Wordful Wednesday – The Hunger Games

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I read The Hunger Games ages ago.  I was the one eagerly awaiting the next installment and then the next.  Waiting for Catching Fire to come out seemed almost inhumane.  Child #1 read the series last year, and child #2 read the first two books this year, so we were all pretty excited for the movie to come out.

#1 went to the midnight showing with her friends (under adult supervision of course), just not this adult -this old bird doesn’t stay up that late anymore, and so #2 and I went to the first showing of the day on Friday.  I surprised her by taking her out of school for a date.  Just the two of us and The Hunger Games.  Oh, and a $6 bag of popcorn.  {When did a small popcorn start costing $6?}

We thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  I thought the casting was done really well.  Well, except for Peeta.  He wasn’t quite what I imagined.  I thought that for a movie adaptation, it was one of the best I’ve seen.  Overall, I would give it two thumbs up, but then again, I don’t watch TV and rarely see movies so my opinion may be a bit off.  I’ll have to wait until my husband sees it and tells me what he thinks of my judgement.  🙂

Have you seen The Hunger Games? What did you think?  

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  1. I must be the only person in the universe who has not read Hunger Games. Sigh. I even bought it for my 17 year old last Christmas …

    Do you EVER take a bad picture?

    And two thumbs way up for you, taking your sweet gal out for a date 😉

  2. Read the books…quite enjoyed them. But, with a 6 week old, I won’t be hitting the movies for a while…guess I’ll wait for the DVD:)

    What a fun surprise skipping school date with mom.

  3. I was eagerly awaiting the movie, too. My two teens went to the midnight showing but my husband and I opted for the 10:45 am show on Friday. The kids were in school, the theater was not crowded, AND (get this) our tickets were $6 a piece. Apparently, we’ll be going to more before-noon movies!

    PS – I LOVED it and can’t wait to take my oldest son to see it…so I can watch it again!

  4. I was so-so on Peeta too and a couple of other things. It was still good though. I may need to read again… 🙂 Glad you girls had fun together!

  5. You are such a fun Mommy! I love that you took a break from school for this adventure! I didn’t read the book but I took Kaish this weekend because he wanted to see it. He didn’t have quite as much fun with me as I wanted him too. He is at that stage where I am the least cool person to hang out with! : )

  6. Dianna need not worry—I’ve not read the series yet either….just got He-twin the Gregor the Overlander first book….maybe I’ll dive in this summer?

    LOVE the pic of you and your sweet girl.

    (thank you for your support and prayers…we WILL beat the beast again!)

  7. Cute picture!!!

    I have yet to read the book(s) or watch the movie! But, my husband took our two youngest sons who did read the book! They really enjoyed it!

  8. I hadn’t read the book yet, but I thought it was so, so good! LOVED it!

  9. I totally agree about Peeta! I started to like him by the end of the movie, but he wasn’t what I had pictures at all!!

  10. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO behind.

    Haven’t read any of the series.

    Haven’t watched the movie.

    Obviously, I need a life!

    (and thanks for the shout-out!)

  11. Sweet that you had that quality time with your daughter. I went with my teenage daughter and her boyfriend at the midnight premiere. I was one of the oldest ones there! I liked the book better but thought the movie was pretty good.

  12. How sweet that the two of you were able to sneak away for some mom and daughter time! 🙂 Thanks so much for featuring me this week! And um, do you roll out of bed looking that good? Because if you do I totally need to know your secret!

  13. Love that you are the coolest mom ever pulling your kid out of class to see the Hunger Games. You’re street cred with #2’s friends just skyrocketed 😉

    Can’t wait to see the movie, but will have to wait long enough that I don’t get side-eyed for bringing a newborn into a packed theater! lol


    Aloha! Mrs. Marine
    & the Tiny Troops

  15. Can it be as good as the books? How disappointing was Twilight! How sick I was that I had spent the $9 for a ticket then bought myself a big bucket of popcorn and large drink to settle into my date with myself only to regret all that money I dropped for a snooze fest.

    I will see Hunger Games, though. I really loved the books.

  16. I haven’t… want to read the books first… always late to the party, that’s me!

  17. I took my Tween on Friday night. We met with some of my other mommy friends for dinner and then a movie. It was great and I love that my daughter got to see examples of adult friendships.

    Loved the movie!!!!! Yes Peeta was a little off, but the actor was good. The rest of the characters were awesome!!

