Jacob said…

his first voluntary 3 word sentence. No, it wasn’t “I love you”. We all have to start somewhere, though, right? Are you ready for the magic words?
“I poop mom”.

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  1. His first 3 word sentence was actually “I poop dad”. I quickly corrected him.

  2. That is great that he is talking!! They are growing up so fast.

  3. At least it wasn’t “I HATE YOU!”
    Kate told me tonight she wanted a monkey for her bday. Hmmmm….

  4. My name is Tammie says

    Ahhh ‘I love you’ and ‘I poop Mom’ really just mean the same thing. They mean I love you lots and lots now can I run around naked. 😀

  5. What big boys!

  6. carrie & troy keiser says

    That’s SO funny!