Hot Tip #3

If your husband takes your children fishing and leaves fishing gear in your car, ask if anything is perishable. If he tells you no, don’t believe him. Night crawlers ARE perishable and DO have a distinct aroma. Come smell my van. You’ll see (or should I say smell?).

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  1. I can’t stop laughing, my husband leaves his @#$!? all over the place and I can just picture that happening to me!

  2. EWWWWW! I cannot picture/imagine the smell because I will throw up. I am not good with smells. One of the reasons I don’t eat ANY fish.

  3. Hope it clears out [I]VERY[I] soon!

  4. triplet mama says

    Are you making him drive the van for the next week until it clears out? I wonder if Febreze works on dead wormy smells….your test could be better than the Good Housekeeping seal of approval if it does:)

  5. Good old air did the trick. I aired it out and I think the smell is gone! It worked wonders to actually remove the worms!

  6. Oh, they always think they are being so helpful, but in reality they leave you with something worse. I can’t imagine the great smell you had to come back to! I think I would vomit!

  7. triplet mama says

    Totally off topic…have you checked Suzanne’s blog? She delivered the babies today!

  8. That is gross!!!! But your kids are so lucky to have a dad that will take his kids fishing!!