Friendship gone sour?

I don’t like drama. Well, I should amend that. I like hearing about drama. I don’t like being apart of it. Before David and Victoria moved to The States we got together every chance we could, although with their busy schedule, it wasn’t nearly as frequently as Jeff and I would have liked.
Once she even flashed our picture at a press conference when a reporter asked who she and David were meeting for dinner that night. Until I became a famous blogger, we were always an unnamed couple. It worked out really well for all of us.

And then David had to go and pull this stunt. Now Victoria won’t speak with me, Jeff is furious, and the whole situation is just plain awkward.

And, yes, that tatoo is permanent.

You can leave your mark, too.
And, for the record, you all know that the “famous blogger” business is said with tongue in cheek, right? I don’t really believe that, I just think it’s funny. On more than one level. Also, I’m not usually this irreverent on Sunday. I published on the wrong day.

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  1. wakakakakaak…

    *rolling laughing holding my stomach!*

  2. So funny! I almost missed the picture in the neck wear because I am so fascinated by the tattoos.

  3. Wow – you have such a glam life! Or do you just have too much time on your hands?!

    There’s an award on my blog for you . . .

  4. Mekhismom says

    Funny! I love it. You had me going there for a minute.

  5. sassy stephanie says

    OMgosh. That was so funny!

  6. You are too funny!

    I think Becks is gorgeous to look at but as soon as he opens his mouth and talks, he has this squeaky little voice and it puts me right off!

  7. Sherri - KaysvilleMomma says

    I agree with Molly!! She is beautiful —even with the tatoos –but when you hear him speak it’s all lost!!

  8. Bwhahaha! Ok, this post is hysterical!

  9. Love it!

  10. Oh my – I was like “SHE KNOWS THEM!!???”

    Yeah, I’m kind of naive 🙂

  11. The Jensens says

    Angie, I LOVE YOU!! hahahahahaha

  12. mannequin says

    I am just so naive. I sat here reading and thinking, “Oh my goodness, she’s a celebrity” (not that you are not an internet celebrity, of course). It was only after reading another comment from one more worldly than I that I realized just how naive I may be and just how silly you are.

  13. ROTFL!!!

  14. girlytwins says

    Now I really must meet you in person so you can introduce me to the Beck’s. I will totally ride on your ‘famous blogger’ coat tails. 🙂

  15. Elizabeth says


  16. you are so funny. Good one!! He purses his lips like i do when I look in the mirror…
    Well it will all blow over hopefully and Jeff will forgive you for being so desirable!!!

  17. Crazy Daisy says

    I love it! I too found a few days ago! It has been great fun!

  18. so funny!

    I’ll be trolling the internet now looking for that site so Becks can have a reminder of me!

  19. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    I’ll take a reminder of Becks ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

    Love the tattoo he got to remember you by. He can put mine on that empty shoulder he’s got…..hehe…

  20. Am I the only one who had to reread that? I am one gulible (sp?) girl! You made me usual.

  21. That is hysterical!!!

  22. Brittany Iverson says

    I hate to tell you this but my hubby and I are their new go to couple. It looks like you’ve been replaced. Sorry Charlie.

    OK This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my whole life! You crack me up.

  23. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Irreverent,maybe a tad, but it was stinkin’ hilarious!!!! I wont ever complain about you putting half naked David on your page. Oh, that was irreverent! LOL!!!

  24. Melissa B. says

    I’m with you all the way on David B. Posh doesn’t deserve him–give him to moi! Hi, my name is Melissa B., and I’m introducing myself to you courtesy of my Bloggy Friend, Veggie Mom. I’m caving in to the commercial pressure and hosting a giveaway/contest starting tomorrow. I just returned from Asbury Park NJ, home to Jersey roots rock, aka Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Van Zandt, etc. I’ve got a couple of cool prizes to give away to celebrate the Dog Days of Summer, so tune please tune in!

  25. You are SO creative. Hilarious post. Loved it! What a fun idea.

    I’m glad your eye surgery went well! Congrats!!

