Apparently, that’s what I am. To some people at least.

Let me tell you about crazy lady from the park.

We have a neighborhood park. Like my neighborhood, it’s off the beaten path and most people that visit the park are residents of the immediate area.

When we first moved here over 2 years ago I met crazy lady. She came right up to me, introduced herself and started in on her life. I quickly pegged her as annoying-woman-from-the-park and made the following note to self: Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Now, I know that’s not a very nice thing to think. I know that’s not a very Christ like attitude, but I couldn’t help it. I’m a highly social person. I love meeting new people and making new friends but I’ve learned to stay away from people who suck the energy right out of me with a single conversation. I knew right off the bat she was one of those women.

She told me she had 4 kids.

She expected me to be shocked and ask her how in the world she does it.

I didn’t.

She told me she has a degree and used to work.

I’m pretty sure she expected me to be rather impressed.

I wasn’t.

Me too.

We didn’t hit it off.

Then I saw her at the grocery store. She introduced herself again and once again was shocked that I didn’t fall all over myself with exclamations of wonder at the fact that she has 4 kids. Did I mention I have 5?

She didn’t remember me from the park. I re-named her crazy lady.

3 more times I “met” her at the park. 5 times total I heard her story and 5 times total she didn’t remember me.

The 6th time, I used the duck and cover method and that has worked for me ever since.

Last week my sister-in-law mentioned that she had met a woman from my neighborhood who knew me. She went on to describe crazy lady. I was flabbergasted. Crazy lady knew me? Cuz everytime we met it was like the first time. No recognition.

Then we ran into her together. Crazy lady recognized my sister-in-law right away. Guess who she didn’t remember?

Yes, crazy lady, I’ve got it. You have 4 kids and you used to work. I’m still not impressed. And just so you know, I’ve never been that forgettable. But in your case, I don’t mind being invisible.

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  1. Wow, she really sounds strange. I wonder why she keeps acting as if every meeting is the first? Oh,wait -she’s crazy. What was I thinking?

  2. So funny! Sometimes being invisible is a blessing.

    We also have names for the People In Our Neighborhood.

  3. Oh you poor dear.
    I too have fallen victim to weirdo’s. One time a “stranger lady” in the NEXT STALL started talking to ME about how her hubby broke her arm; me on the potty!

    I think she may not remember you
    1) because she’s crazy and self absorbed
    2) you did not dispense her daily required dose of aggrandizement.

    As you say, I guess in this case, it’s a blessing to be invisible.

  4. Threeundertwo says

    That’s just weird. Especially weird that she told your sister-in-law that she knew you!

    Hands full, head empty.

  5. sassy stephanie says

    You are anything but forgettable!! She is just too consumed with her own convo and chatter she doesn’t appreciate the world around her!

  6. It sounds like she is doing that on purpose so she can continue to annoy you with her story and hope you will finally give her the reaction she is looking for. Crazy!!! I think we have all encountered those people.
    When I was still teaching there was a mother that would come into the classroom at the beginning of the day or when I needed volunteers for an activity, and she would begin to tell me very detailed stories about things in her life. I don’t think she had anyone to talk to, but she was strange, the content was inappropriate for the little ears around and I was trying to teach. No matter what I said, she just didn’t get the message.

  7. How annoying. And strange.

  8. Wow, how could anyone forget you!! You have beautiful red hair…so UNFORGETTABLE!!

    Sounds like Crazy Lady needs and alcoholic beverage…

  9. the schirano triplets says

    ok…that is just bizarre. what a weirdo!

  10. She is a crazy lady. I think you are smart to steer clear, and really I wouldn’t even feel bad about that. I am totally with you on people who such the life out of you…AVOID!!!

  11. It must be the red hair. I have the same problem. I always feel like I have to re-introduce myself to people because they don’t remember me. I consider myself to be a pretty engaging person, but for whatever reason, people don’t remember me. Wait a second. Maybe I’m crazy lady. Do people want to forget me?….I hope that’s not it.

