it happened one day

I have been thinking a lot recently of things that can happen in one day….a few things happened today to illustrate these changes:

1. I looked out my window and was amazed when I saw our Japanese maple. I thought the trees had all peaked. There are ALOT of Japanese maples up here, so it’s like having fall twice. Beautiful. I have to share a few pictures of what will be here and gone soon…..

2. It also happened in one day that I looked in the twins mouth and beheld new teeth. Jacob has two teeth on the bottom, and one on top. John has one tooth on bottom and one on top.

3. I was going about my day when I heard Hannah Montana singing, “you say, you say” on the Disney Channel and Garrett singing it back to her. Garrett is really beginning to use his words.

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  1. OK, I love, love, love your pictures! You’ve gone bananas on your blog and I think it is fantabulous! Keep it up cuz I’m so enjoying!