From the mouths and fists of my babes…

The other day I put the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” on for my kids while we were in the car. They asked me what movie I’d selected and I told them it was a surprise. This is what I heard when they figured it out:
Emma, “Garrett, it’s Kitty, Kitty, Bang, Bang”.
a few minutes later,
Garrett, “Emma, look! It’s shitty, shitty, bang, bang”. (The funny thing about this is that Garrett doesn’t even know what this word is since we use a different word at our house).

Garrett loves bathroom humor about as much as I do. I know, I know, I’m a freak, but bodily function stories double me over. Jeff has this sketch on the computer where a “lady” calls in to the car dealership that serviced her car and claims something was left on her backseat. Seriously sends me over the edge everytime. But, I regress. Back to Garrett’s toilet humor, sorry about giving too much information, but I have to to tell you his little game. When he takes care of business he calls me to wipe him, saying, “mom! I’m DONE”. Then after hearing this yelled a few times I yell back (I usually have to because I’m not near the room), “where are you?” (meaning which bathroom) Then, if he’s upstairs he’ll say, “I’m downstairs” or if he’s downstairs he’ll say, “I’m upstairs”. Then, when I go in and act shocked that I was duped, he cracks up. And here’s a another digression. We have an intercom system in our house. Never use it. But, it sure would be handy to use when this happens. I could intercom in telling him to wait for me since I’m usually doing something when nature calls for him.

Moving on….we were doing some yard work the other day and Garrett found a really nice fat worm. He yelled to me, “mom! I found a big arse worm!” (he still can’t regulate his voice) Then he said, “that’s not a bad word”. So funny.

Lastly, the twins are really starting to get feisty. Yesterday John had a bottle on his tray while he was eating his dinner. Jacob wanted it so he was jabbering and using body language to tell John he wanted the bottle. I said, “John, give Jacob your bottle”. John picks up his bottle, extends it to Jacob and just as Jacob’s fingers touch the bottle to take it, John snatches it back and pretends to drink it. This goes on THREE times, then Jacob looses it. Starts crying and covering his face with his hands. THEN, John gives Jacob the bottle. But, as soon as Jacob calms down, he takes it back. It cracks me up that they already know how to tease each other, but it also amazes me that they know how to comfort and appease each other as well.

Over the past few months Garrett has found out how much pleasure it can give him to tease the twins and not get caught. Garrett, here’s a news flash. They are not going to put up with it much longer. Yesterday Garrett was teasing Jacob by taking away his toy. Jacob finally lost it and attacked. I was dying. First he made this screaming sound at Garrett his body shaking with frustration at the same time, and then he lunged. They were both sitting down facing each other at the time, and Garrett beat a hasty retreat backwards. Good thing he did too, because I think Jacob was ready to take a chomp out of him if he could just reach him, and that chomp almost fell on private boy parts. Ouch! When Jacob finally did reach him he started pummeling him on the back. Now that’s a frustrated baby! Let’s see if Garrett learned his lesson.

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  1. LOL! About “chitty chitty bang bang”. I was just talking to Lindsey about that movie this morning (weird). As for the twins and Garrett, I have to laugh because its my twins who hurt Jacob never the other way around.

  2. Garrett is hilarious! What a character he is. I hope he learned his lesson about messing with the twins too. With how Jacob reacted, if he has not he will soon!!

    We love that movie too. It is a family favorite here.

  3. Mark and Kiss says

    Angie, ha ha ha ha! What a great little tidbit from the kids. In a few years the boys will be able to gang up and outnumber Garrett, poor little guy doesn’t know whats coming…:)

    I love how my boys love to roll around and wrestle together, they are like little puppies. Stephan already joins in! (I should say, I love it before somebody gets hurt..) It is pretty cute.

    I love your Blog! Thanks for taking the time to do it.

    Love, Kirsten

  4. Quilao Triplets says

    Potty humor is big in our family also. I know the “Pull my finger” game will be a daily event when the girls get older….So funny that the twins are going to give Garrett a run for his money!


  5. I know first hand those little red headed twins and their tempers! They crack me up. So fun to watch them grow up.

  6. I’m afraid my son is going to like potty humor, too, because he loves farting and giggling as he tells me he did an “air poopie”. Cracks me up.