Flipping for FLIP

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I’ve owned a Flip camera for almost a month now and it is always with me.  Well, mostly always with me.  It’s one of those a staple items in my purse.  You know, just in case I need it.

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This is the model I have, by the way.  The Flip Ultra.  I’ve found a lot of use for it. I think about using it for all the vlogs I have in my head, and for all the vlogs I actually follow through with.  I’ve also been able to use it when I couldn’t find my point and shoot camera (which also resides in my purse) since I can use my Flip camera to “film” whatever I want a picture of and then I later freeze the snapshots and save them to my computer as pictures.

In addition to being small enough to keep in my purse, and in addition to be being able to use it to take snapshots, it also comes with built in movie making software AND hooks directly into my computer for easy video uploading. In fact you can load your video directly to sites like YouTube from the Flip video page. It’s all really easy.

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You should know that Flip has never given me a camera.  In fact, I bought my own Flip because I had heard so many great thing about the product.  I knew that Flip was going to be giving me a Flip to give to you, and I wanted to make sure that a product that I am endorsing and giving away is something I actually really like.

You should also know that Flip has never (and sadly probably never will) given me any money to say all these great things about their camera. I just like it.

As I mentioned above, they have given me a Black Flip Ultra HD to give to you…..
okay FOUR of you….because I’m not alone. I’m teaming up with four fellow bloggy friends and EACH of them are hosting a Flip camera video giveaway on their blogs as well.

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Mama’s Losin It, Better In Bulk, Mayhem And Moxie and I will be hosting interactive carnivals all week long…to enter each giveaway you must answer a daily question in the comment section that you will find at the end of each carnival post. This means, everyday, starting tomorrow, each of us will ask new and different questions providing you with the opportunity to earn a total of 16 entries by the end of the week.

In addition to simply answering questions on each of our sites each carnival you link up to will earn you FIVE additional entries.

This means if you leave daily answers on each of our blogs AND participate in all four carnivals you will have a total of 36 entries and an opportunity to win one of four Flip cameras (sorry multiple cameras will not be awarded to the same person if their name is drawn more than once).

Here’s a sneak peak of the carnivals you may want to prep for this week:

Tuesday “Creepy Crawly Crafts”: Link up with Mayhem And Moxie by sharing anything you’ve created this Halloween. Examples include, Halloween costumes, recipes, crafts, party invites, treats, decorations etc…

Wednesday “Ghosts Of Halloween Past”: Link up with (me) Seven Clown Circus by posting pictures and descriptions of Halloween Past. This could be a memorable Halloween from when you were a child or simply a cute story and picture from just last year. If you are contributing to this theme as an entry into the Flip camera giveaway I’m asking for you to put an asterisk next to your blog name when you enter it into Mr. Linky. This way I can specifically view and enter the correct participants for the Flip camera Giveaway.

Thursday “Spooky Story Starters” : Link up with Mama’s Losin’ It by choosing a writing prompt and participating in her Writer’s Workshop:

1.) Show your spooky side
2.) Show and Tell using your favorite Halloween home decor
3.) Write a poem to your child as their Halloween character (for example I may write a poem to “Pongo”…the 101 Dalmatian Laina is going to be for Halloween)
4.) Post a vlog of yourself playing a Halloween prank on a family member or friend.
5.) Describe a favorite Halloween costume or moment you wish you had on video.

Friday “Eat, Drink, And Be Scary”: On all Hallow’s Eve, Laura from Better In Bulk wants to see want we are making in the kitchen. Show your devilish desserts, give us the scoop on pumpkins, or share your favorite holiday drink. If cooking isn’t your cup of tea, then tell us what you are doing with your leftover Halloween candy. Do you enjoy immediately, save for later, or just bribe your kids with it when needed?

That’s a lot of information. All you need to do right now is:

1.) Answer the question posed in my daily posts.
2.) Head on over to the other blogs participating and answer their questions on their blog.
3.) Come back tomorrow and repeat steps above.
2.) Post any carnival entries you’d like to participate in for extra chances to win.

Just to reitierate, you don’t have to participate in the carnvials to enter to win.  Those are bonus entries.   You may simply answer the daily question (it’ll be a different question each day) posted on each of the four blogs to be entered.   This means, everyday each of us will ask new and different questions providing you with the opportunity to earn a total of 20 entries by the end of the week.

Contest ends on Friday October 30 at midnight EST. Winners will be picked at random and announced on Halloween! Good luck!

