It’s a GO!-scratch that!

At least I think so. I was really worried yesterday that I’d have to cancel my surgery today when Jacob woke up with a fever and goopy, pink eyes. I took him to Urgent care to get a Rx for his eyes in the morning, and by the afternoon his fever spiked at 104.5 degrees, but hovered around 103.5 for most of the day. Poor little guy was feeling terrible and absolutely hates his eye drops. So, yesterday it was just me and the twins in isolation and I kept wondering and wondering about today. However, I called the Eye Center this morning and as long as my eyes are clear during the pre-op exam my surgery is a go….
the surgeon just called and unless I can get someone to watch Jacob through the weekend (don’t know how I’ll arrange that) I’ll have to wait like another month for surgery.

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  1. i’m glad everything worked out! hope your kiddos feel better and good luck with your surgery!!!

  2. ANGIE!! Crap! I wish I was more reliable this weekend I would take him in a heartbeat. We are just headed out of town. Man I hope you find someone. Hang in there.

  3. OH NO!! So… did you get it done? Sometimes being a mom and having things mess up stuff stinks! I wish I was closer I would LOVE to help you out!