    I can’t stand it when people state something they think is a big deal and wait for your reaction. It drives me nuts. It’s like they want to see how impressed you can be with them. Yuck.

    I don’t forget you. I think you’re fabulous. Red heads must stick together. Guys love us….at least that’s what I have found to be true. Something sexy about the red hair, I guess.

  12. SuperCoolMom says

    I’d be implementing evasive maneuvers too!

  13. Oh my! Yeah I’d be doing the duck and run everytime I see her. Shouldn’t people like that be medicated? What an errrr interesting woman.

  14. Wow that would be annoying. Hopefully your hiding method will continue to work !

  15. What a wack-job!
    Part of me feels bad for her, so I wish her the best… I hope she finds someone just as crazy as she is and they can re-tell their stories to one another over and over and ooh and ahhh at what fabulous crazies they are 🙂

  16. What a wing nut!! I love when people like that expect their bragging to get a certain reaction and you just give them a blank stare….

  17. yeah at least she introduces herself to new people ha ha

  18. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ I'm all about the duck and run policy, when necessary too!!! 🙂

  19. She sounds extremely lonely and self absorbed which means her self esteem is low as well.
    I kinda feel bad for her.

  20. I have a neighbor 2 houses down who must be funneling energy from yours. We’ve named ours psycho. The first time we met she gave a life story, told us how she doesn’t trust anyone in town and then, without knowing our names, asked us to watch her daughter!
    The one difference I envy is I guess I’m UNforgettable. I wish I blended in a little more. 🙂

  21. wow thats a crazy lady. How could someone forget you or the number of kids. I don’t understand people sometimes. Its hard to forget red heads.

  22. Collegegirl says

    What a strange lady. How could she forget you or your FIVE kiddos? Some people are just hard to deal with!

  23. Rosie Yanosko says

    Oh, Angie you are *not* forgettable!

  24. Scary Mommy says

    Sounds like a peach. How odd!!!

  25. Sounds like with Crazy Lady, it’s all about her, and nobody else! I’ll bet she wasn’t even listening to your responses half the time, but already thinking ahead to what she would say about herself!

  26. Migraine Mom says

    Oh I’m sorry Angie! You are most definitely not forgettable..she sounds like a real nut job! 🙂

  27. mommaof4wife2r says

    i’m so not impressed either! and even more so that she is the one that is forgetful…or just plain crazy…thus her name!


    or she could just be sooo wrapped up in herself that the outside world just barely exists…i get the same with a few people who tell me they foster kiddos…yep, me too. worked? yep, me too. 4 kids, me too.

    i’m not impressed by much…it’s sad. but you, angie, i’m impressed!

  28. Yes, I think it best that you duck and hide from her. She’s odd enough that perhaps it’s best she doesn’t remember you.

  29. You know…my kids say and do the same things LOL!!!

  30. Oh…this made me laugh! Thank you for sharing it! I’m introverted so overly talkative people just drain the life right out of me.

  31. Elaine @ Commotion says

    Angie, I know I haven’t been around much lately. Just busy!! I’ll be getting caught up soon.

    In the meantime, I’ve tagged you for a blogging task. I think it’s one you’ll enjoy. Please stop by my blog and check it out!!

  32. Sounds like she has begun to receive all of her identity in those few things. must be sad. there are some times when I feel like I need to make sure other people don’t look at me just as mom to 5, but . . . me.
    there are lots of needy people out there.

  33. DOn’t worry you are not forgetable in my book. I think that you are great.

    P.S. Thanks for pulling for me over at SITS recipes. 🙂 We will see.

  34. Hmmm, assuming you’re at the park with your kids, 2 of them being adorable identical red heads, and you’re a red-head, she’s not very observant. Or maybe, she’s just still trying to win you over with her story and figures if she pretends she doesn’t know you, you’ll engage. I’d use the duck and cover too. Every ward has one, I guess every park does too. I think there’s actually a medical terminology for her though, I mean, other that crazy lady, narcissistic.

  35. Oh, yeah, she’s totally playin’ games with you. Crazy biotch!

    I’d remember you. :o)

  36. oh, that is funny!