My question for the day is:  Why do you want a Flip?

About Angie

Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. scrappysue says

    you forgot to say usa entries only? don't get my hopes up angie!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Angie! I'm STOKED I picked today to take a peek at you. I love your theme for Wednesday and can't wait for the other carnivals to start.
    Halloween ROCKS!!!!! and so do you!

  3. OMG, Angie, I sooooooo need one of these cameras! Rig it for me, would ya? LOL

    Justine ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )

  4. Very cool! And thanks for a heads-up on the week's carnivals!

  5. Wait, I have to WORK for free stuff? DUDE! I've already scheduled all my posts for this week.

    Oh well, I still love y'all, anyway.

  6. What fun!

    I have a flip ultra, too. And I love that it is small enough for me to tote around wherever. I need to use it more often.

  7. Brimful Curiosities says

    I've always wished I had a video camera small enough to put in my purse to capture those everyday moments that pop up out of the blue.

  8. Little Lizard says

    I want to document all the fleeing moments in the life of my baby girl! It goes by too fast!

  9. there are so many moments that are missed because I don't have a little camcorder that would fit in my purse. With a Flip, I wouldn't miss a beat!

  10. I want a flip because I don't have a video camera and I feel I am missing out on capturing great family memories

  11. We have never had a video camera, but there have been so many of those "My kinddom for a video of THIS" moments!

  12. Amy Whitley says

    I want a Flip because it seems like a manageable way to take video…I never remember my video camera, but this one could fit in my purse!

  13. Martha in PA says

    I would love my OWN Flip. My daughter has one, but I never know where it is!

    Stopping over from Lolli's!

  14. My 5 Monkeys(Julie) says

    I would love a camera to capture my kids at any moment when the need arises.

  15. Amber, That's Me! says

    Why do I want one? Why do I NEED one?

    Because I need one that is small enough to fit in my purse and we need one that will take movies!

    Thanks !

  16. Jessica Jones, Team Mom says

    the same reason every mom does! we hate missing moments! as a mother of 3n i doubt i have any video of my third…oops

  17. 4 Lettre Words says

    They're supposed to be super fast and our current video camera takes for ever to "get going"…especially with a quick little 19-month old running around! :o)

  18. I want a Flip because I'm having baby girl #2 in ELEVEN DAYS and my regular camcorder is slightly hefty to cruise along in the diaper bag everywhere we go like the Flip would. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great giveaway!

  19. Because I do have a digital camera but do not have a good video camera. We have the same one purchased about 7 or so years ago! it is NOT digital:)

  20. I work at the grand canyon and a video camera would come in really handy.

  21. This is such a fabulous giveaway!

    I really want a flip because our current camcorder is like 7 years old. My husband doesnt even let me take it out anymore because its so embarassing ,lol. I swear the thing weighs like 10 lbs. I could definetly use a Flip!

  22. I want this camera to give to my 18 year old daughter.

  23. Yeah, I'm Still Here... says

    I would love to win a Flip so I can capture the Christmas morning excitement of my precious Grandkids! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Sevibabyyy says

    I would like a Flip camera because in all honesty, the look like so much fun. Small, useful with the built in USB, and just a nifty little device to get your hands onto. I like to take crazy videos in the most random spots, so it would definitely be an awesome addition to my arsenal of gadgets!

  25. Bina @ Bina's Pad says

    I would love a Flip because MY camera has been hijacked by the teens in my home…the Flip looks petite enough to travel with me at all times…and it looks easy enough to upload to the computer. It looks amazingly fun…and I am glad for the chance at one ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. S Club Mama says

    I would love a flip because my camera's screen is broken so I can't exactly see what I take pictures of. And I'd love to have a handy dandy video camera ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks Angie!

  27. Hi!! I would love to have a flip phone as there have been so many times when the kids have done or said something that was too cute.. and I had no camera there to record it… or vlog it…. and this would be perfect!!

    PLus because I am a mom who has nothing nice for herself…. thats isnt glued or taped together…. =)

  28. Rebecca1217 says

    Our camera recently got broke and I need a new one and the flip looks amazing.

  29. Rebecca1217 says

    Our camera recently got broke and I need a new one and the flip looks amazing.

  30. Swirl Girl says

    I would love a FLIP because my current camera , although it does have video, doesn't zoom really well on video. I'd love to video spontaneous moments.

  31. I want a flip camera because I take pictures in a nature preserve near my house. I want to keep up with the progress that is being made to help the animals return to an eco preserve that is safe and clean.

