Wordful Wednesday-In the Paper

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Last week I posted about my boys having the incredible opportunity of attending a soccer clinic through AYSO where LA Galaxy coaches as well as a few LA Galaxy players taught them some moves.  This week I’m simply doing a little bragging.  I’m saving my LA Galaxy Game pictures for next week since I’m short on time.

A few days after the soccer clinic, our local newspaper publication came out and my twins were in it.  So was my hand.  We scored a half page spread, y’all.  See?

twins in the claremont courier

It was lots of fun to see them in the paper.  And my hand.  So I couldn’t help but brag.

Next week I have a picture of David Beckham to show you.  Too bad he’s so far away he looks like an ant……

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  1. They’re pretty cute kids! And your hand is very nice too! LOL!

  2. That is so cool! Your boys are the CUTEST!

  3. Oh how very cool! Proud mama you must be.

  4. Now that is just way cool!!!!

  5. That’s awesome! And you have very sweet looking boys (and a nice hand too).

  6. The only thing cooler than the boys in the paper would be if your David Beckham picture was a close-up 🙂

  7. Lol! I’d be proud if my hand making it into the paper, too! 🙂 The boys are too cute, and look like they are so proud if themselves! Awesome!

  8. What a fantastic shot, and such a fun opportunity for the boys!

  9. How cool is that?! What a great photo of your boys and your hand! 😉 Can’t wait to see David Beckham the ant too.

  10. How cool is that?!! And your hand is looking good! 😉 The twins are such cute little hams, aren’t they? 🙂

    WW: Roboraptor Fun

  11. That’s way cool! It’s always neat to see our kids in the paper.

  12. And brag you should! Super cool!

    When I was little, my sister and I were in the newspaper. Wonder if my mom still has that clipping?

  13. Well that is super cool!!! We used to live close to you- we were in La Verne & my mom was in Alta Loma. Miss that area.

  14. My head would have exploded. How awesome is that?!!! Someone must be a proud Momma 🙂
    Ps. Thank you so much for the mention!!

  15. That is so fun! My boys have made the paper in Arizona when we were visiting for Christmas. I thought that was awesome and they didn’t get half a page!

    Sorry I am late again! Got busy chatting with a long lost friend last night so I didn’t post. I am happy to say it was worth it.

  16. Congrats! You’ll have to collect their autographs for your paper. 😉

  17. ooooh! I smell a future hand model! 😉

    Cute photo of the boys. Twins just attract people don’t they?

  18. fully qualified for bragging rights!!! love it!

    thanks for the shout out too 🙂 what a great and welcomed surprise!

  19. that is just soo cool….
    and those boys are just ADORABLE…
    You are killing me with suspense on DB… I need to see him 🙂 ha ha ha