wait? 🙂

Which makes me ponder my internet habits and wonder about others. When you go online, do you surf the internet or just stick to a few choice sites? I realize that I’m a creature of habit. I never surf the net. I check my email, check my bloglines to see if any blogs have been updated, update my own blog and then pop in on to see if any posts need attention. And I do this really, really quickly because I have to get back to real life, but the break is always enjoyable.

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  1. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    I try to keep it to just news, but, yes, I surf.

    And I’m gonna write you another email.

    [Angie’s brain] Just check email and I’ll release some more endorphins.

  2. I too have reality biting on me (literally two of them! wink) so I only get on once a day. (usually during pumping time, which of course is the only time I get to myself nowadays- and that will be over soon!)Sadly I don’t surf just to surf. If I am looking something up (ie price from a store or movie times etc)I’ll check a few sites but for the most part I check email, blogs and of course daily!
    I love reading about whats going on in everyone’s lives- makes me feel a little less reclusive!

  3. Josh and Betsie says

    I am just like you. I check email, the momo site,blogs and then facebook. I do that a few times a day. It seems like the only way I can keep in touch with my family and friends since I moved so far away from them. I would die if I didn’t have the internet.

  4. I love this topic because I always wonder about other people’s internet habits too. I do not surf usually… who has time for that?? I check bloglines and read blogs, I post to my own, I check all 4 email addresses (yes,4, it has gotten out of control), and I stop by the crafty forums I belong to. I shop online at fabric stores, ebay and occaisionally I check out craigslist. I have a myspace and facebook but i rarely have time for those unless I get a message in my email. I have to maintain strict control over myself because I can easily get sucked into the computer and get nothing done.

  5. I hardly ever search the internet. Mostly just like you said, blog, bloglines and my blog…then off to a forum I frequent.

  6. Well I only get online to check email, read and comment blogs, monoamniotic. org. I never really surf but I like to shop online.

    It’s not what I look at but how often I look. I am in the process of cutting my computer time down A LOT! I am trying to set limits on when and how long I am online. Blogging and commenting can take a lot of time 🙂

  7. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ I still love snail mail. But I’m really bad about checking my email all the time too. In fact I have a thing on my computer that chimes when I have a new email. Sad I know.

    I do the same thing. Check email, check blogs, update blogs, check email again and then get of line. I don’t ever surg the net either!

  8. Cecily R says

    I read Yahoo for news and my mail, bloglines for blogs (and that makes me stress about how behind I always am) and do work stuff. Pretty typical.

    I love mail too!! 🙂

  9. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    I used to surf alot because I had a job that was really boring and surfing the net was a great way to waste away the day. haha. Now that I’ve got 3 little time consumers I only check email every other day (usually because I forget to check it daily), I read blogs and update mine, and I visit I wish I had more to contribute to, but lately I don’t feel very helpful so I limit my posting.

  10. Guilty as charged, I check blogs, three emails and watch ebay …Im addicted to ebay. Even better than the joys of the internet is the joy of an ebay steal in the mailbox.

  11. My email is the first thing I check and I do check throughout the day. Now the second thing I check is Google Reader. Yes, a break is always needed…back to real life!

  12. seangates says

    Um, I guess I may be the worst of everyone. I spend about 12 hours a day on the ‘Net. Seriously 12 hours. I start right after breakfast, work through about 9 hours of work, go home and read blogs for about an hour, then work and read online for another couple hours.

    ‘Course, I’m a web developer. Can you blame me? 🙂

  13. I always check email, blogs, momo site. Otherwise, I also ebay and shop online quite a bit. What did they do before internet anyway?:)

  14. I’m with you, Angie. I rreally do all my checking, and perhaps a little shopping…that’s the closest I come to surfing!!! Who has time? I don’t have the patience either.

  15. Jojomama says

    I don’t surf either- email, facebook, blogs, goodreads, sometimes youtube- that’s about it. (=

  16. Not a surfer, I am like you, stick to my regular routine do what I need to do while I am on and try to get a post in…if life is not calling for me at that moment ; ).

  17. I check my mail a lot. I love when someone has commented on my blog. It makes me feel like one of the cool kids at school. So I blog and check my mail. That’s about it.

  18. check my mail. blogging, blogwalking. no surfing… 😀

  19. I check my mail, blogs I read, post on my blogs, check my twin club email & Blog (and deal with CLub stuff), and the momo site. I only surf if I need to find info.

  20. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    I would have to say that I am a creature of habit. I like to see if anyone has looked at my blog and read their ideas in their blog. I check it about twice a day, and then I get a tad depressed if it hasn’t been read. I need a life!

  21. The only time I surf is if I am looking for something specific. I guess you could say I’m just boring. I really do love to get a “real” letter in the snail mail however. I think that letters are a dying art!

    And by the way, I do remember writing to you when I was in Jr. High.

  22. carrie & troy keiser says

    Must. Check. Mail. Must. Check. Blogs.
    Ok I usually stick to my list and not surf. But I do think I probably spend WAY too much time on here…. maybe!