Home Improvement Installment #2

We contracted our bathrooms out (to my BIL) before we moved in. I truly, truly regret now NOT having taken pictures of what the bathrooms looked like before the remodel.

Here is our master bathroom jacuzzi tub….one of my favorite places to relax.

The master bath shower….

And our vanity…..my contribution to the bathroom. I only wanted one thing, and it was this particular granite top. Jeff picked out everything else.

Here’s a shot of the kids bathroom toilet. Now why I took this picture, I’ll never know. I think it might be to show the wainscoting? Maybe to show that the bathroom functions as a bathroom? Look, there’s a toilet, and even a place to hang the bath towels?

I love this combination of slate. I picked the samples out while I was in the hospital. One of the more interesting things I did while incarcerated.

This bathroom just makes me happy. It is always bright and has really high ceilings so it feels very airy. Plus, all the kids can fit in the bathroom and still have room to spare. One of my favorite features of the bathroom is a sky light that lets in the sun. And here in Oregon, every ray of sun is highly desired. If you could have seen the purple bathtub, lavender toilet, purple Formica counter top with purple tile accents and purple grout in the floor tile, you’d probably appreciate the way the bathroom looks now as much as I do!
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  1. Motherhood for Dummies says

    okay….you have seen my comments from the earlier posts…and it is offical. I am a sinner of lust and covetening. Your house is beautiful! YOu guys have done an amazing job! Seriously impressive!

  2. Lavender toilet? For real? Sheesh! I love your home. I think your decorating style is very much like mine. Very simple but every piece and color counts!!!

    Great job!!

  3. Crazymamaof6 says

    gorgeous! seriously like you live in a model home or a decorating magazine! beautiful.

  4. i cannot imagine how that super lovely bathroom looked before. Just makes you wonder WTH the people before you were thinking! Your bathrooms are gorgeous! I am really impressed with all of the fab things you have done. Could you come decorate my house?

  5. Will you come decorate my home? Your bath is AMAZING!!!

    I would have changed it too if it was all lavender fixtures before!

  6. Laurie M. says

    Your bathroom is beautiful. If that was my bathroom, I don’t think I’d ever leave! Love the picture with your twins in the tub. There’s enough room in there for the two of them to swim.

  7. Angie, love all of it! How perfect that it has turned out the way you want ; )!

  8. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ I love your master bath! And Love the wainscoting! Purple is a great color but that much and in a bathroom??? Wow I would have changed it too! 🙂

  9. Casey's trio says

    Love the bathrooms! I’m also very jealous that you take baths in your big tub! We have been in our house 2 years and I still haven’t taken a bath in the master tub…It’s too much work to take all the kids bath and water toys out:)

  10. Yours is beautiful but how could you “ruin” the beauty that was there before you moved in? Purple is EVERY womans dream, right? haha. You guys have a great eye for decorating. Good for you.

  11. I think my only goal in life now is to have a big jacuzzi tub, just like yours. Then I could be complete!

  12. Your house and all the work you have done is stunning! I love the bathrooms.

  13. Scott & Natalie says

    all i can say is AMAZING!

  14. girlytwins says

    WOW! You guys did an amazing job with the bathrooms. They are gorgeous.

  15. is it okay if we move in?! we are a quiet family. you will never even notice us. we can just live in the bathroom.

  16. Jocasta and Wayne says

    Your house is gorgeous – I’m very jealous. We are about to undertake a massive renovation and I’m hoping it looks as good as yours.

  17. The Heiner Clan says

    You are so creative and fun. Your house looks fantastic! Your boys are adorable and you blog is awesome! Thanks for your comment to me. I emailed my story to Laura if you’re interested (I don’t know your address).

  18. carrie & troy keiser says

    love the bathrooms! gave me shivers to think of all that pruple in a bathroom! {and I like purple!}

  19. Did I forget to mention that the master tub looks more inviting because of the two little pumpkins in it ; )!

  20. Love the bathrooms!!! Slate is my favorite, esp when you shower it smells like rain. We really need to come and visit, Im sure pictures dont do justice

  21. My name is Tammie says

    Niiiiice!!! Very nice!!

    Now, tell me more out returning to SoCal….

  22. Love your kids bathroom!! So great that it is BIG. I love the wainscoting! I want to do that in my new basement bathroom.

  23. Wow! Love the bathrooms.

  24. Stephanie says

    I love everything you have done! I can relate to the previous bathrooms you had…our former homeowners loved hunter green, brass, and black. The kitchen was where we started. Our shower looks like yours, except the tile is black/white on the foor, and black marble on walls. I love the light airy look of yours! Great job!

  25. Once again, you have stunning taste.