“I think…(thoughts on birth and raising children)”

Isn’t the whole reproduction experience pretty amazing?

I mean, when you really, truly think about it.  How an egg and a sperm become fertilized and a little time passes and a child (or more) is the end result?  I think about this a lot.  Probably more than than the average person; perhaps not.

Now that I’m not right dab smack in the middle of birthing children, I can look at it from a different perspective, and this is what I’ve decided.

  1. I think it’s (gestating, birthing, raising) the most miraculous event that we all experience whether or not we have children.
  2. I think that there is nothing that can so center and humble a human being as being a part of the rearing of a child.
  3. I think that it does take a “village” to raise a child.
  4. I think there is nothing else in the world that can cause a person to lose as much sleep as a newborn baby.
  5. I think that it takes a child to make us act like a child.  In the good ways and the bad.
  6. I think that I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to experience first hand such a “common” miracle, and I try to not forget what a gift it really is.
  7. I think that there isn’t much sweeter than hearing about and seeing a new little individual emerge.
  8. I think that it’s a topic that has infinite possibilities for discussion/conversation.

We just welcomed a few new little individuals into our extended family.  They were born within a week of each other, and I’ve had so much fun fielding the questions that my kids have been asking.  Like,

  • “When is that baby going to come out?”
  • “How did the baby get in her stomach?” (Isn’t this a fun one?)
  • “Is the doctor going to have to cut the baby out?”  (Ever noticed how much easier it is to explain a Cesarean section rather than a vaginal birth?

And my all time favorite:

  • “Why doesn’t the baby have a bottle?”

Because it led to this conversation:

John:  “Why doesn’t she have a bottle?”

Me:  “She doesn’t need a bottle because she gets her milk from her mommies boobie.”

John:  “Her boobs?”

Me:  “Yep.  Her boobs.  Mom’s who’ve just had babies have milk in their boobies and that’s how they feed their babies”.

John:  “Did you have milk in your boob when you had me?”

Me:  “Yes, although you didn’t drink the milk out of them.  I fed you and Jacob your milk out of a bottle.  I did breastfeed (that’s what it’s called when the baby drinks the milk out of their mommies boobie) Grace, Emma and Garrett though.”

John:  “Sooooooooooooo.  A baby sucks on their moms boobie and milk comes out?”

Me:  “Yep.”

John:  “That’s really, really gross”.

Wishing all my American friends a happy and safe Memorial Day.

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  1. Just think how much grosser he would have thought it was if you had told him that was what he did.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Kids… Can’t live with them, can’t shut them up =-.

  2. I’ve had almost that same boob conversation with my nephew!

    And as for the “village” to raise a child? Couldn’t be more right. One of the truest statements ever made 🙂
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..Do Everything Good, Everyday! =-.

  3. I agree with you totally…I have to say when I was trying to get pregnant oh so many ions of years ago…It’s harder than most people think..the whole egg and sperm meeting at the right moment is all timing. Took us two years until the two met…I often wonder how teenage pregnancy happens cause it really takes alot of luck. Love your answers for breast feeding too funny theres so much more ahead you know that….hee hee!Happy Memorial Day!
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Sundays In My City =-.

  4. Kate to baby Ella: “Do you want a big juicy boobie? Do ya? Do ya?”
    We still get lots of mileage with that one, now that Zeke’s nursing.

    I think you’re right. About all of the above.

  5. So, so much easier to explain a c-section than a vaginal birth. I had one of each and had to sort of explain both to my 7 and 5 year olds…they get “I came out of your tummy” but the “I came out of a hole somewhere in your private butt area” really seems to baffle them. And disgust them! Great post!

  6. I think and totally agree with you that having a child is an everyday miracle and am very grateful that I finally got a chance to experience it for myself. Because what follows is an ongoing series of little miracles each and every day, watching them grow and develop. It is a miraculous journey for sure.

    Lovely post today.
    .-= Aging Mommy´s last blog ..Milestones, Memories and Moving On =-.

  7. that’s really, really gross LOL love this. so funny. My friend breastfeeds her children so when Isaac was born, her daughter was full of questions about what that was (a bottle) and why we had that (because I feed my babies differently than your mommy feeds her babies). 😀
    .-= S Club Mama´s last blog ..vote for my pals! =-.

  8. HAHAAA!! That’s really gross! Love it. Kids just say it, don’t they? When my sister had twins, my oldest was three. He saw my sister breasftfeeding the twins (one on each side–bless her) and he asked what was going on. My sister commenced to explain it–like you did. When she finished, my son stared at her and then said. “A pengiun walks like this.” And waddled out of the room. We laughed so hard! Now, anytime something awkward happens or we are give TMI we say “A penguin walks like this.” Haha!
    .-= Jo´s last blog ..My Life in books! =-.

  9. LOL I’m kind of glad that I had my boys so close in age that none of them noticed and asked questions about breastfeeding!

  10. I love his reaction to breastfeeding. I’m cracking up!

    Giving birth really amazes me. How something so amazing can come from basically nothing is, breath-taking. To me, that’s proof of God.
    .-= Allison @ Alli ‘n Son´s last blog ..A Stroll =-.