    Gret pic.

  18. What a cool mom you are taking #2 out of school for a movie date! That’s something I would totally do. 🙂 I recently bought the first book but haven’t read it yet – I guess I better get busy! 😉

    Angry Birds: Space Needle

  19. I have not gotten into the Hunger Games. I feel like I am missing out.

  20. I think that I am the only person in the known world who hasn’t read the Hunger Games series yet.

  21. What a fun mom you are! My daughter read the book in school and my son whipped through the series in no time, so I’m anxious to take them. And they don’t let me forget! lol

  22. Yay for a girls day out! So fun!

    My daughter got the Hunger Games for Christmas and loved it. I finally decide to read it when I starting seeing previews for the movie. I’m about 3/4 of the way through it and absolutely love it!

  23. I have read the books but I never can get out to see a movie…so I will probably have to wait to see it on DVD. At least we don’t have to wait a year or more for movies to come out on DVD like we used to (in the old days, ha!)


  24. Wow two comments from a Mindi back to back! 🙂 That’s rare..I never see anyone with my name. Anyway, I love the Hunger Games books but have yet to see the movies. We hubby and I are too lazy to find a babysitter during the weekends. I am going tomorrow for some mommy alone time and can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the review! I had so many hopes for Peeta in the movie.

  25. My oldest and I started reading the first last week. She put it down before she finished chapter 1. I had to return it to the library before I finished but I plan on getting it again this week, hopefully finishing by the weekend.

  26. That is so cool that you and your daughter went to see the movie together. I saw the movie by myself and I loved it. I thought it was great and I think that I loved it even more b/c the author of the books wrote the screen play. That is how is should be.

  27. You definitely got the Cool Mom award for the week taking her out of school to go see the movie! I haven’t read the books yet-I know I know I really should but I have been reading other stuff and haven’t had the time to jump into a 3 book series yet, I do want to see the movie but can’t decide if i should wait to the read the books first and then wait for the DVD release.

  28. I completely agree with your movie thoughts. I didn’t really like Peeta’s actor. But nothing can be perfect! 🙂 Rue’s scene was amazing.

  29. I have not read or seen this story. Ugh so out of touch. But maybe soon!

  30. I am finally {FINALLY!} going to see the movie on Friday. I’ve been biting my nails, just waiting to get to see it, but hubs came down with an awful virus the day we were going to see it. Then by the time he was feeling a bit better, we had no babysitter, and now . . . we’re still waiting. But Friday is the day . . . YAY!!!! Whew! Sorry for all that.

    LOVE that shot of you and your daughter. So sweet! My oldest would love to read it, but I won’t let her yet 😉 I’m mean, I know. But she’s a fairly sheltered 9 1/2 year old, so I just don’t think she’s ready. Maybe in a few years 🙂

  31. I absolutely devoured the Hunger Games (although way late to the game) and cannot wait to see the movie!

    I loveLoveLOVE that you surprised your daughter with a date to go together!

    That right there? Is good Mama-ing!

    (Did she like the movie?)

  32. First of all? You look great! I agree w/the gals above about you never taking a bad pic!

    Anywho, I read the 1st book, but haven’t seen it and I’ve heard mixed reviews everywhere…

    I’m on a hunt for one of our stores to carry Catching Fire and Mocking Jay in paperback format instead of hardcover…just easier for me to sneak it in my bag / diaper bag.

  33. Must. Not. Get. Sucked. In.
    I am resisting.
    Unless someone buys me popcorn….

  34. I saw it with some gal pals. I also thought it was one of the best book adaptations I have seen. I really, really liked it. I actually want to see it again. 🙂

  35. Yay for a Girls Day Out! Cute pic. We are heading over to see Mirror, Mirror today despite the crazy popcorn prices. 😛 Abby can’t wait!

    Hunger Games is actually sitting on my nightstand. I succumbed to the pressure and bought it last week to see what all the fuss is about but have not started it yet. Guess I need to get on that! haha 🙂

  36. Oh yes! I just finished reading book one and am actually on my way to Target to get books 2 and 3! LOL! I can’t wait to see the movie (a girlfriend and I are going to watch on Tuesday). I couldn’t help myself from YouTube-ing the previews and I have to agree with you – I don’t care for their choice for Peeta, BUT I’ll keep an open mind! 😉