Halloween. May it live on in my memory.

Because I don’t have pictures of it.

Guess which bad mommy forgot to take pictures of all of her kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes?

Don’t worry though. I DID get a picture of the Jack O’ Lanterns…..

And a picture of an eyeball…..

…A Punk Rocker who looks more Glam Rock if you ask me,

And a Renaissance Princess.

The doctor, clown and pirate will just have to live on in my memory.

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  1. Your kids look great, even with few pictures.

  2. Oh no! I was so afraid I would fail to capture Halloween with my new camera, I swear I had nightmares about it.

    You could get them to dress up again in their costumes and take a photo – no one will ever know it wasn’t taken on the actual night 🙂

  3. You are not alone… We left for trick or treating and I didn’t even bring my camera! :))) Cute pumpkins, though. And your other pictures are cute too.

  4. i’m constantly amazed at the range of costumes! love the eyeball

  5. I’ve learned my lesson. I now make them stand against the wall and I snap a few shots before we take off for anywhere. This way, if I forget, I’ll at least have those cheesy wall photos. 🙂

  6. They fake eyeballs have been a TOTAL hit around here too! Well, with the little ones anyway… 😉 I did the best I could with pictures too. It’s hard to get them all sometimes!

  7. Love the costumes the kiddos look very cute. Please feel free to link up at my blog also.

  8. I hate to break it to you, but it does not get better with age… I forgot lots of picture OPs… of course later we kick ourselves, but do we learn???? maybe once or twice, but then, nothing photo worthy happens so we forget again…
    Brainfartitis at its best… sigh…. huh?? Oh great Halloweenie pics 🙂

  9. I felt like I didn’t take too many pictures.Most of the ones I did I forgot to change the setting to night mode! doh! LOL Love the pumpkins 🙂 Great carving job 😀

  10. Whatever. Us Moms can’t be perfect all of the time. You forgot to take pictures and I *might* have spilled my roadie red wine on someone elses porch during trick or treating.

  11. I am so impressed with your jack o’lanterns. We only did one and it was a disaster! There must be something that goes array, eh? : )

  12. I think you are a FABULOUS mommy! Even if you forgot some of the pictures : )

  13. You’re a phenomenal mama, and you were having too much fun enjoying your children on Halloween to take pictures. And you DID get some. I love the jack o’lanterns, and I think it’s quite special that you’ve got one for each of the kiddos. That’s what makes the holiday special, traditions and family rituals are what make it memorable. You get a total “get out of jail free” card for the lack of pictures.

    Henry has been sick for over a week with a symptomless fever, so we didn’t even get to participate in trick or treating, or any other of it’s festivities. So I really have no pictures, like, at all. A whole entire year with no proof we even existed during that holiday! Oh well.

  14. The pumpkins look great!! Hey someday we’ll be able to plug our brains into the computer and pull those memories!

  15. Oops. The ones you did get are adorable though. Better luck next year.

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  16. I can’t imagine how you manage to get them all costumed each year! Looking good too!

  17. I wanted to comment on your my life’s a changin post – but the comments were closed already(story of my life lately). I’m not much of a blogger lately due to time – I miss it and sorry for not coming around more. But I just had to give something up – and blogging happened to be it. ANyway, I wanted to say I think it is fantastic that you want to finish – and I say finish b/c I feel the same way as you about graduate school! DO IT!! The money will all work out in the end! Any financial advisor (I used to be a Sr Financial Analyst, not that it matters anymore though) will tell you to take care of yourself first – your children’s education second!I say GOOD LUCK to you on this quest! I started my graduate degree – then got pregnant with my first child. Needless to say – I have not “finished” either, but I will! Someday!

  18. Looks like you had a GREAT Halloween:-)

  19. YOU forgot to take pictures???? Shocker. You must have been having a bad day. lol. I’m sure they were great though. I love the girls’ costumes. Emma’s dress is awesome.

  20. Oh no! You could always dress them back up. I took pictures before we left, but none of my pictures of them trick or treating turned out…too dark.

  21. I forgot to buy pumpkins so we never carved. Worst Mom ever. I have a million pictures though 🙂 I love Grace’s costume!

  22. You are so funny Angie. The main reason why I haven’t upgraded to a big camera is that I can keep my old one in my purse always…lol…yup it has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t really afford the big fancy camera 🙂

  23. Oh no! Sometimes, the kids just move too fast to get it all done. These photos are great. I am sure you will commit the other costumes to memory. Love the jack-o-lanterns.

  24. Great pumpkins. I have a ghost that must live on in my memory as well. Sometimes you just can’t catch them long enough to get a picture!

  25. You’re not alone. I’ve forgotten to take Princess Nagger’s Halloween pictures a couple of times. I also forgot to take one in the same spot like I’ve been doing a few years running for this year – I’m thinking about having her put her costume back on just for that. 😉 At least the ones you did get are priceless! 🙂

  26. I would make them get dressed up again to take a pic!

    Unless any of kids ruined their costume already…or maybe that is just mine.

  27. What a slacker! (I know the truth…you were just enjoying the moment with your kids so much the camera slipped your mind. Right?)

  28. Too funny! I on the other hand to WAY too many pictures!

  29. I was lucky to get the kids pic as my camera broke and i am stuck using my cell phone 🙁 I love the pictures of the pumpkins though. Fantastic carvings.

  30. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    That 10 pounds of candy was actually 30 pounds- all 3 brought home a pillow case full! So that means I get 15 pounds, right?

    Okay, maybe not 15 but I should certainly get a significant portion what with the buying of the sponge bob ( boys husky 12) for skinny BratChild who used to tell me she was going to marry ‘spongey’ some day… and for my awesome make-up artist talents to make SIX look like someone had beat the snot out of him… and for allowing TeenBoy to wear one of his brand new sports coats out for fun.

  31. Aaah, don’t worry too much about it! We all have our bad mommy days……your just happened to fall on one of the funnest days of the year 🙂

  32. Beautiful pics – thanks so much for sharing. Thanks for stopping by too and your wonderful comment. My granddaughter is my happiness I must say!

  33. Cute pictures and better than nothing, right?! There’s always next year.