Grace’s Baptism…..

was this past weekend and it was beautiful. She was so excited, so thrilled with the decision she had made to be baptized, and her father and I were so pleased with her. Here’s a little sneak peak at the day. The ONLY reason I have these pictures is because Jeff restored them for me after I deleted the pictures on my memory card and then somehow deleted them on my computer as well. What can I say? I was on a roll, and when I realized what I had done, it literally, literally ruined my day. I almost cried, too. And that’s big.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of a very special day. I’m so glad you got them back.

  2. Casey's trio says

    Those pictures of Grace are beautiful! What a special day. So glad your husband was able to recover the pics and keep you from crying…

  3. Crazymamaof6 says

    WHOOHOO! that is fabulous your hubby retrieved them thank goodness for a smart hubby to save the day! GRACE is beautiful what a big day for her, and so exciting! Congratulations to her.

  4. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ Great pictures. I would have almost cried too. Congratulations Grace!

  5. I’m so glad that you didn’t lose them, you have some real winners there!

    Your family is beautiful!!

  6. What a beautiful day. Glad you were able to get some pictures.

    We are getting geared up for Anthony’s baptism in a few weeks. Both sets of grandparents will be in town so we will have a house full and lots of fun!

  7. Good thing for handy hubby’s.
    The pictures are wonderful. Grace looks so beautiful and so grown up. I’m sure you were overly proud.

  8. what a wonderful day for your family. Grace is such a beautiful little lady. See you soon!

  9. I’m glad you were able to save what you did!!! Angie, I would LOVE to live near you in California. Our biggest concern is of course how expensive it is. Ryan said he will apply to UCLA but he is also applying out here. We may wait until he gets his M.B.A to move out, which wouldn’t be for another 3 years, but I want to go out there so badly right now! I may just have to wait tables in order for us to survive if he gets accepted to school out there. Do you have any pointers for living in California? How close to L.A will you be when you move?

  10. She is so very lovely! What a wonderful day and I am so glad that you got your pictures back. I would have cried for sure!

  11. She is just beautiful. I can’t believe she is 8 already. What a great day for your family.

  12. I am so glad her day was special, she is a special girl! Jeff gets a lot of credit for me for saving the day with recovering those pictures. You are a lot better than me I would have cried a lot sooner than that! I am SO glad he got them for you. Those things happen!

  13. Congratulations. Grace looks beautiful on her special day.

  14. Congrats Grace!!! What a beautiful girl you are and what a wonderful decision you made!!! Heavenly father is SO proud of you!!!

    Wonderful pics! I am glad he retrived them for you!!

  15. You are too sweet! Thanks, girl.

  16. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    She looks radiant! Congratulations on your baptism, Grace!

  17. My name is Tammie says

    Oh she is so pretty!!! So glad you were able to save some pictures, they are great. What a beautiful family!

  18. Mark and Kiss says

    Dear Angie…I can’t even imagine what a special time that must have been for Grace’s baptism. I am so sorry that we have been out of touch for so long, it would have been wonderful to be there. I was incredibly ill for over a week, and the boys got it too, and just today Stephan started, oh my.

    Grace looks very happy and beautiful, congratulations on a wonderful decision and special time Gracie!

  19. carrie & troy keiser says

    THe pictures are all the more awesome since you’ve had to go through SO much to have them! 😉 How cool is that that our children were baptised this weekend!? Congrats Grace! 🙂

  20. Congratulations! Baptisms are amazing- especially when it’s your own kids! The pictures are beautiful.

  21. I totally agree, I think those pictures are even more special because they were almost gone forever! Go Grace! She’s a champion. And Milo to. Love them.

  22. I’m so glad you got yourpics back. She is beautiful as are all your kids. SO exciting. I love having pics of events as well. I feel your pain even if brief about losing them. I would be the same way.

  23. Wow those pic’s are awesome. You guys are great photographers. I’m glad the day was great and I’m glad that you got the pictures back too!! I’d totally cry. I did when the photographer lost 50 of our wedding shots.

  24. Holy cow, she is GORGEOUS. What a beautiful girl. I’m so glad you got your pictures back. I would have cried (not so big) when they disappeared and cried when I got them back! 🙂

    I’m so happy for Grace!

  25. Love her dress. She is gorgeous. So glad you got your photos back. I have NO pictures of Luke’s baptism, the media card got lost, no one else took any. I did cry. Oh well. I’ll do better with Tess in June!

  26. Clark Captions says

    So hard to believe that Grace had her special baptismal day! I hope it was the best. It is so hard for me to watch my kids grow….but what a special occassion. I hope it went well. Grace looks absolutely adorable. What a beauty!

  27. well.. it's like I thought!