Feel Better Friend ~ A New Facebook Application!

Have you all heard of the new app, Feel Better Friend?  Feel Better Friend is a seriously fun and FREE new Facebook Application by the makers of Vicks VapoRub®. It’s a way to let your friends and family that are feeling under the weather know you are thinking of them.  How do they know?  Why they get a virtual care package on Facebook, that’s how!

Making a virtual care package is SO easy.

First, go to the Feel Better Friend application on Facebook and click “Create a FBF Gift Box”.


Next, follow the directions for creating your FBF Gift box.  The application allows you to type in your friends name, but it also lists friends of yours that have a status update that says they are under the weather.  So, even if you don’t know of anyone off the top of your head that is feeling sick, the FBF application will find someone for you.  And, yes, it will be someone you know.  {wink}

Now you need to add an item to the care package.  Roll the die and different funny videos on different topics will appear.  Pick your favorite funny video for your friend and your work is almost done.

Preview and Send!

And lastly, one of the best parts of the virtual care package is that you can request that other Facebook Friends add something to the care package.  Say you choose 50 common friends to add something to the package?  That’s 50 funny videos, and who wouldn’t feel better after that?

I highly recommend the Feel Better Friend  Facebook Application.  I just sent my sister my first one.  It includes directions for making a Christmas Cake in Chinese with a poodle as an assistant.  I’ll let you know what her reaction is next time.

Disclosure:  This post was written/sponsored in conjunction with my role as a Vick’s Blogger.  Isn’t this new Facebook App fabulous?  Just visit the Vicks VapoRub Facebook Page and get started sending out Virtual Care packages.

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  1. this sounds to be a good app…will check it out..thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a really cute idea! So much better than just clicking the like button.