Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, friends!

Despite my inability to comprehend that it’s 2011, I have a feeling it’s going to be a fabulous year.

Here’s to a year filled with unending joy.

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Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. You too!!

  2. Happy New Year Angie.

  3. Happy New Year to you, Angie!

  4. Best wishes to your family in 2011! I can’t believe it either.

  5. Amen, sista!

  6. Happy 1-1-11!

  7. same to you angie!

  8. Happy New Year to you!

  9. I think you’re right. Happy New Year my friend! 🙂

  10. Here’s to a year filled with unending joy. <—tru dat, dearly, tru dat.

  11. Happy Happy New Year!!!

  12. Happy New Year!! Cheers to a great 2011!

  13. Amen!
    From your lips to God’s ears.

  14. Happy New Year! I hope it is wonderfully blessed.

  15. It is incomprehensible that it is now 2011. Crazy.

    Wishing you and your family an amazing year, filled with adventure!

  16. Happy New Year my old bloggy buddy!

    I wish you andyour family much happiness in 2011