Just thought I’d throw this out there…..

I have no idea what I’m doing. I have 5 kids and there is something about the learning curve that just isn’t sinking in. I’d like to know where to find the manual that tells me how to keep the twins out of trouble. The boys get into about 10 times the trouble that my “singletons” got into at the same age. And so, for my higher order multiple mother friends, if the trouble is expotentially greater with each additonal same gestational child, I DO NOT know how you are sane (um, if you are still sane after reading that sentence that just kept going). Here, I’ll say it. Sometimes the twins (well, Jacob, really) make me crazy.

From this post this you might get the impression that today is a particularly rough day. It’s not. I just wanted to say it. Sometimes they make me crazy. Done!

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  1. I am right there with you on this one! You know that already though. It’s not that today or anyday is way harder than another… there all pretty hard! My girls go from thing to thing getting into mischief. If I am not with them watching them, its bound to be a disaster. I wish I had this mothering thing all figured out!

  2. You moms of multiples are really my heroes.

    I know with even one she keeps me on my toes and can get into things quicker than I can blink an eye. Two or more really scares me!!

    Just remember one day your little ones will have kids and you can wish them little ones just like them. It’s the only good part of being a parent 😉

  3. I think for me it would have been better to have twins first! Emma was SOOOO easy. I didn’t think twins would be bad… HAAAAAAAAA! What kind of blinder was I wearing and then I top it off with Olivia 13 months after the twins were born. Seriously I think the only reason I had Livvy so close was because God knew I’d never have anymore once the twins hit 2 and 3!!! We’ve contemplated having another and I keep going back and forth! One day they’ll be good and I think oh maybe one more, I want a baby so bad. Then the next day it’s horrible and I think I’m GOOD!!! I’m perfectly happy with the 4 that I have!

    I thought that things would start getting better at 3 but I was wrong. Now I’m just hoping/praying that things get better at 4. Which I seriously doubt because Emma was harder for me at 4. She was so sassy!

    Good luck. My 3 year olds are still into EVERYTHING still!

  4. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    whew! i thought i was the only crazy one–and i don’t even take care of our five all day long!

  5. Yep, my twins make me crazy, too. And they’re only 9 months old. Actually, Luke and Elle make me crazy. Sunny is totally laid back. Luke and Elle go at eachother all the time. Makes me nuts. And Elle has a thing with eating paper. I don’t know where the heck she finds all this paper. I’m always picking it up and trying to keep it out of her reach.

  6. So… no mother of twins find it easy taking care of them huh!?. Mine have been a ‘tornado’ since they were 10 months and able to crawl. They run (=crawled) after each other around the house, screamed and laughed, and ended with some body crying. They still do till now, really running ofcourse.
    One tip for all mothers of multiples: lots of patience.
    Ar and Ir are getting better after 4, really. They understand better what we tell them, what we expect from them.
    I’m proud to be mother of twin, but though, it makes me think thousands times before having another baby….

  7. Can’t imagine twins. My ONE one year old is driving me insane!

  8. I am SO with you on this one. Mine are so sweet, but are SUCH mischief makers! How do 14 month olds figure out how to climb on the counter? I guess it is true that two minds are better than one, especially when the one is ONE TIRED MOM!!!

    I just organized our playroom using this system: http://gohnfamily.blogspot.com/2007/09/works-for-me-wednesday-toy-organization.html the twins got in the playroom while I was busy and pulled EVERY cubbie OUT and emptyed it. After I just got done separating the toys at 5 am this morning… I was SO frustrated!!!

  9. My little one has been up at nights crying, screaming, fussing and just not sleeping. I don’t know how you managed to do it with two. I know they didn’t sleep well at the first either. My hat is off to you! Hang in there, it will get better and you will look back and wonder where the time went.

  10. Casey's trio says

    I hear you sister! I can be completely in love with my 3 and 30 seconds later ready to rip my hair out. And God help me, some of the other triplet blogs I follow keep writing about how much worse they are at 3.