FOUR word Wednesday

Drove 1,000 miles today.

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  1. Casey's trio says

    Where in the world did you go?

  2. Holy cow! Where in the world are you?

  3. I know where you are… Have fun in the sun and have a great Thanksgiving! Hope the kids were o.k. in the car.

  4. Portland to Los Angeles…….let’s just say, 18 hours in the car. 18. Should have taken 15-16 but there was holiday traffic through LA.

  5. Casey's trio says

    I can’t wait to hear about that car trip!! You must have made it in one piece, but is your mind still intact?

  6. Wow. That is a LONG day. We have yet to travle back home to visit family in FL. That is one trip I will put off as long as possible!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!!

  7. Oh… enjoy the warm weather! We had snow last night. The boys LOVED it!

  8. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    Whoa! Sounds more like four-letter word Wednesday.

    Which word, of course, is TRIP.

    It’s a good thing some of us are already a little insane, or an 18 hour TRIP would put us over the edge.

    Catch a wave for me!

  9. have a great holiday, take care…
    to me, holidays make me more tired than ordinary days do.

  10. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I would love to know how you made the 18 hour drive.

    We would love to go on a road trip to visit family in St. Louis, which is about a 15 hour drive.

    I think we might have to stay a month just to recover enough to drive back.

  11. My name is Tammie says

    Hey you’re in LA?! Hi! Wish I could wave to you. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Safe travels.

  12. L.A traffic stinks. We got caught in traffic on our last trip to California and it is just unbearable being in traffic after that many hours in the case. Tacking a few more hours on an already long drive is SOO bad. It was for us. Have fun!

  13. I hear you, we only drove 4 hrs. and I was a wreck. I hate the car with kids, and alas, we used to love road trips, sigh…Hope you had a fun time visiting with family.

  14. And why, if you were driving that far anyway, didn’t you stop by my house?