Wordful Wednesday – LA Galaxy Game

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Don’t you love how I’ve drawn this LA Galaxy clinic, newspaper and game into THREE posts?

Two weeks ago I took the kids to a LA Galaxy game and it was SUPER cool {would have been amazing if we had good seats}.  Way more exciting than I expected.  Actually, there were a few things I didn’t expect.  Like the size of the field.  Wowsers it’s big.  And, how much action there is at all times.  Those men have to move!  No wonder it’s such a popular sport all over the world.  I don’t know why it’s no more popular here.

The LA Galaxy’s play in Carson, which is a city I’ve never even driven through.  Getting there required 5 freeway changes.  No wonder.  Also, our seats were TERRIBLE.  Really terrible.  It’s definitely worth it to spring for expensive seats because the nose bleed seats at $45 a pop didn’t cut it.

{The LA Galaxy’s played the Real Salt Lake and lost 1 to 0.  This was the opening ceremony.}

LA Galaxy Game

{That guy circled with the pink shoes is David Beckham.  Both players that we met (Juninho and Sean Franklin) played the whole game, too.}

LA Galaxy Game

{The sunset was gorgeous, don’t you think?}

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This week we decided to focus on enjoying fall.  Since pretty much everyone is talking about it anyway!

  • The twins plus one hit up the pumpkin patch at Being Cheap is Easy.
  • There was a wagon full of cute pumpkin pickers at Little Mouse’s House last week.
  • Eat Picks shared a photo of some pumpkin truffles that made me want to quit Weight Watchers on the spot.
  • Project Alicia shared a beautiful fall collage so perfect you could almost smell the autumn leaves and cinnamon scented candles straight through your computer!

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  1. That last photo is GORGEOUS!! Love it.

  2. Okay, so you had bad seats but you were within spitting distance of David Beckham? Yeah, I’d call that a good day. 😉

  3. That is so incredibly cool that you got to see him play in person!

  4. I seriously want to take my boys to a real live soccer game. I just can’t believe how much the tickets cost! Yikes!

  5. Looks like it was an exciting time!

  6. Oh what fun! Nothing like the live games huh?

  7. I do LOVE that you’ve stretched this game out three weeks but I HATE that Beckham is so small. I need more Beckham. ASAP. lol

  8. What a great experience! My son would give his eye teeth to see Beckham play :).

  9. That sunset was gorgeous… but getting back to David Beckham… 😉

  10. You got some amazing shots! 🙂

    Zelda the Bored Statue Kitty

  11. That sunset is unreal! Seriously, it looks painted! What a fun night!

  12. Thank you for circling David Beckham! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  13. The sunset surely was gorgeous. What a cool event!

  14. I love the stadium shot with the sunset. That sunset was incredible! David Beckham is even gorgeous from a distance. 😉

  15. That shot of the sky is amazing!

  16. yay! i finally see DB 🙂 ha ha ha…
    so glad yall had such a great time!

  17. Beautiful sunset and woooooo David Beckham! wooooooo…wait, I said that already 😉