Four eyes *ARE* better than two…

Wanna play a game? The game is: guess which one of my sweeties got to pick out some super cute glasses yesterday? Have you seen the frames they have for children now? Ultra stylish. I took my mystery child to the optometrist yesterday because a letter arrived saying the child had failed the school vision test. Apparently the child’s eye has a turn or tilt (not apparent with the naked eye) so depth perception is lacking, plus one eye is nearsighted, and there is a stigmatism. Getting glasses this young is a great thing because the eye and brain connections are still developing and having glasses can allow those connections to be made properly, hopefully allowing the child to grow out of the need for glasses. We’re optimistic! I know first hand how annoying glasses and contacts can be, so I’m sympathetic, but if the child does not grow out of glasses, it’s totally OK, the child looks “to die for” in glasses. Makes me want to get some “dummy” glasses just because they are cute. And here’s some trivia for you……did you know they have to dilate children’s eyes to get the correct prescription? The great reveal will be coming soon……as soon as the glasses are made and I can snap a picture! 🙂

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  1. Grace or Emma since they are the ones in school, um…I’m gonna go with Emma.

  2. I am going with Emma too.

    Joseph has worn glasses since he was 2. They are DEFINITELY more stylish than when I had t hem as a child! (I had my first pair at 5).

  3. anyone else having problems leaving comments?

  4. I’ll go with the consensus and say Emma, too.

    Before I had to wear glasses I used to want them, too. Now that I’ve worn them for years I sure would love to have my 20/20 vision back.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  5. I tried to leave a comment earlier and couldn’t.
    I say Emma. If it was Grace you probably would have found out last year. 🙂 right? So with this amazing logic I will lock in my answer.! anyone watched Don’t Forget the Lyrics? 🙂

  6. Casey's trio says

    Having lots of problems leaving comments…I tried to leave one for you earlier.
    Anyway…also going with Grace or Emma and so glad the lucky girl had some stylish frames to choose from. The toddler selection isn’t as wide to choose from, but in our case, I can barely get Riely to keep them on. I’m lucky if I get them on her for 45 minutes a day. I SO worry about the brain-vision connection developing poorly with her. ***SIGH***