I AM worth something

At least that’s what Humans for sale says. According to their poll, I am worth just under 2.5 million dollars. Wow. Jeff’ll really be impressed. Erin, another momo mom here in Oregon posted this on her blog, and it’s one of the more interesting quizzes I have done. It takes into account ones intelligence (they provide a free IQ test to determine this number), mental, lifestyle and personality factors. It’s amazing how a simple little test can make one feel good about certain areas (Okay, I admit it, the IQ test said I’m gifted, or of superior intelligence, and that made me very, very happy) and discouraged about others. When it came to the portion of how much I make, I could just feel my “value” slipping away. That lasted about 2 seconds until I reminded myself that it’s a quiz for crying out loud and that the job I have, although unpaid in dollars yeilds higher dividends than cash. And, I found out that although my hair color is rare, it’s valued highly…by the people who made up the quiz, that is!
Oh, and Jeff, if you want to sell me when I’m dead, my corpse is worth a little under 5 grand.
CadaverForSale.com – http://www.cadaverforsale.com”>How much is your cadaver worth?
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  1. Wow, that’s interesting. Not sure I knew a body could be worth 5 grand

  2. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    I thought about selling my corpse to science, but after taking an anatomy class where I had to cut up a cadaver I changed my mind. Dissecting facial muscles was REALLY freaky. And the students who would cut me up will see my boobies and make stupid jokes about them. I know this from experience. So, science will have to make due without me!

  3. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    c’mon–your “price [is] far above rubies.”

    don’t settle for a measle 5G!

  4. Interesting. I’ll have to go check out that IQ quiz.

  5. Cool! I am with AZ, Brian told me what they do to cadavers in school. I will donate all of my organs but not my cadaver. Its just too creepy to think about. I’m off to take the quiz!

  6. missionfielddesigns says

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    You can email me at missionfielddesigns at gmail dot com, and we can discuss it.


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  7. Love the photo of you below! Your worth more than $$$, ; ).
    That is a wierd site, I did not go to it, but don’t you think that is a little morbid.
    Love your bangle!

  8. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ Too funny! I guess not drinking and doing drugs makes you body worth more huh! 🙂

  9. Clark Captions says

    Wow! But you know…..mom’s are priceless! Can’t put a price tag on that! I’ll have to go take the quiz out of curiosity!

  10. thanks for the link! I’m not sur to be proud or not with mine…

  11. My cadaver wasn’t worth even $1!!!! How sad…perhaps my voluptuousness, makes me less useful….I couldn’t deal with all the junk that went with the IQ test!!! I suppose impatience makes me worth less as well. Sigh.

  12. Genny Heikka says

    Happened upon your blog…enjoying it!

  13. Good & Crazy says

    They can have my body…it seems to be melting away anyway, I don’t think there will be much left of my boobies to joke about. Oh, that’s probably the joke right?

    I was going to email you…but I’m not revealing my age on your blog! Ha ha, I answered it today though.

  14. I am going to avoid the IQ test this week. I can only take so much rejection and I lost my brain somewhere between Sunday and Tuesday. 🙂

    Like I had any doubt you were gifted…

  15. carrie & troy keiser says

    These were fun… not sure I’d post my answers, but thanks for the links.