Grinchy, grinch.

That’s me.

I wish I didn’t have a touch of the grinch. I love being busy. And I’m SO busy this time of year. I just hate that sometimes it’s an obligated, time-is-running-out, better get it done or feel terrible kind of busy. I need a little less grinch and a whole lot more true holiday cheer.

My cousin just posted this on her blog and I couldn’t have said it better:

“I really just want to feel a little of that *PEACE* that only can be gained I suppose by constant reflection upon our Savior, and gratitude for His birth, life, and sacrifice on our behalf. My goal this next two weeks (ack! is that all that’s left?!) is to focus on the things that can’t be bought, or made even, that can be gained only through quiet contemplation. I sincerely hope you are all having PEACE at this hectic time”.

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  1. I hope you find a cure for your grinchiness. 🙂 The only time I have found so far for quiet contemplation is in the bathroom at work! Even then, I don’t have long…

    It’s been a while since I’ve dropped by to say hi. Hopefully I won’t stay away so long this time!

  2. Hey Grinchy, grinch…stop running so hard. Pick what absolutely has to be done and let the rest go. I know, so much easier said than done but take it from someone who has had to slow down, I’m enjoying this Christmas more than any in a long time.

    All I needed was to hurt really bad. I hope you don’t have to go that route!!

  3. Are You Serious! says

    This time of year is always so busy. I totally understand. I still need to make jammies. I keep putting it offfffff… Good Luck!!! 🙂

  4. Crazymamaof6 says

    ahhh! that would be a great plan. hmmm i wonder how long i can pull that off. and you look really good in that picture. grinchy or not . i have learned to simplify. but it seems like my personal expectations for myself are what is bugging me.

  5. I feel this way too! On sunday they made us ask our neighbor what their favorite part of Christmas was, and everyone had the same answer…. when it was over. I am working on cheering up but until I get some more gifts bought I will feel stressed. I hope you feel better too. I need a day where all I do was shop (no kids). Not going to happen though…

  6. Driving With the Brakes On says

    If it is any consellation, I am right there with you! I so want to enjoy the holiday season, and even though I am doing the absolute minimum, it seems like everyone else has a different goal in mind. (Would anyone care to take my children for a day or two? They’re cute and relatively well behaved.) I sometimes feel like I should set an alarm clock for the middle of the night so that I can lay in the darkness and just breathe . . . though I really just have to wait until 4-ish, and I can lay awake and listen to my youngest suck down her midnight snack. Hope you gets at least a moments peace soon!

  7. It’s hard to get time to yourself to feel that peace being a mum with young kids. I think it’s why we really need to go to the temple and have family home evenings etc. It gives all of us a chance to really think about the saviour and hopefully feel the peace we need to at this tme.

  8. I have no doubt that if anyone can find that peace, it’s you. You’re a great mom and a great person. You’ll find it.

    Maybe it’s hidden in your Dora shoes.

  9. I hope you can find the Peace you are looking for. Remember things do not matter.

    I am always running around like a crazy woman this time of year. This year, I planned ahead to make things different. I simplified gift giving tremendously. I am giving the kids 3 gifts each (if it is good enough for Jesus it is good enough for my kids!). Then they get one from Santa, plus their stocking. I bought everything I could online. It has really helped lessen the stress of it all.

  10. Casey's trio says

    I try not to let the bah humbug stuff get to me! I decorated our tree with the girls last night and it was such a nice way to remember what this time of year is all about. They found so much excitment in looking at all the ornaments and trying to hang them on the tree…I wanted to soak it all in. Watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation always puts me in a good mood this time of year too…I know you’ll find a way to shoo the Grinchy Grinch away.

  11. Don’t know why, but seeing that lots of your readers feel the same way makes me feel better, but it should be worse. Doesn’t anyone truly love Chrismtmas time anymore? Just the kiddies I suppose.

  12. I just love this post. I have been feeling this way. I decided today that I want to start my prayer journal again. It helps keep me focused on what is truly important.

  13. Well said. Really beautiful.