If you were a fly on the wall

this is what you would have heard in the last 10 minutes at my house:

“clink, clink, clink”……or something like that. That’s the sound of about 50 DVD’s being taken from their case and thrown on the floor.

Garrett: “I didn’t do it, the twinnies did”.
Then he smiles because he knows I know he’s lying. The three were in kahoots.
“Am I going to get a bare butt spanking?” (this is the ultimate irony since he’s never in his life had a bare butt spanking).
Me: “If you ever do that again you will”.

About 30 seconds later:
Garrett: “MOM! the twinnies pulled the head off of the Polly Pocket doll”.

The sound of a recorder being played. EKK…..

Loud crying. “He BITE, he bite”.

2 minutes later:
“mom, the twinnies are in the wipes”.

See, there’s always something exciting going on at my house.

Oh wait, there is the sound of all three boys crying. Let’s investigate.

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  1. Oh my… we have the same sounds 🙂 I was telling Michael the other day that I feel like all I do is clean up. I can never get one step ahead of the twins!!! If I could just get one step ahead, things would be a bit more caught up around here. My twins pulled off all the folded laundry they could reach on the table while I was running the piles up and down the stairs to put them away. I do not know when i was more tired…. the first year or now.

    That is so cute about the spanking!! Where do these kids come up with these things?

  2. The fun never stops! Those boys will probably have a lifetime of scheming! Too funny.

  3. Mark and Kiss says

    Ha, ha, ha! That is hilarious. Just yesterday Stephan dumped Levi’s cereal bowl, grabbed a marker and drew on the hardwood floor and chair, then dumped a game and its pieces on the floor. That is only one child, I could only imagine the possibilities if I had three in cahoots. Wow!
    (you can tell that Stephan is not happy about his room and the house being packed away. He knows something is up.)

  4. I still don’t know how you get anything done. I am just amazed at how fast they are to get into ANYTHING! Good luck. Maybe you can borrow Kristin’s kid cage till they turn 18!( check out her blog )

  5. Casey's trio says

    I love how Garrett calls the boys the “twinnies.” Pretty soon, Jacob and John will catch on that they are getting the bad rap for everything and Garrett will have to come up with a new tactic!

  6. Never had a bare butt spankin’ huh? I don’t know Angie, I think I’ll call DCFS just in case! You seem like the violent type to me… 😉

  7. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    haha, i had to laugh….with you of course, not at you! i too love that garrett calls the twins, twinnies! that is adorable! he better watch out though, i bet the twins are keeping score! 🙂 i hope you have a great week!

  8. Rosie Yanosko says

    I love little boys! Even with all of their mischief 🙂 If I ever get married I hope I have more boys than girls… Sounds ludicrous in light of your entry though, huh? 😉