  32. I would love to have a flip camera just to carry in my purse so that I wouldn't miss a thing…with 2 kids under 2 it get's a little crazy around here. My daughter is a little comedian and my son is 8 weeks and is about to start all of his "firsts" how fun to have them on a flip!

  33. this is so cool! I so want one. Why? Well, because I my life needs to be videotaped for me to use as blackmail later with the kids. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. Rudy Rukus says

    I want a flip because I have been trying to talk myself into getting a video camera for almost 4 years now and wouldn't it be great to win one instead of buying one?? And one that is so easy to use and download with etc etc! So exciting!

  35. Jenn@ The Crazies says

    I want a flip beacause I am a photographer and its always fun to be able to take random shots all the time however my big bulky Canon can be tiresome to carry around… PLus I would love a video camera!!!

  36. Oh, I so need, um, want, one of those!! So cool! With a new little one arriving in January, this would definitely come in handy for pic overload ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Just another way to record my little BoBemeline on film! Can't get enough of my baby on camera.

  38. I would love to have a Flip- because it looks compact enough to carry with me anywhere. I have 2 boys and am pregnant with a baby girl. I would love the ability to film them anytime- easily!

  39. I lost my point and shoot recently and used to take 99% of my video with it. My husband keeps saying "We're missing out on stuff!" as my boys' language skills blossom more every day. I would really like to have the flip phone!

  40. I desire a flip for the obvious reason – I don't have one. My only video camera faced it's rather sudden death with great bravery a few months ago.

  41. I really want a flip because I have three little people under the age of 5. I want to record every second of their lives, but I often can't because I'm already carrying around so many things!! A flip is a perfectly small size to put in my pocket or diaper bag, allowing me to be on the run, all the while capturing the always-adorable and crazy moments!

  42. My goodness I would love to win this and the holidays just around the corner. Wow what a nice way to make memories…Please count me in on this one.

  43. I mostly want a Flip to be able to video my kids. I'd really love to have one for those special times and Holidays, like Halloween, Christmas, etc. It seems like my kids are growning so fast…and I'd really love to record some of these special moments with them.
    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway.

  44. BeLoVed AiMeE says

    I want a flip because— last January my husband WASHED my point and shoot in the washing machine after a pool party. Just dumped the bag in without looking. It came out very clean but never worked again. I really need a new camera to snap all the funny things my kids are doing all the time.

  45. So I can breathe while my kids are making their youtube videos, no longer having to worry about the fate of the family video camera, and so we can film fun family moments without having to lug around the big ol' family video camera.

  46. I would love to use the Flip Ultra at school. Two of my teens attend the school where I work.
    I could use it to capture fun memories of them throughout high school.

  47. So many reasons but mainly I haven't had a video camera in years so I don't have hardly any video of my kids the past 5 years or so which makes me really, really sad.

    And of course you would make my day if I won one!


  48. To record all those spontaneous moments that happen with my kids.

  49. thymeofmylife says

    I'd love to have a Flip to give to my oldest daughter so she could record and send me updates on my first grandson. He's 8 months old and I haven't seen him since the day after he was born. I'm missing all the first, seconds, and thirds…LOL

    Great giveaway and I'm going to try to do the carnivals too

  50. Grand Pooba says

    Well for obvious reasons, in case I'm walking down the street and see Oprah waiting for the bus. Picture time!

  51. I would like to have it to take pictures on my vacation.


  52. I want a flip so I can always have a camera handy… I mean who wants to lug around their dslr to capture all the great moments.. and my dslr don't have video – and video is VERY important to capture all those special moments of the kiddos!!

  53. I would really love to have a Flip so that I could video my son's upcoming High School graduation and my older sons College graduation, both in the same year! I'd love to have a video to record their awesome accomplishments!

  54. I need a FlIP so that I can actually film my kids spontaneously. I have a bulky, huge video camera and always leave it at home.

  55. What a fun giveaway!! I would love one of those little numbers- they are perfectly purse-sized and look so easy to hook up to your computer, no big cords. I'll be back to answer the carnival questions!

  56. I want a flip because the bane of my existence for the past two years has been trying to figure out which cord I need for my full-size digital camera so that I can get all of the videos loaded to my computer. I'm sure it's as simple as one cord, but it's just not that high up on my "to do" list – so my poor videos are just sitting there on little tapes. If I had a flip with the USB attachment and everything built in – moving my videos to my computer and publishing them for the world to see would be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  57. I would love to win a flip because there are dozens of moments every day I want to capture of my children!

