Happy Birthday to My #1!

Child number 1 turns 12 today.

I’m in denial.

Where did the time go?

My #1 is such a blessing to me.  She came into my life seemingly two blinks of the eye ago and taught me about unconditional love.  She was the vehicle through which I learned to be a mother and for that alone I’ll always be so grateful.

#1 is sweet and kind and caring and diplomatic and intelligent.  She weighs choices and consequences and analyzes situations in a very grown up way.  She’s a bright light in my life and I couldn’t wish for a better person to be my daughter.

Happy Birthday, Grace.  May this year be your best yet.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Grace!

  2. What a beautiful girl. Happy Birthday, Grace.

  3. So sweet. Happy Birthday Grace! They grow up too fast!!

  4. She is so beautiful! Happy Birthday!!!!

  5. Vickie Riddle says

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday Grace.

  6. Happy birthday, Grace!! That is a gorgeous picture of her. I know she makes you a very proud mama. 🙂

  7. Happy birthday, Grace. Twelve is a magical year; enjoy it.

    Angie, all that you describe her as comes from you, so congratulate yourself for a job well done. My oldest turns 12 in November and you’re right — two blinks of an eye.

  8. Lovely girl.Takes after you.All the best in the NewYearto Grace,you and everyoneelse in ur family.
    Grace’s smile reminds me of my son’s when he was her age, about two decades ago.

  9. Can’t believe our kids are growing up! If Grace is 12 then that means Anthony is not far behind. If you guys were still out here I would be welcoming Grace into YW. Miss you all.

    Grace looks beautiful!


  10. She is Beautiful! Happy Birthday!

    I have two little ones and I can only imagine when they reach this age must be bittersweet!


  11. belated happy birthday Grace..wish you all the best! such a lovely lady you are!

  12. Happy Birthday Grace! YW’s and girls camp! Tess is practically the last of her group to turn 12 and she’s dying to move ‘up’!