Keeping the Good Going on the Ice

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My All-Star Daughter keeps the good going on the Ice.  Keep Good Going (KGG) is based around the idea that we can perpetuated personal good and positively effect everyone in our life, including our family.

It’s a “good” that as parents, my husband and I have tried to pass on to our children.  By urging her to pursue figure skating, we hope that she learns not just to grow in her sport, but personally, too.  It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and self discipline to stick to a schedule that will allow her to progress.

Alexandra skating

My daughter gives up friend time {among other things} constantly to go the ice arena to train for upcoming competitions and learn new tricks, spins and jumps.  That sort of dedication in today’s world is rare.

Last summer my daughter fell off an inflatable slide and broke her arm, right when she was set to begin training for the ISI World Competitions.  The competition was a HUGE deal.  It was to be the biggest event she’d ever competed in, with athletes from all over the world.  She was devastated because her broken arm meant she couldn’t go near the ice for 6 weeks for sure, and whether or not she’d even be able to compete was iffy.  She did everything she was supposed to and hit the ice with a vengeance when she was given the OK so that she could compete.  She had 2 weeks to prepare routines that other athletes had spent months perfecting.  She placed in every event she skated in.  Every single one.

That’s what I call Keeping the Good Going.

As her parent I encourage her, make sure she goes to practice and take her all the places she needs to be.  I try to give her the tools she needs to succeed, but really, she has all that it takes within.  Her determination comes from within.

Other people have All-Star Daughters, too!

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Do you have an All-Star Daughter?  How do you encourage her?

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