This is Emma’s tribute to her grandpa’s.

Today I was at a Mommy and Me class that I help with monthly and one of the helpers was a grandpa aged man who is so sweet and wonderful with the kids. He helped Emma with her craft and all the while he got her to talk, talk, talk. It was such a blessing to have him giving Emma some one on one time since it is rare these days. Anyway, she said a few things about her grandpa’s that I have to record here. The conversation went like this,
“you can call me grandpa if you’d like…it’s easy and I’m a grandpa”.
Emma, “No, I already have grandpa’s”.
I guess I loved that she gets enough love from her grandpa’s that she doesn’t need to take on any others. Of course the response she gave wasn’t kind in the strictest sense, but she was honest and I know he understood that she had no idea her response could have hurt his feelings.

Later on, I heard Emma tell him that one of her grandpas has someone elses heart, and although this is true, we’ve never told her that. I’ve always just said that he got a new heart, or if I’m talking to another adult, a heart transplant. I guess I was just struck that she knew his new heart used to belong to someone else.

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  1. I did notice that they were working together a lot! I never had any grandparents around on a regular basis so seeing my kids loving theirs is s special treat. I know Bro. Hallid took no offense. By the way, your boys were just killing me yesterday, soooooo cute!

  2. Kids really know more than we give them credit for. It’s interesting to hear what their views on things are just from overhearing us or observing it from their view.