His New Hobby

Remember that I told you that a post about Jeff was coming up? Well, here goes: Before Jeff and I were married, he had a hobby that sapped a lot of his student earnings. When he went to Pharmacy School he decided that his car restoration was a hobby that would have to go. He wouldn’t have the time, or finances to sink into his 1953 Ford. So, my dad entered the picture and took over the restoration of the car……but that’s beside the point. The point of this post is that Jeff has found a new hobby, one that I can really embrace. He is really gifted with wood working, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Perhaps you can’t tell from this picture, but this window is HUGE…..so getting the wood working done on it was no small feat. Especially for someone who hates to be on ladders.

My favorite area of crown molding. Look at those beautiful angles.

He’s done trim on every doorway and window in the house like the one shown here, and baseboards as well! Love what the crown does for this room…..

and this one…..

and this one.

And have I mentioned that he’s an amazing father and husband?

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  1. Wow, that moulding really does make the room. To bad he doesn’t live closer I would love to do that to a few of my rooms!

  2. The Pruetz Family says

    The house looks incredible! You are very lucky to have such a handy and dedicated man!

  3. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    Beautiful job! I love crown moulding.

  4. First of all, I am in love with that window. If I could I would box it up and give it to my mom as a birthday present. A window like that would make her happy for months straight without having anything else.

    Secondly, your house is STUNNING. You have excellent taste. If I could afford you I’d hire you to be my decorator in a minute!

    And last, that pharmasist of yours has some mad skills as a wood worker! I’m sure it was even more fun for you to watch your house take shape when it was him making it look so fabulous!

  5. Motherhood for Dummies says

    Ummm….can I borrow him!? I love crown molding…I think it makes any room 10times better!

  6. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ I LOVE LOVE LOVE crown molding! He did a beautiful job!

  7. Casey's trio says

    So beautiful! I’m officially jealous of your immaculate house and decor and a hubby who completes projects!

  8. Crazymamaof6 says

    whoohoo! that is fabulous! and adzing talent he has there. and you get to reap the rewards of it. i love crown molding too. especially the small alcoves and angles. i have it in my master bedroom and love love it.

    my question is… does he paint it? and finish the job. my hubby puts it up and caulks , it but leaves the painting to me unfortunately. and sometimes it doesn’t get finished. if he paints i am ultra jealous!

  9. Beautiful! I am so impressed! I wish my hubby had wood working as a hobby! Lucky girl!

  10. Laurie M. says

    Beautiful. What a great hobby! You are so lucky and your house is beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous!! I am so impressed by your decorating skills, your husbands wood working skills and your housekeeping skills. Your house looks immaculate. You would never know you have five kids by how clean your house is. Impressive!

  12. When can I come over?

  13. Don Mills Diva says

    Wow – you are a lucky woman indeed!

  14. Wow, he is good. So NOW are you ready to sell?

  15. Churchill says

    Wow. The house looks amazing. That is a terrific hobby!

  16. Wow Angie, you have a beautiful house. I can’t believe you just wanna sell it!

  17. Wow Angie, what a beautiful job! Love your taste! It is so hard to miter (sp?) corners, his work is amazing!

  18. he did it all? wonderful!!

  19. Clark Captions says

    Amazing! Jeff really is talented! Love all his work, it really is beautiful.

  20. Stephanie says

    LOVE IT! Your big window looks a lot like ours, except ours is minus the fabulous new crown molding yours has!! Beautiful!

  21. It looks great…he does beautiful work.

  22. Love it. so fun to look at home improvement things. i could do it all day!