I have a thing or two to say about paint and sushi……….

It’s true.  I could make a whole post about my thoughts on paint.  But I won’t.  I’ll spare you.  For the most part.

First of all, I feel compelled to tell you that I just found a new love in Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paint.  It’s $10 more per gallon than regular old paint, BUT it has a primer built right in so the coverage is FANTASTIC.  Serious ONE COAT paint and great rich colors.  My favorite part though is the smell.  Yes the smell.  It smells sweet.  It smells good.  I actually didn’t even mind painting because I liked the smell that much, and that’s huge.  I’m not a huge fan of painting.

Which brings me to my second painting point.  I don’t want to be mean here, but I can’t help myself.

I highly, highly dislike the way the people who used to own this house painted.  I dislike it so much in fact, in a very little corner of my heart that doesn’t even know the people hates them.  I know I shouldn’t care.  But I do.  I’ve spend hours, no, DAYS repainting what they painted.  There is not a wall or ceiling in my house that I have not repainted.  And, it doesn’t all come down to personal color preference.  There IS that too, but it’s more.  They painted every room in their former house a minimum of two colors.  Which I guess is OK if that’s your thing.  BUT, they obviously didn’t tape off, and slopped paint ALL OVER the ceilings.  Makes me CRAZY.

Now that I have that off my chest I’m also inclined to tell you that I love going out to sushi with my husband.  He always orders way too much for himself so I get to sample (a lot) and not have to eat a full roll myself.  Works out really well for this Bento Box piggy who eats way more than she should when she goes out to sushi and pays for it the next day.

I have to tell you that I retain so much water from all the sodium in the food that my fingers are like sausages the next day.

Does this happen to any of you?

Speaking of food.  I also feel like telling you that I have a weakness for strawberries and can eat almost a whole flat in one sitting.  I know.  That’s a lot of strawberries!

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  1. I am laughing about your wall, multiple colors are not my thing either. We are getting ready to paint part of our downstairs though, thanks for the tip on the paint. It would be nice to not have that gross paint smell. And, I swell up from sushi too but darn I love it! Hubs isn’t as adventurous as I am with trying new things though. The girls and I decided to order out on Friday and begged me for sushi but I was hungry for ribs. Since I was paying…
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. We are taking care of our living room late next month. I will definitely keep that paint in mind:-)

    I love sushi but you are right!! My rings never fit right after:-(

  3. Ahhh… paint. How I love thee.

    I faux painted my entire kitchen in my last house this beautiful tan color, and the new owners? Within one week of moving in, they painted it LIME GREEN!!!

    I totally get you.

  4. I repainted when we moved in and now I’m ready to repaint again. It is neverending.

  5. A non-perfect paint job irritates me…I need that blue tape to be perfect! lol Which is why I annoy my husband until it looks good – I hear ya!

  6. LOl this post is so random.
    I don’t get bloated from sushi. I LOVE it. I’d honestly eat it every day, from Kyoto. Man that’s the good stuff.
    Dru won’t let us touch Behr paint, like ever and he thinks the primer added is a joke, so I’ll never get to experience it.
    I’ll have to live through you (sigh) part of living with a construction perfectionist I guess.

  7. My husband seems to have an aversion to paint with pigment. Except for our children’s rooms, every other wall in the house is eggshell white… bores me to death! But, he did tape off.

    Sushi is a meal only my college kid and I appreciate. My men folk won’t eat any kind of seafood.

  8. Our house was painted in the same crap way.

  9. Yay! You joined! Thanks Angie!

    Are you serious? Paint that smells GOOD? I remember I used Behr to paint the kitchen in our old house and it was soooooooooo thick. It took some getting used to. But I love the idea of one coat, that’s for sure.

    Ewwww… sushi. Me no do raw. If it ain’t cooked, I ain’t eating it. I have tried several different raw things and hated each one. Those salmon roe? Ewww… it’s like a shot of pure fish oil when it pops. Gross!

    Justine 😮 )

  10. *nods* Oh, I feel you on the paint thing. We have paint all over our trim and windows and doors from the previous owners. Jerks. Very cool that the new Behr paint w/primer built in covers so well! I love Behr paint as it is.

  11. wo. I think I may have created a monster! 😉

    You are a paint nazi. Just admit it.

    Sushi makes you swell? Weird. I don’t eat sushi. I know, go figure.

    As for strawberries, Love ’em.

  12. THis post made me laugh…You’re all about paint… then homeowners…then sushi… then water retention… I can hear you talk as I read!

    Oh,and be thankful the homeowners didn’t wallpaper everything for you… THAT is reason to hate the people who owned the home before you.

  13. It’s amazing how the paint in a house sets the tone so I totally don’t blame you for changing everything. I do blame you, however for making me crave sushi at 11:45 pm. LOL!!!
    Have a great week.

  14. I agree with on Behr paint it is fabulous but I disagree with on hiring someone to do for you. I hate to paint, well I like it for about 15 minutes and then I get bored and frustrated. Maybe if I used more than just one color.

  15. Amen, That Behr paint with primer is wonderful and the smell is great. We just painted a bright purple/blue wall to a pale grey in one coat. Looks great. I’ll take the paint you can keep the sushi. LOL We can share the strawberrys:)

  16. I am usually the one who orders way too much sushi and Tony has to eat all my left overs LOL. So maybe we need a sushi lunch date Haha. I can be your Jeff 🙂