It’s official! The twins turn ONE!

John really wanted the cake
Jacob enjoyed his cupcake……a lot!
One of our cowboys (Jacob)

They are ONE! We celebrated the boys first birthday with a themed party at Rachelle’s house. We had a barnyard party that turned out really well. The twins wore plaid shirts, jeans and cowboy hats (for about 30 seconds, that is). We decorated the tables with bales of hay, toy tractors, cowboy hats and bandannas. Jeff and I made a barn cake that was somewhat droopy, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Rachelle did so much to make the party a success, and I’m so thankful for all the time and effort she put into making it a memorable party.
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  1. Happy birthday cuties! Those pics are darling, they cake is the cutest. I love the theme too. Hope is was a wonderful day, almost impossible to really celebrate something as wonderful as having those healthy boys and making it through the first year with twins! I suppose suffering as much as we did to get those babies here makes it easier to handle twins because we know what a gift they are and how close we came to loosing that! Can you remind me of that, when I need it?

  2. Ok, that is the cutest party I’ve ever seen. Those boys are totally awesome! I LOVE the cake! You guys rock.

  3. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    wow, i can’t beleive the boys are one!!!!! i second laura, congrats on making it pass the first year with twins. i think it gets easier as they get bigger, atleast for now. the boys are adorable!!!! hope you had a great thanksgiving!!!