  58. With five children being crazy and amazingly cute at any moment I could use an easily portable camera to catch those moments I miss trying to find and prepare my regular video camera.

  59. My 2 yo gives me so many opportunities to "catch" funny stuff but I never have my camera ready. I would LOVE to win a Flip, because as a single mom it is not something I could ever afford to splurge on for myself.

  60. DiPaola Momma says

    My oldest turns 16 this Friday.. OUCH! And it's really rather sad how little video I have of him. I'd love to have a flip cam to catch the rest of the daily joys of being the mom of such a great kid, as well as the moments that make being the mom of all four of my kiddos the best job EVER!

  61. Because there never seems to be a video camera handy when I need one. Like when my kid stuck his finger in a random man's Starbucks drink. Priceless.

  62. Have missed so many milestones because we don't have a video camera. I'm sure there are many more to come though.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  63. I need a camera and video camera all in one. Especially one that is so small!!

  64. pinkveganmiso says

    I need one to document my father-in-law's violent behavior


  65. a more appropriate question would be, "why wouldn't i want a flip?!" i have 4 young kids (2,4,6,8), and anyone in my boat knows that you can never predict a kodak moment. how great that this can travel in my purse at all times! ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. The Flip would make a great gift for my husband!

  67. OMG I totally forgot to answer the question! I really need a FLIP because I don't even have a camera! It broke last Easter and I haven't had a chance to replace it.

    I hope forgetting to answer this morning didn't disqualify me!:)

  68. healingtouch says

    Why do you want a Flip?

    The question is…why "wouldn't" I want a Flip? These are absolutely the coolest little invention that I have seen in a while! Life is full of surprises, so you should always have a FLIP on hand to capture it!

  69. I have a new baby girl and would like to capture all her highlights

  70. My sister got one for her birthday and I SO SO SO want one! Video cameras were so expensive, not to mention big, when my kids were little so I never got into the videotaping thing. Now that they are teens, imagine what I could capture on tape!

  71. I'd love to get a flip. My sister has one and it is the cutest camera I've seen. I'd keep it in my bag for those unforgettable moments you want but never seem to catch because your camera is somewhere else. I'd surely flip if I won one of these.

  72. I'd love to win one of these for my wife. She's mentioned it once or twice and I'd love to surprise her!

  73. Renรฉe aka Mekhismom says

    Flips are the best cameras ever. So easy to use and portable. Love flip!

  74. blueviolet says

    Who wouldn't want a Flip? I've seen the quality in vlogs and it's pretty darn good! It beats the huge camcorder that I'm currently using by a mile, and I would be able to carry it in my purse for those inevitable moments when you want to remember something.

  75. I would love to have one to take video of my kids while they are still young

  76. I want a Flip for all those moments when I say "I wish I had a video camera!". Whether it's my dog or one of my nieces or nephews, there always seems to be someone doing something adorable that I want to capture!

  77. Embellished Bayou says

    I need a flip because I am always forgetting my camera at home! This way I could have one to keep in my purse at all times!

  78. I want a Flip because although I usually have my camera with me, I don't have a video camera outside of the little built-in one on my laptop. Oh, sure, my digital cam takes video too…but the res is kinda lousy, so when I make it big enough to really see, it gets totally pixellated. I would *love* to have point and shoot and plug and play abilities all in one lovely little package!

  79. panamamama says

    They look so cool! I have been looking at them forever. I still have an old tape videocam we never get out…

  80. Peter Schott says

    Biggest reason I'd love to have a Flip is to catch family out-takes quickly. We can kind of do it with the regular camera, but not long clips. The video camera is big and requires tapes. This would fit right into a pocket and be easy to pull out quickly. Thanks.

    paschott [at] gmail [dot] com

  81. HeartsMakeFamilies says

    I love this one. I'm always trying to take pictures. My camera right now isn't doing a great enough job so I need a new one. I'd love this one.

  82. Jonathan and Gina says

    I would love to have a Flip because the still shots of my son are always too early or late. I can find a screen shot to capture just the right pose.

  83. I'd love to have one to be able to capture the things my kids say and do each day!

  84. I want a flip for my upcoming vlog! ๐Ÿ™‚


  85. greedygrace says

    Who wouldn't want a flip??? They're so cool! I want one so I can capture all the moments with my sweet babies!

