Grab Your Pink Ribbon Bagel at Panera on October 10th!

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in it’s honor Panera Bread has brought back it’s popular Pink Ribbon Bagel.

For the whole month of October, you can pop into Panera Bread at participating Southern California bakeries and pick up the exclusive bagel that benefits the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.  The foundation is known for the groundbreaking research into the cause and prevention of breast cancer.  During the month of October, Panera will donate 10 cents for the sale of each bagel to the foundation, but on OCTOBER 10th, 100% of the Pink Ribbon Bagel sales will be donated to the foundation, so be SURE to stop in that day!

About the Pink Ribbon Bagel


The Pink Ribbon Bagel was “born” in 2001 when Sue Stees, a Panera franchisee in Oklahoma and breast cancer survivor began researching ways to raise funds for other women battling cancer.  She experimented in the kitchen and the ribbon shaped bagel was born.    Since then, more than 9 million bagels have been sold and over $2 million has been raised for breast cancer charities across the country.

The bagel is shaped like a ribbon and made with cherry chips, dried cherries, cranberries, vanilla, honey and brown sugar.  {{sounds delicious, right?}}

This year Panera wants to really make a push to raise money for breast cancer research and beat their previous records.  It’s SO easy for us to help!   

There are over 65 Southern California bakeries offering the Pink Ribbon Bagel this month, so be sure to pick some up for your friends, family and self!  {{smiling}}

The Pink Ribbon Bagels are available today, so be sure to go check them out, and mark your calendar for the 10th  {that’s the day to really make a difference!!!}}}


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