Hanging my head in shame

I almost don’t want to admit this, but I can’t not admit it. It’s a sad, sad, sad day when your child’s second grade homework throws you for a loop. One of her “challenge words” was one I didn’t know. Nope. Never heard of it. Jeff joked that I could fill a library with all the things I don’t know……..which is kind of funny. But kind of not. Especially in the wake of this. I mean, a second grade word? I’m totally dejected.

Spelunker. n. One who explores caves chiefly as a hobby. Please tell me I’m not the only one that didn’t know what this was?

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  1. seangates says

    That’s why they call it a “challenge word”!

    You know, I did figure out a while back that there is so much I don’t know I really will need eternity to learn it all. And to think (deep thought coming), what about all the lives, experiences, and memories EVERYONE is having in this life? Talk about a lot of information! I can only keep track of what I’m doing and remembering!

  2. Casey's trio says

    You just wait sister….I will need a tutor so that I can help my girls do their math homework when they get in 5th/6th grade.
    I had a vague idea what a spelunker was, but I would have had to look it up to be sure!!! You are not alone:)

  3. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ I actually know that word! But only because where I grew up it was all over our area! We had a ton of under ground caves and stuff! 😉

  4. Good & Crazy says

    You shouldn’t have given the definition. We all could have guessed…

    But sorry, I knew this one.

    Oh, and my 7yrold first grader won her spelling bee on the word: suffice—I had to spell check it even now!

  5. You are not alone. I have never heard of the word!

  6. Nope I don’t know it, but I find that there’s much I don’t know because of this country and things said, and done here.

  7. The only reason I knew that word is because we went “Spelunking” for a YW’s activity once and got attacked by some bats. I have to admit, I can’t believe what are kids are learning now. Some of the stuff I see Aspen bring home, I didn’t learn until highschool and she is in 5th grade.

  8. I live with a dork…oh yeah, I knew what that was. Don’t feel bad sometimes trying to figure out Hope’s kindy homework stumps me.

  9. Sorry, I knew it too. We have lots of caves in UT, and spelunking is a favorite in college…I didn’t know how to spell it though!

  10. I will need a tutor to help with anything beyond basic math and even then at times it is sketchy…

  11. Don Mills Diva says

    Ok I did know this word. But only because I have done a little rock climbing. I just know that grade ONE math is going to kick my butt.

  12. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    I knew this one, but only because I saw a movie where the guy in it was a spelunker.

  13. I am no help to Jack these days. Spelling is OK but math is completely different than what we learned. Really makes a mom feel dumb when she can’t explain long division to her 10 year old!

  14. I did know that word but I can promise you that you know a 100 words I do not know. It’s all about your experiences and I have actually been spelunking so it gives it away!

  15. okay, i have to tell you, i have no idea what the heck this word means. that is coming from an english major! no clue.
    i am afraid to help my kids with their homework when the day comes. thank god my husband is good at math!

  16. I knew it, but get stumped all the time by things like “What is a Verb?” So I have a weird brain that can remember a phone number I haven’t called in 30 years, but not what a VERB is????

  17. Crazy Daisy says

    Spelunker? Seriously? I would have had no idea!

  18. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    i knew it, but i have an unfair advantage. Tamara will tell you that i read the dictionary for “fun.”

    nerd n. an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: Jeremiah is such a nerd for reading the dictionary for fun. Etymology – 1951, U.S. student slang, probably an alteration of 1940s slang nert “stupid or crazy person,” itself an alteration of nut. The word turns up in a Dr. Seuss book from 1950 (“If I Ran the Zoo”), which may have contributed to its rise. Adjective nerdy is from 1978, roughly the same time that Jeremiah started to read the dictionary.

    … for fun.

  19. I would have totally made something up. Completely lied.

  20. The Pruetz Family says

    I knew it! I knew that word! But put another one out there — I’m sure I won’t be as lucky. Certainly this was an isolated incident. 🙂

  21. I knew the word but couldn’t have spelled it if you paid me. Isaac’s homework throws me all the time. I am terrified for junior high!

  22. Clark Captions says

    Soo sorry Ang! This is actually a pretty popular word from where I am from….don’t worry though….I struggle half the time with Aspen’s homework….I would never make it on the Are you smarter than a 5th grader show…..

  23. Would not have known the word myself. ; )
    When my daugter had to give a power point presentation in 6th grade- I finally admitted that there would be things we would learn together ; )

  24. It’s happened to me, too! You’re not the only one.

  25. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Hey Angie, Sorry I did know that word, We love cave exploring in this family. If it was her math, I would never beable to help. I can’t believe the math that they learn I think I’m in trouble.

  26. Churchill says

    My college boyfriend actually got into spelunking for a while… I kid you not.

    However, all of the words and other things I have forgotten over the years could easily fill a library. I think I get dumber every year I am alive.

  27. I had never heard it before, that’s what the internet is for right?

  28. Okay I can’t type but I do know what a spelunker is. We all have our strong points.

  29. I am right there with you looking at the floor. Never heard of it. I am amazed by what our kids are doing in school at such younger ages than I was. Brooke is doing addition and subtraction in Kindergarten! I shake in my boots to think of the questions we’ll be getting by 6th grade:)

  30. Crazymamaof6 says

    i know the word, i’ve used the word properly in a sentence, BUT i have NEVER SEEN IT WRITTEN OUT. i was worried there for a minute. so totally reasonable that you hadn’t used it. i have even been spelunking-that means going in a cave to explore. it was super fun, i was in highschool and it was the day portion of the date. we even swam in the pools in the cave. a tad scary. but very cool.

  31. Laurie M. says

    I know the word but I am very surprised that Spelunker would be on second grade homework!! My fifth graders math throws me- I have no idea what is means and usually have to Google for help.

  32. Hahah! I am such a nerd that I actually knew this one!

  33. I have heard of the word- but not until I was an adult and my hubby mentioned he had gone spelunkering as a teen. I asked him if that was even a real word?!! He was super offended! We placed a bet and I totally lost. I’m struggling with my daughter’s math right now and she is only in third grade…. I’m SO busted!