  37. Yea Angie, in this case, you should probably be thankful you are the forgotten one. Lol. People that brag are annoying… especially when they brag about things that aren’t cool.

  38. Crazymamaof6 says

    sounds like a blessing to me!

    i LOVE THAT.

    when people list off their shocking stories. that they think might impress someone, or shock you. and then i prefer to play it cool and not say what i have done more or better. then someone else tells them! i love it, when you can tell they are shocked at my reality, and i played it cool. WHY BRAG?
    she is crazy! good idea avoiding that nut job!

  39. Too funny! At W’s basketball practice last year, a mom was going on and on about how her kids are terrible and run her ragged (she has TWO, and they are five years apart, lol). Another dad, who buys deer corn from us, said, “SHE probably understands… she has FOUR, and the last two are TWINS!” He pointed at me. It was too hilarious. Needless to say, the complaining stopped.

  40. Live.Love.Eat says

    OK, that’s just WEIRD! I guess she didn’t forget you, she just lost track of her own ramblings and figured it’s easier to start over. That would drive me NUTS!!!!

  41. Kim Heinecke says

    Perhaps 4 kids are too many for her…

    As for invisible – I think that’s awesome. That has always been my “super power of choice!” Yes, I’ve thought about it…in case anyone ever grants me one super power, I want to have my answer ready.

  42. WIERDO!!! You are so not forgetable, and I don’t even know you in person! It’s soooo hard to be around energy sucking people. Hopefully she’ll switch parks, or maybe move.

  43. ROFL. Thankfully you were unforgettable to her!

    It irritates me when people with less kids (like 2 or 3) complain to ME about how their kids run them ragged. Are they KIDDING ME with that?

  44. Oh my! How annoying for you, yet amusing for your readers! I would be so tempted to re-introduce myself every single time, only with a different name…

  45. Jyl @ MommyGossip says

    All I have to say about that is: Soooooo weird!

  46. I’ve had some ladies act like they’ve never met me too. It bugs the snot out of me, because they’re really inobservant or rude. She sounds like someone who likes to talk about herself, and you may be the nearest thing to competition to her. Yuck!

  47. Kacey Randolph says

    Ooooh poor you. You need to come up with some FAB disguise for the park. That could be fun and then you could really mess with her mind a little…ok, now that is not very nice of me….but it would still be a little fun. 😉

  48. Mark and Kiss says

    Funny! I wish that I had read this post before we talked, we could have had an entertaining discussion about it at the time while you were trying to answer in code….ha ha ha.

  49. I so wish I could be invisible!! Or that I was better at the whole duck and cover…(Sigh) I am usually the one that gets trapped in an uncomfortable or just plain weird conversations.

  50. Good N Crazy says

    Hey funny? Weird funny. I am so laying low here for a while, ya know? Not quite up to volunteering at the new school, praying my new calling will be in the nursery, only leaving the house when the last drop of milk has been drunk… Sounds depressing eh? But I’m SO happy (I have all of you,eh?)

    And you rock, with all these comments. You don’t need me, eh? Sorry–you’re stuck with me.

  51. Wow, what is up with her?

  52. How do so many crazies make it in this world.

  53. Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    I think in cases like this: avoid! avoid! avoid! is the best answer! What a freak she seems to be!

  54. Jonny's Mommy says

    Whoa…OK. She is crazy….nice that you are that memorable. I’d remember you… 🙂

  55. Wow, how can she not remember you? I mean, I’ve had people forget my NAME but not necessarily ME. People always remember my husband over me. Although he’s 6’4″, buff, and used to have long blond curly hair and still has incredible blue eyes. I, on the other hand, am 5’nothing, average weight, average blond hair. But I don’t mind being Big A’s wife! ha

  56. CA-RAZY.

    Maybe, just maybe, she isn’t handling things quite as well as she imagines with her not-working-four- kids-and-a-degree-having self.

    Otherwise she would remember that she already met. At least the third time around. 🙂

  57. Bonnie the Boss says

    I love crazy people they add color and post fodder to your life!