  86. I want a Flip to record my adorable 5 month old son! I have a large dvd video recorder, but it doesn't fit in my purse so it never gets used and those precious memories don't get recorded!

  87. I want a flip so I can take movies of my dog!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  88. TuTu's Bliss says

    I'm a photography addict and we're really active. I am weaning myself off my full size camera but I regret it everytime whe go on a hike or geocaching and we don't have it. This would be perfect to throw in our pack and capture our adventures.

  89. I live in Arizona and my girlfriend and I often go on hikes through some of the most beautiful landscapes in this great nation. Especially now that the weather has cooled down, we're finding ourselves outdoors nearly every day of the week when we have the time. Having a FLIP would allow me to carry a lightweight device we can use to capture the memories of the treks, the scene, and each other.

    Plus, she'd hog it ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. Oops, forgot to put my email address ๐Ÿ™‚


  91. I want a flip because the only digital video camera I have is on my still camera, and the sound is horrible, and the picture is not good. My kids are growing up, and I need to capture these fun, fun years! I hope I win!

  92. Nicolemiko says

    I want a flip camera because it would be so useful to have a photo/video camera in one that fits inside my purse. With everything else that I have in baby gear to lug around, I hardly feel like toting my DSLR.

  93. If I had a flip I would probably give it to my mom, she always seems to capture all the fun things with the boys, all I would seem to capture is them crying HAHA But it would be nice to have one to slip in my pocket or my purse and just flip it out any ole time!!

  94. Just this weekend, we went to visit my parents. The kids were riding on the zip-line my dad built and I turned to Mike and said, "I wish I had a video camera." Moments like that make me wish I had a Flip in my purse! ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. I NEED a camera to capture all the crazy that is my family!!! and I want to do a VLOG!

  96. The Absence of Alternatives says

    I hope I'm doing this right since I've left a comment on mama kat's site… But I'd like a FLIP for my 6 year-old because he is the most observant and introvert person I know and I would like to find out more about how he sees the world.

  97. I would love a Flip because my husband and I moved across the country from family and friends when our son was 2 1/2 weeks old. He's almost 9 months now and changing so fast, that the Flip would help us capture moments to send to everyone back on the East Coast!

  98. I would love a Flip because my husband and I moved across the country from family and friends when our son was 2 1/2 weeks old. He's almost 9 months now and changing so fast, that the Flip would help us capture moments to send to everyone back on the East Coast!

  99. To capture the things that film or digital cameras don't: the sound of my niece's laughter, the sight of our dogs romping, my sweetheart's grace when he is walking around our property unaware that I'm watching him.

    wordygirl (at) earthlink (dot) net

  100. Just so that I can tell my kids Mom's NOT a tech alien! and use it to capture their expression when they see what I'm holding.

  101. My mother in law was showing home videos of my husband and his siblings and we realized how few videos we have of our own children. This in in part due to the fact that our video camera is large and cumbersome. I could keep the flip in my purse with me so I could use it much more often, preserving those priceless memories.

  102. parentingBYdummies says

    I want a flip b/c my other one is broken and taking the batteries out for 48 to 72 hours is bull crap and it worked like one time, you know to tease me, and then went back to it's dumb old frozen-screened self. So, I need a new flip to record all of the funny videos of the dudes telling jokes, doing puppet shows, kicking amazing soccer goals, and breaking boards with their feet. You know you don't want to miss that!

  103. I want a Flip because I want to use it to record happy moments in my life.

  104. I love the idea of having a flip that is so convenient. I can keep it in my purse to capture all the stuff that the kids do. I always wish that I had it with me. When the good stuff comes up, I never seem to have it!

  105. Honey Mommy says

    I want a flip because my boys are so stinking cute! I don't actually own a video camera… just a little camera that takes short movies. This would be so awesome to capture all those little moments while my little guys are still little!

  106. Julie Vineyard says

    These look so cool!

  107. I want one because we're considering going overseas for a year, so we need compact everything!

  108. Peterson Family says

    What a great giveaway!

    I need one of those with three kids! My video camera is one of the old, huge ones! I need a newer, hip one that fits in my purse to capture all these moments!

  109. We have a dementor from Harry Potter, a witch, and Ariel from the Little Mermaid we could be filming at our house.

    Don't worry I don't make my kids homemade costumes either though it would save tons of money. I am just learning to sew now so I vow next year to sew each of my children a costume of their choice.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    comichelle51 at hotmail dot com

  110. Amy Whitley says

    This year I'd be recording a Sirius Black, a ninja, and an Indian!