  26. Casey's trio says

    Too funny!

  27. I am really embarrassed to say that I totally at first thought you knew them.

    Then I realized… So funny and imaginative.

    P.S~ Nice body!!

  28. Kacey Randolph says

    Brad & Angelina told me to tell you as soon as they get the twins nice and settled they are ready for a night out.

    You crack me up. Thanks for the laugh…and eye candy.

  29. What the?

    Funny girl.

  30. You.Crack.Me.Up. This is hysterical… I must go check that place out!

  31. Collegegirl says

    You had me going for a moment! That was so funny! I am looking into the website now!!! 🙂

  32. Brad and Angie did the same thing to us, so we had to cut the friendship off–it’s hard, but I know you’ll get through it–;o)

    Glad the Sunday Selah spoke to you–and glad to know I’m not the only one!!

  33. That’s pretty cool.

  34. Munchkins and Music says

    I can only say hahahahahaha!

  35. You totally lost me on your comment. lol Were you talking about the “Nothing tastes as good as it feels to be thin”? The leader at Weight Watchers said it one time when I was going a couple of years ago.

    Now, if only I could live by it…. lol

  36. Angie, your sense of humor is AWESOME. I know no one else who could make a Beckham tat that funny!!!

  37. Laurie M. says

    Hahaha! This is too funny!

  38. That is so funny!! The things you find….

  39. OMG….you are hilarious!!!!! Those photos are brilliant!

  40. OMG, I am still cracking up laughing!

  41. I’m glad that I am not the only suburban mother who is friends with Celebrities. Ha!

    Wonderfully funny post!

  42. That’s about as genius as it gets right there! You are the Queen Clown! I love it!!!!!!
    See you when I get back….

  43. HAHA! Oh my gosh, totally made my day. So funny!

  44. Can I get a huge tattoo of you too? That’s my life dream…. 😉

  45. Kim Heinecke says

    Okay, I seriously had to read that twice.

    Thanks for stopping by Deliberate HOpe today for SITS Recipe.

    I’ll be back here. You’re a hoot.

  46. You’ve been tagged! (see my blog)

    And also? This post totally cracked me up.

  47. That was funny. Yea I’m totally not against tattoos just not on my 46 year old mother. Thanks for the comment!

  48. Veggie Mom says

    Thanks for Sharing the Comment Love and for your wonderful review of Pop’rs! I had fun writing today’s Pop’rs post–since there were comments from three very different gals, it was a challenge, but a rewarding one, after all! BTW, Uncle Lynn has authorized another Great Pop’rs Giveaway–it starts tomorrow, so stay tuned!

  49. Um, LOL!

  50. eeww. i’m going to have to go play. this is all too funny!

  51. tinabean1988 says

    Ok you are seriously cracking me up I LOVE IT!!!
    You have the best imagination (Sorry The best Life, I mean come on Mr Sexy himself I’m so jealous of you right now).

  52. Migraine Mom says

    Too funny! The post that is, that “eye candy” is just delicious! YUm!

  53. OMG…that is too funny!!!!!! Definitely made me giggle outloud!

  54. Haha!! That is awesome, I can’t wait to try that site out!

  55. Jennifer P. says

    My friend Jenny in Australia turned me on to this site and I played with it for hours on Sunday. Kept convincing myself it was “uplifting” and therefore ok for the sabbath :)!

    I love the Beckham one!

  56. ROFL!!!!!

  57. Stephanie says

    You look really great on his abs…Jeff considering?!

    Your creativity always amazes me!

  58. Thought you were serious there for a minute – you got me…


  59. Pretty darn clever…I like it!

  60. Oh my goodness… so funny! Where do you come up with this stuff! I almost didn’t see the Becks tat because I was staring at those amazing abs…

  61. wow, I had no idea he was sooooo hot. I think I need a cold shower…

  62. You funny, funny girl. I’ll be playing around with that one!

  63. oh now THAT is a fun new internet toy! haha

    kim sent me.