Getting out the door

Sunday. My Sunday alone with the kids. No water. It’s turned off at the meter. The leak somewhere between the house and the water meter had to happen on a holiday weekend. No plumber until Tuesday. I’m proud of myself. We’re all dressed and ready to go!

John, me, Emma and Jacob. So apropos. Everyone looking a different direction…can’t say this one wasn’t candid!

John and me. Thought to self. “This is the the last picture and it better be good!”

Is Emma’s look priceless, or what?

Jeff works every other Sunday. That means every other Sunday I have no help getting all the kids to church. This is a glimpse of what we look like trying to get out the door on one of those Sundays when Jeff is working. First of all, our church starts at 2 pm. That means I have to wake the twins up from their nap and feed them before we leave. While I was feeding the twins, Grace was busy snapping pictures, and Emma and Garrett were clowning around asking the question Grace taught them. “Are we going to be late?” In case you’re wondering, YES! we were late. But usually we’re not.
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  1. Angie, No wonder you were excited when the boys were able to go into nursery!! Michael is going out of town in 2 weeks so I will be experiencing what you go through. Our church starts at 9am. I guarantee we will be late!! hehe

  2. Angie,
    I feel your pain. I get my kids ready every sunday on my own and am there by 9am. Most of the time I manage to be there on time, but its the hardest morning of the week. Alan thinks its hard to get to the meetings 6:30am. I would love to stroll out of bed and get only myself ready and then spend some time away. I do see his side too… just tough! I have always admired you for getting everyone to church and managing them when Jeff is not there. I think having the twins in nursery will be glorious for you! You deserve a gold medal for sure!

  3. Oh and I hope the water is on now. I think I would have given up getting everyone ready and out the door without water, you rock!

  4. I think that without water and by myself I would have taken a sick day from church. I just don’t think I have it in me to get 5 little ones ready and then go sit through 3 hours of church by myself. Good for you for getting there at all! I have started our blog. I hope my siblings now start posting as well. Otherwise it is going to be really boring.

  5. Angie,

    I am in the same boat each week. Chris has 6am meetings, I have to get us all there hopefully early enough to set up the primary room! It’s always a joy to come home to my mandated ‘quiet hour’ where they all spend an hour in their rooms! Sometimes I just think, man, it would sure be easier to be inactive! haha….

  6. The fact that you can get to church on time in itself amazes me!! I can but stand in awe of your skills! What are you going to do with yourself when they all grow up and do their own thing? Scary thoughts! Sara