I remember

Memorial Day. A day to remember. Here’s to a few of those who have touched my life but aren’t here to tell them.

My mom: I remember her reading me “The Old Hags Long Leather Bag” over and over again on the floor of my grandma’s walk in closet which was my absolute favorite place to nap.

My Grandma Williams: I remember the excitement and anticipation I felt everytime a letter came for me in the mail. She was the best pen pal ever.

My Grandpa Williams: I remember going to the swap meet with him when he was blind and helping him buy a pair of paint splattered sunglasses. We got home and he told my grandma solemnly, “I had an accident”. I guess you’d have to have been there, but I’ll never forget the picture of my tall, skinny grandpa with his red tipped white cane wearing sunglasses that he didn’t need that were paint splattered and enjoying the joke.

My great-grandma Funk: I remember spending the night at her house on the twin bed next to hers. Staying up late watching the news, playing with her amazing rocks and waking up to a delicious breakfast.

Jeff’s grandma Doris: I remember when she taught me how to make freezer jam, how to make a pillow case, and the way she laughed.

My dogs Bear and Itsy: I remember Bear putting his neck over my face and smelling his smell which I loved. I remember Itsy’s sweet face and personality and the way that she got up each morning and lived as full a life as she could despite her neurological problems.

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  1. Great memories! It’s a good reminder that often the simple moments and events are the ones we remember.

  2. I have to totally agree with Laura! Your memories are amazing because they were moments. Not big huge vacations, extravagant gifts or anything else like that. It is totally the little things that are so, so, so special. Thank you for sharing!