Let’s talk soft palate………

I realized just how boring I am when I was driving home from the dentist and I realized I was thinking about posting what happend. Not only am I verifiably dull, I’m like an old woman who wants to tell everyone about her ailing health or diabetes.

I didn’t want to wait another couple of months to get my teeth cleaned at a new dental office so I kept my appointment at *the* dental office I wrote about a few days ago. Right when I checked in I was presented with movie tickets and it was apparent the whole office was out to flatter me and make me feel so special I forget all about looking for a new dentist. I wouldn’t want to see my family go either if I owned a dental practice. We are a gold mine. We always keep our appointments, and they can count on at least one of us having a cavity at each visit. Anyway, everyone apologized to me for what happened and then had a compliment for me. It’s always nice to be complimented, but did they really think I was stupid enough to think they were all complimenting me because today I was so glorious in my sweats and tennis shoes that they had to tell me how great and accomplished I am? “Angie, we were all talking, and we cannot believe how great you look for having 5 children”. PUUUUUUUUUULEASE. And my Nike’s are sooo cute!

Last time I was there the doctor noticed a bubble on my soft palate that she thought was just a blocked salavary gland. It’s come and gone in the past 6 months, but this time the doctor wants the skin biopsied as it now looks like a raised lesion. So, I’m off to see the oral surgeon as I was told that snipping the skin from the soft palate is tricky. These were the doctors exact words. “I’m sure it’s absolutely nothing to worry about. The chances of a young, healthy person having abnormal cells is (at this point I wanted to cover my ears and say LALALALALA because I knew what was coming) rare. I’d say you have less than a 1 percent chance there’s cancer”. Not the less than one percent, PLEASE! I’m getting superstitious about it. It’d be just my luck to have cancer in my soft palate. I mean, I haven’t heard of anyone else having that before!

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  1. My name is Tammie says

    Can we see those Nike’s? 😉 I will be thinking of you. I did go to school to be a dental assistant and it is super **** (four letter word that rhymes with bare).

  2. Well, it only took me going through most of the alphabet…up to R, that is, to figure out what that word is! Love code so I don’t have to cover my eyes! 🙂

  3. The Pruetz Family says

    Yowza — keep us posted. I’m sure all is well, but any time the “C word” is used, it’s enough to keep you up for nights on end. Hang in there, sister.

  4. I am glad you posted this! I got a laugh from your commentary too… but now I know to put you in prayers. I know what it feels like when they tell you, ” no one ever has this but we have to check”… blah blah blah it gets me all worried too! I am sure you will be fine! Thinking of you!

  5. About the dentist office: ARGH!!

    And, AND! I have had a few root canals recently and have posted about them…Um, I am boring too then.

  6. Let’s see the dentist?! Do I have a dentist? Well yes, actually she was your old dentist on baseline in Glendora. I have only seen her a few times and since most of the work that I need done can’t be done till the pregnancy is over I will not be going back for a little bit. But, I will say that when I do go back we are going to need a huge loan to fix all the things that Myles has done to my teeth. And speaking of Myles, he may make his first showing this weekend. Toximia is winning and the doctor doesn’t want to wait too long. The baby should be fine, he will be 36wks,3days.

  7. Even though in my head I know it’s all probably fine, how could it not be, right? But we are trained to think of the worst possible scenario. Please tell me when you are going to have this done so I can be all over it with you!

  8. Just bring on the compliments….ha ha!! So did it work? Will you continue going back?

  9. Okay the 1% thing is getting to be freaky. Maybe you should think 99, 99, 99 all day. Let us know what happens with that…

  10. I’d be freaked out…especially when the doc said the 1% thing.

  11. Casey's trio says

    I must be tired because it took me way to long to figure out Tammie’s code word…All my appendages are crossed that everything turns out okay. When do you go to the oral surgeon?

  12. Oh no!! I will keep you in my prayers. That 1% is too freaky with you… do what the other poster said to do and think 99% all day. Let us know how it goes!

    Let them suck up to you! They should for what they did! I am sure they do not want to lose you. Just in my kids dental costs alone this year, my dentist is driving a fanatastic car! I am already starting to save for braces!

  13. I think my consulation is on the 9th. Will let you all know.

  14. carrie & troy keiser says

    Hello! I just popped over here from Another Day in Pardise … not even sure how I found her, but I tend to go check out blogs if they have twins… I have 3 yr old boy/girl twins… and I think it is fun to see what others’ twins come up with. Hope you don’t mind my dropping by.
    Good luck with the dentist.

  15. I will be thinking about you. Please try not to spend too much time worrying about this until you have something to worry about.

  16. Holy cow! Maybe your powerful mind is fulfilling the 1% prophecy!!! My little Jack is having his second surgery on his soft palate next month! It is a part of the body we give little thought to until we try speaking without one. Hope everything works out, girl.