  111. awilkerson says

    I would give it to my husband for Christmas–he loves this kind of thing!!

  112. I have long wnated a flip. I really want to start vlogging, and it would be SO much easier to do with a flip!

  113. I would love to have this. i love photgraphy but I would love to have something that small for videos. It's something small enough to put in my purse.


  114. I would LOVE a flip! I have a new baby and feel like I am always missing "that perfect moment" with all three of my boys. If I had a flip to stash in my purse I could capture so many more great times with them! Thank you for the opportunity!

  115. I have wanted a FLIP camera since I first heard of them…I would love to have one to video my kids more because the one I have is slightly outdated! ๐Ÿ˜€

  116. Kenny and Jen says

    I want a Flip so I can record my 3 month old. It would be perfect just to throw in the diaper bag and have ready all the time.

  117. Mandy from Burkett Blessings says

    I would love to have this camera. I have a little Kodak that I keep in my car for quick pics of the kids, but to have one like this -SO NICE – would be AWESOME!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  118. I'd love to have a Flip so I can take video of my son and upload it to the web for his grandparents to see!

    rsbryswrrl at gmail dot com

  119. I'm not sure if this entry is too late….but, that's me these days, behind a day or five….haha. I think owning a Flip would make my inpatient a lot more interesting! I can record the overly interesting nurse daily duties from my bed, take pictures of my fabulous accommodations etc…more importantly, it'll help me keep in touch with family and friends a little easier! The flip is small, compact and looks super easy to use based on description, so it's perfect for hospital documentation! :0)

  120. I would love the Flip because it would be so much easier to upload pictures to my computer than my current video camera!

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  121. Raise Them Up says

    Wow! I would love to be able to fit one of these in my pocket or purse! The camera I have now is HUGE and BULKY and pretty tough to cart around.

  122. Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge says

    I want a Flip Video camera because I am about to have another baby and my stupid Sony Hi-8 VHS camcorder is ancient! I need some new technology!!

  123. I want a flip because we are moving cross-country from our families with the military next year, and I'd love to show them some of the things we are doing when they can't be there with us!

  124. Army Wife Quilter says

    i have four great kids that i need great memories catchers for.

    love the give away

  125. scrappysue says

    did u see how i was #1 commenter twice there? AND totally forgot to answer the question!

    i ALWAYS have a point and shoot in my bag/purse, but having the flip would make being able to SHARE what i capture so much easier.

    i'd probably have to start tweeting if i won tho eh?

    meh – i could probably do that!!!

  126. I want to share events with my children and this looks like something I can manage easily.

  127. confused..am I suppose to comment on the question post or this post?? I will do it on both ๐Ÿ™‚ I will video my Obi Wan, Butterfly, Stitch, and little mini witch. thanks

  128. luckysunset says

    I want a Flip because I don't have a camcorder and Flip sounds like it is easy to learn to use.

  129. sign me up

  130. thanks for the opp!!! I would love to use for the kids and capture all the great moments !!

  131. Shop with Me Mama says

    Oh how I want this to capture my babies special moments! THanks so much for the chance!! I hope that answered the daily question ๐Ÿ™‚


  132. I would love this to record all our special family memories.

  133. I want a Flip because I can't justify buying a camcorder but … I so need to be able to record some of the hilarious things the wee ones say and do from Little Miss running and sliding on the kitchen floor (on her knees) to Mister Man's very detailed description of his "hilarious" dream. And more.

  134. I work at the grand canyon and a video camera would come in really handy.

  135. i would like to win so we can take real time videos of the kids for the grandparents far away! thanks!

  136. I hope this still counts as an entry…

    I don't just want one, I NEEEEEEED one. I actually take a LOT of videos of Will and his "behaviors" and it would certainly be handier than using up my regular camera all the time. UGH!

  137. JamericanSpice says

    I would like a flip to help capture videos of my kids easier and also to help with my Monday Mingle videos.

  138. Night Owl Mama says

    I'd love to own (win) a FLIP HD because I have a 3 yr old that says the funiest things and I would love to share that on my blog with all my readers

  139. Night Owl Mama says

    I would love to capture us Tpin' a friends house on Halloween and send it to him and his wife for their vacation and arrive home. THey will luv it. LOL

  140. Night Owl Mama says

    I would be recording my children wearing a supergirl costume, my son a lightening mcQueen driver costume and well I bought the baby a doggie costume but the dang thing didn't fit so now I have to go back to the store to pick another.

