I’m in the Crier’s Circle

It seems like there are two types of parents.

One type cries when their children start school.

The other type lets out a long sigh of relief that it’s that time of year again.

I thought I was the second type of parent.

Until this year.  When I sent all of my children to school.   It turns out that I’m that parent who can’t help but cry, but pretends to have something in her eye.

All of my babies are in school.  All of them.  I should be happy.  I know this.  But, I’m sad.

I’m sad.

My babies aren’t babies anymore.

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  1. Yep, that’s what did it for me, too. When my youngest started kindergarten, I joined the wussy crybaby parents. It happens to the best of us!

  2. I think I will always be a crier when it comes to starting school. Piper is on day 4 today and I still cried after putting her on the bus again. I have the others still home with me so after my few minutes of sadness I have to be back on again. I hope that all of yours are enjoying school very much. Hugs mama!

  3. ((hug))

    I thought I’d be a crier as I sent Maya off to her first year of “big school” (first grade) this year but nope. Instead, I just stood there shocked that for the first time in 8 years I no longer have a child attending any kind of preschool/kindergarten. Huh.

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  4. I’m in the circle with ya Sister! My daughter would be starting Kindergarten, but with her late birthday — she will be attending transition class this year. EACH day until noon.

    I hunger for some moments of alone time, but then I miss her. Double-edged sword.

  5. *hugs* It’s hard to see them off. I cry about these types of things too. It’s exciting to see them head off on an adventure & see the amazing people they are becoming but sad because we’re Momma & they’re always going to be our babies.

  6. Awwww…hang in there. Soon you’ll be crying b/c it’s the last day of school! I wonder which school I’ll join!

  7. Those darned kids!! They will break your heart everytime!

  8. it is so hard watching our children grow up…my baby will be 13 in 28 days my oldest will be 17 in 78 days…I feel ya

  9. I had no problems with my daughter started school a few years ago. Last week my son sent me straight to the criers circle! And then his teacher gives a sweet poem about sending our babies to school. Up until that point had something in my eye, but that poem sent me over the edge!

  10. 🙁 I’d cry too. I’m going to homeschool and I’ll probably cry LOL

  11. I am a crier too!!

  12. LOL
    Welcome, welcome to the emotional side.
    Now what are you gonna do?

  13. I’m totally with ya. And have been for the last few years, increasing with every passing year. Sigh.

  14. So you decided to let them go. I was wondering. It’ll be ok Momma. You can do this!

  15. i’m having trouble with my second to the youngest starting school-can’t even think about the youngest starting

  16. I’m in the third group.


  17. My oldest is starting kindergarten and now I feel like the ball is rolling and I’m never going to be able to stop it! And before I know it, my 5 month old will be graduating from high school.

  18. Never say never they say! I have thought of you and wondered if you were feeling sad like me. Funny I celebrated for my other kids to go off to school naive to how it would feel to send my babies, my twins. It’s been so hard indeed. Problem is I now remember it like yesterday sending Lindsey (celebrating even) and blinking and finding her now in 6th grade. Who wouldn’t cry for that. My babies in 6th grade, never. I used to wish to fast forward certain phases but today and now I really want to hit pause. Enjoy the no diapers, happy, sweet kids and not move on to teenagers and empty houses. HELP! I miss you!

  19. Oh and if another person says, “What are you going to do with yourself”? I might slap them! That is so annoying. My girls are only gone 2.5 hrs a day. The laundry, cleaning, errands, bills, meals, etc… are more than a full time job people. No fear I won’t be bored… Just lonely.

  20. Sad too – but I am at the same time enjoying my two hours of peace and quiet 🙂

  21. They are all in school? That’s as life changing for you as it is for them. What will you do with yourself?

  22. You’ll be enjoying the extra time in no time, but I do remember the feeling well!

  23. I can totally relate. We homeschool but this year my daughters are taking outside classes and it’s been hard. Check out my post about this past week: http://www.theiemommy.com/2010/09/02/where-was-i-at-10-a-m/

  24. I’m the second type!!! For sure!!

    And also, kids are jerks for making Mommies cry.

  25. I’m right there with you! I sent my baby off to first grade and everyone kept telling me I should be excited and kicking up my heels. But I was crying. My baby left me and was happy about it. (My other 2 have been leaving me for a few years now and aren’t so happy about it)I know they all come back at the end of the day and they drive me crazy when they are here all day asking for snacks and entertainment every other minute, but still, the nerve of these babies growing up!

  26. Me freakinMe freakin’ too. I cried all day today.