  11. That is a great conversation! Ha!! I loved when I was breastfeeding my 2nd and my 1st would “breastfeed” her baby doll! But the best was when she pretended she was pumping! Now that was funny.
    .-= Rachel @ Mommy Needs a Vacation´s last blog ..Morning Nap: You are in a TIMEOUT!!! =-.

  12. Well, he has a point! HAHA!
    .-= Jenners´s last blog ..My Week .. Alphabetically =-.

  13. Haha my niece is always asking to feed Natalie. And every time we go through the whole discussion about milk coming from my boobies and not a bottle. Aren’t kids funny…
    .-= Amy @ Marvelous Mommy´s last blog ..WINNER, WINNER, WINNER!! =-.

  14. My 3.5 year old just asked me today how a baby gets in a mommy’s belly. Yeah, that was interesting. Hubby said “it’s magic.” I think we’ll have to work on that explanation.

    Isn’t it amazing how motherhood changes our perspective on things so much?!?!
    .-= Krystyn´s last blog ..Mommy and Me- The 15th Edition =-.

  15. You are so right – regarding your first 8 points.

    And love the breastfeeding story.

    When I was pregnant with my first child my nephew was about 8. He had a lot of questions. Explaining how the baby was going to come out was probably the hardest to answer and my sister just watched and smiled as I try to explain it to him!
    .-= T Rex Mom´s last blog ..Let the Punishment Fit the Crime =-.

  16. Right on!

    Love the dialogue….so cute and funny!

  17. I agree with you 100%.

    And kids are too funny. We haven’t had to get too much into it all yet.
    .-= alicia´s last blog ..Week 21 {365} Cousins =-.

  18. Such a great post hahaha this reminds me of when my son (almost 3.5) saw his uncle’s big belly and tapped on it said “Hello…baby?! Mommy, there’s a baby in Uncle Reggy’s tummy!” LOL

  19. Loved this post.

    The mind of a child is the best.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Happy Memorial Day! =-.

  20. Great post! I loved the conversation about breastfeeding…such innocence and honesty!
    .-= Allison @ Slice of Heaven´s last blog ..Our bags aren’t packed! =-.

  21. I had the same conversation with my kids – each time that one of them was born – the oldest – who has had the most experience – even helped me explain it to his brothers – Congrats on all the new babies – I envy ya! Now that I am finished – I want nothing more than to hold little newborns and sniff their sweet baby scents! 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    .-= Mellisa´s last blog ..Chasing Butterflies Etsy Giveaway =-.

  22. I’ve had this conversation with my daughter a few times and it always just leads to more and more questions. She still asks me what is currently in my boobs. lol. And yes, explaining a C/S is so much easier than explaining a baby being birthed out of the lady parts. lol.
    .-= Momlissa´s last blog ..I Yub My Boyz =-.

  23. Angie, we need to see eachother more. Kolby lets everyone know that Kord eats Boobs. Oh, and he would inform John that one side is chocolate milk and if you wait long enough it will spray him. Oh children are so much fun. The other day Kolby asked, “Why do girls have boobs?” Me, being a smartie pants replied, “God made them for guys to look at.” Ryan intercepted and said, “No, for babies to get milk.” Then, precious Kolby, replied to Ryan, “Then why to fat guys have boobs.”
    Give John a big smooch for me.
    .-= TIFFANY EVANS´s last blog ..First Day Scrapbook Page (12” x 12”) =-.

  24. so funny, especially that now I have milk in my boob..
    hey John, wanna try some? my left is chocolate flavor and the right one is strawberry flavor…
    .-= Latree@Dandelion´s last blog ..the little guy =-.

  25. I love your list, and I completely agree. Thanks for the reminder of the small miracles among us. I love the nursing conversation with John- so funny!
    .-= Laurie M´s last blog ..Memorial Day Hike =-.

  26. chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

    Simply awesome.
    .-= Rachel — Following In My Shoes´s last blog ..The Good, the Bad, and the Really High Up =-.

  27. Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle. ;=)

    That is AWESOME!!
    .-= Rachel — Following In My Shoes´s last blog ..The Good, the Bad, and the Really High Up =-.

  28. I love this post…..LOL…..I have had many conversations with Jordan like the one with John. She has pretended to breastfeed her babies, carry them around in carriers etc….after seeing me do it. It’s adorable. Explaining to her about the birth was tricky……I definitely agree with all of your thoughts. It is the most miraculous experience to give birth. I am amazed everyday at the idea of how it all happens. :0)
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Wordful Wednesday with Maddie Lee =-.

  29. I remember my stepson talking about his new baby sister. In a very quiet restaurant, he said in a very loud and disgusted voice “She lets the baby EAT HER BOOBIE” You could have heard a pin drop. Probably our most embarassing moment ever.
    .-= Adrianscrazylife´s last blog ..The Craziness has Passed to a New Generation =-.

  30. Sweetest post ever! I want to kiss John!
    .-= Dianna´s last blog ..How I Got the Most Eligible Bachelor in Town to Marry Me =-.

  31. cute site.
    although, I don’t understand what everyone’s problem is with explaining what a vagina is. Girls have a vagina for birthing babies and boys have a penis. please tell me why is it so much more difficult to matter-of-factly explain the purpose of a vagina than to explain a c/s? seriously people, get over yourself. every other woman on the planet has one. there is nothing especially dirty or unmentionable about yours.