  141. Very cool! And thanks for a heads-up on the week's carnivals!


  142. I would love a flip so that I can actually record some of the things which happen in my life.

  143. My dad wanted a camcorder, so I thought this would be nice.


  144. I dont have a video camera and could really use one!

  145. I would love this to film my nieces going trick or treating.

  146. Yesterday I was riding my bike and there was this brief bit of trail that was so gorgeous – the light was just right, the trees were in the height of their fall colors, the shadow of me on my bike was beautifully proportioned and I had no way to capture that perfect moment. If I had something compact like this that I could always have with me, even on my bike, some of these perfect moments could be better documented.

  147. this would be perfect to always be able to film the kids doing silly crazy things that kids do!

  148. Bina @ Bina's Pad says

    I would love a Flip as it looks simple, convenient and just a little sassy ๐Ÿ™‚

  149. Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) says

    Why do I want a Flip? Because my thirteen year old son is BEGGING for one. And do you know what it's like when your child wants something (yea, you probably do). They are relentless. They talk about it constantly. They show you every ad and store that is selling them. They give you their Christmas list in October so they make sure you get it before the stores sell out…

    I'm exhausted. I don't just want a Flip, I NEED a Flip!

  150. Katie, Kevin and kids says

    We would love to have a FLIP to record all the firsts and favorite moments with our 3 little ones.

  151. I'd love a flip because I am addicted to taking pictures!

  152. A flip would rule because our current digital camera is getting old. 6 years!

  153. I broke my camera and it has tape holding it together.

  154. I would love to have a Flip because kids grow up so fast, and having something handy to take videos would be awesome!!!
    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  155. I would love a flip because I've been find my video camera to be unruly to deal with.

  156. I would love a flip because I already carry my camera everywhere with me, but it's getting a little beat up… it would be WONDERFUL to have a smaller one for on the go memories!

  157. Oh I would just LOVE a Flip camera to capture all the amazing moments in my 2 1/2 year old's life! Furthermore, I am going to start taking pictures professionally to earn extra money for my household! We sure need it!


  158. Prost to the Host says

    Why would I NOT want a flip?? haha. I could use it on site when I am out with my brides or shopping and click a picture of something for an upcoming event.

  159. I'd love to have a Flip just to capture loved ones voices/laughs/faces on "tape" to have forever… even after they're gone. I recently lost my Granny, one of my best friends in the world, and I would give anything to have more audio visual memories of her. I miss her every day! Thanks so much for the chance!

  160. I'd like to win so I can make some videos over the holidays.

  161. I want a Flip because you guys are making it seem so cool. Plus my husband is a gadget freak and it seems like it would be great to take on vacations!

  162. I would love this to send videos of our children to my husband deployed overseas.

  163. Janna @ Feed Your Pig says

    I want a flip so I can video my dog acting like a freak on a leash!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  164. Mommy 2 Bears says

    I'm like you and my camera goes with me every where. I'd love for the cute shots of my girls to be video rather than stills. Because they say funny things too.

  165. I want a Flip because I like that's it's small and slim enough to put in my purse.

  166. I want this camera to give to my 18 year old daughter.

  167. I want a Flip b/c I want a video camera bad!

    stanleychicken at gmail dot com

  168. I want this camera because I went to see U2 earlier this summer and my terrible camera took terrible pictures. It was embarrassing and the pictures look horrible. I can't do that again.


  169. Id love to win this because its portable and you can capture those unplanned events or cute moments ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. I'd love to have a flip because it is a great size to carry with you so you can catch all those great moments you would otherwise miss. Also we don't have a video camera so this would be great.

  171. I want a Flip because I didn't have a video camera when my children were little but maybe I can get videos of the grandkids. Something that small I can keep at hand for those special moments.

  172. Special moments only happen once either at home or a vacation.

  173. it just looks cool!

  174. I would love to own a flip because I have never had one. Its small enough to carry in my purse. Something I can use when I want to preserve memories thank you


  175. less bulky than my old cam

  176. I want it for my husband, he is an avid blogger and would have so much fun with video!

  177. I want one because with 3 young kids (1 newborn) there are so many moments I don't want to forget.

  178. i'd like one for the holidays, be interesting to look back on them – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  179. If I owned a Flip video camera I would use it for thanksgiving for sure.

