Locked out AGAIN….

I think that if ever there was a time that a live cam would have been appreciated, the other day would be it. Last week my kids locked me out of the house and thought they were incredibly clever. A few days ago I got locked out of my car…….with the keys and Tiki inside. Let me just tell you upfront that I haven’t come so close to having a panic attack. Ever. We were already late for carpool rounds and as I made a last dash into the house to round up the rest of the troops Jacob got into the van (where I’d thrown the keys on the seat) and closed and locked the doors. I stood there for 5 minutes trying (I mean frantically yelling to pull on the button) to get him to unlock the door, while he smiled and didn’t do what I asked him to do and I had heart palpitations before I distanced myself from the situation. It became Emma’s job to talk him through unlocking the doors while I took deep cleansing breaths. Less than a minute later the doors were unlocked, and disaster was averted. I can only imagine how comical I must have looked…would have been a great entertainment. For others who enjoy anothers folly.

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  1. The things we go through. You know I have a terrible locked out story. I am glad yours did not last that long and Emma saved the day! The stress!

  2. My name is Tammie says

    Oh no! Its very comical to read but I know it would have pushed me over the edge. Good for you figuring a way out of that.

  3. I think that Leslie can commiserate about the “lock out”. She once locked herself out of her apartment while Ethan was napping on their huge “Poppa Bear” bed. He was rolling at the time so she was worried that if he woke up he might roll of and hit the floor, some 4-5 feet down. I can only imagine how frustrating this would be. Way to go Emma. Gotta love the kids who can get the little ones to do whatever they ask.

  4. Ok, I totally understand this one. I was putting Kate (age 1) into the car seat, when she grabbed my keys as I was doing up her straps. Her favorite thing at the time was sucking on the door clicker, so just as I slam the door, I hear all the locks go ‘click’. She had bitten down on the lock button. Where is the drama? It was in Vegas, in the summer, in 120* heat. Kids DIE in cars ALL the time in Vegas. Yeah, heart attack. I was in Lowe’s pkg lot. I called the cops immediately. Even 10 min. in a hot car is BAD for a baby. I feel your anxiety big time. I’m having it all over again now!

  5. I can understand your panic, here we also had a story of kids who died in a locked out car.
    Thanks to Emma, she is a great negotiator!

  6. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ Yay, Emma got him to open it!!!

    THat usually happens to me… I work for who knows how long for something and then Emma will come up and get the kids to do it in nothing flat!!

  7. I am so sorry, I am so glad that it was a brief moment of utter. I am so glad we only have some days that are like that, and they don’t last long- feel long in the moment. You are such a trooper to laugh at yourself.

  8. Well thank goodness for Emma and her level headedness!! Can she come over to my house soon? I could really use some of that around here.

    You and I both need to invest in several spare keys. People keep telling me that it would help me, but I think I have some strange energy around me that makes me into a bit of a cosmic joke…

  9. Crazymamaof6 says

    huge bummer! thank goodness for Emma. doesn’t that stink she can do it and he wouldn’t for you? UGH! my back window is broken so if i get locked out i can reach my arm in and unlock it . very classy.

  10. Wow what did you do to your son afterwards? Or were you just so relieved you forgot?
    I’m glad you got in and I hope the other car poolers waiting were nice to you about it.

  11. Clark Captions says

    Aw Angie…you poor thing! I would have been stomping, cussing and swearing if it were me! Cleansing breaths are a much better way to handle the situation! Way to go!

  12. carrie & troy keiser says

    OH man! I’d like to say I didn’t laugh a little … but that would be a lie! Not that I think it funny to have been locked out, but the mental picture of you trying to get him to open it…. 🙂 Glad that you were able to get in and all was well!

  13. Good & Crazy says

    I found your post. See, I knew I wasn’t the only one…

    How panicked we get immediately!