  180. I would love to own a Flip video camera so I can capture holiday and birthday moments. Thanks – vitanuova1@yahoo.com

  181. I always hoped I would be one of those moms who had video of their children's special moments in life, and sadly, I am not that mom. BUT, if I had a camera that small and precious that I could take with me everywhere, you can be I would become one of those moms pretty darn quick.

  182. I'd wanted a Flip cam ever since I first heard of them a few years ago. I've never had a camcorder, and I plan on doing some traveling soon, so it would be so great to have to take along! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  183. maweisberg says

    i want to win this

  184. i want a flip to give to my friend, shes been dying for one.. perfect xmas gift!


  185. I want to win so I can tape things when I'm traveling. That way I can relive my favorite times.

  186. I want a flip so I can record my kids especially my daughter's horse riding lessons — before they get older and don't want me around taking video and photos ๐Ÿ™‚


  187. Happi Shopr says

    I want to win the flip because I want to be able to capture every moment possible with my dad who is battling colon cancer. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  188. The Flip would be great to have since it's small in size so that I can have it with me all the time and catch great moments! Also, it's so easy to upload on the computer to share with family and friends!

  189. Thursday's question: If I owned a flip, I would be recording my teen who is going to be a Knight in Shining Armor, and my toddler who is going to be a dragonasaurus.

    Thank you.

  190. I don't have a video camera! The FLIP would be great! We are finally getting to go on a nice vacation cruise next mouth and would love to take this with us! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

  191. I'm Anitra! says

    We are holding our camera together with tape at this point! It's pretty sad and kind of embarrasing. A video camera is a must have when you have small children. Great giveaway.

  192. I want a flip to record holidays.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  193. Mommy 2 Bears says

    To capture all the funny things my kids do. Or my husband who every comes first.

  194. With five children being crazy and amazingly cute at any moment I could use an easily portable camera to catch those moments I miss trying to find and prepare my regular video camera.

  195. msjazzyfresh says

    I have 3 kids, I need an easy way to capture these memories!

  196. This would be ideal for my husband, he travels all over the world and is gone weeks/months at a time. He could film himself as and we could see his travels

  197. With X-mas approaching this would make a fine present. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  198. I want a flip to video my kitty, wildlife, my son, and anything else that strikes my fancy!

  199. I need a new camera! I think a flip would be perfect and it would fit in my purse! how cool would that be?

  200. I would LOVE one of these cameras. I would flip for a flip! ๐Ÿ˜€


  201. Friday entry! Happy Halloween! I am making rice krispy treats and decorating them with candy pumpkins and candy corn! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

  202. I would take pictures and videos of the wildlife in preserve near me. I am planning on making a website of the preserve for the community and would love to post these on it.

  203. Ryan Ashley Scott says

    I want a flip because I can't fit our old camcorder in my purse and I keep missing video ops of my son doing cute things. Just the other day, he was dancing with the dog. Okay, so the dog didn't think it was cute – but it really was.

  204. I would love a Flip because I know how much fun they are and easy to use. I had a wonderful Flip that my husband bought me but someone broke into my car and stole my purse which of course had my Flip and digital camera in it. I lost many months of pictures and video. Would love to be able to start capturing new memories.


  205. cpsnsamples says

    would love to have this for my grandaughter


  206. I want a Flip video camera so I'll be ready for Christmas pictures.

  207. I think It would be so easy to have it in my purse. This way I would never miss a cute child moment.
    studio869 at yahoo dot com

  208. I want to film my kids. <3


  209. I would like a flip because I don't currently have a video camera and they look so much more convenient than the old style.

  210. Jackee Ann says

    Great contest, I would love on of these to capture the holidays with this year.
    happeejackee at gmail dot com

  211. I have 4 kids and 1 on the way and I never take my VC anywhere b/c it is sooo big and bulky. I would love to have the Flip b/c it is slim and I can just leave it in my bag and I'll always have it with me b/c can't leave home without the diaper bag. With a Flip I would never miss those special moments and I could stop saying "Man, I wish I had my camera right now". Plus, since I'm video illiterate and can't figure out how to post videos I love that the Flip is sooo super easy to upload.

  212. To record my twins milestones ๐Ÿ™‚

  213. because, because, because, because of the wonderful things it does.

    there are countless pictures that need to be taken and my bignfancy isn't easy to toss into a bag.

  214. to record memories!


  215. Mommy 2 Bears says

    I want a flip to capture the moments that one day I'll miss with my kids. Also to get my Mom making a fool to entertain them.

  216. Sara @ Domestically Challenged says

    Because my husband has been hinting at one for over a year! He is dying for one!