Favorite Shoes

Let’s talk shoes.

I need to escape my life for a bit and thought this was the perfect subject. I mean, what else do I have to talk about anyway?

Sadly, I didn’t even come up with this idea on my own. My brain is THAT over taxed.

The idea was Mannequins’ of Fractured Toy .

I used to like shoes a lot more. Now I’m happy with a few basic pairs and I don’t go much for “fun” shoes. Except for these:
These are currently my favorite shoes. First of all, they are comfortable. They look amazingly adorable on, and they are red. Well, reddish orange which is so my color. And, they look so great with jeans or this cute black and white skirt that I have. This pair falls into my “fun” category. These are as wild and crazy as my shoes get!

These are my winter time going-out-can be worn with jeans or a skirt shoes that never let me down.

Summer time shoe that fall into the same category as the above.

I lived in these last winter. Oh so comfy. I’m all about comfort. And that’s why if I had to chose only one pair of shoes to own, they’d be these:

Yep, flip flops.
I live in them during the summer. Since I have a aversion to socks and lace up shoes (except for the occasional exercising), these are the perfect fit. They never squish my toes or make my back ache because there is a heel and I have terrible posture. I don’t have to worry about spending too much on them or worry that they are getting undo wear. Once they die, they are easy to replace.
What are your favorite shoes?

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  1. Great shoes. Love the red-orange ones…so cute. πŸ™‚

  2. it would be WAY too hard for me to pick out favorites after i just went through all of my shoes to get rid of all of them except 25 pairs. i can’t do it.

    i would however have to put my uggs at the top of the list. my pink pair. fo’shizzle!

  3. Since I love shoes too, I don’t just have “a” favorite pair but think I can pare it down to categories: summer, every day – flip-flops; summer, kinda going out (shopping or to get lunch with my hubby)- a goldish, brushed gold colored wedges with buckle, x-straps; summer, going to church or on an evening date with my hubby – black strappy slip-on heels (can’t do too high heels, too unsafe), and winter – my fuzzy, sheepdog-like boots or tall, black zip-up boots. Kinda sad, isn’t it, to love shoes so much? πŸ™‚ But I call myself a recovering shoe-a-holic. Still love em, just don’t buy em often anymore.

  4. Shoes are so personal!

    My leather sandals that look sort of like brown Tevas, Lands End slip ons, and Clarks clogs. Oh, and the black high heeled ones that make me look tall and a bit thinner.

  5. Flip Flop Fanatic here!

  6. I LOVE my flip flops and Tennis shoes πŸ™‚ The red shoes in the picture look cute! Wish my size 15 in womens would fit in those!

  7. mommaof4wife2r says

    i am a shoe-a-holic angie! love this ‘stolen’ idea! i might have to do it sometime!

    as for socks…yucko!!! i want my shoes with open toes…problem, we live where it snows…a lot! cute shoes btw!

  8. Oh, I need to blog about this…and the 3 pairs of shoes I actually own. I pretty much live in flips flops over the summer..then I wear clown gym shoes…lol!

  9. I so hate shopping that I barely have any. Plus, I have really big, wide chubby feet that can’t do anything “cutesy”.
    I have my crocq knock-offs that have been on me feet probably way too much. I even wear them at work when I’m in scrubs, and even sometimes when I’m not.
    I have one pair of running shoes that will see me through the majority of the winter. Yes, in Canada. lol I HATE boots and would usually rather freeze than where them. I drive my husband crazy.
    I have one pair of black Dr.Scholl’s lace-ups that go with pretty much anything.
    In my next life I want cute little feet.

  10. OH how fun. I do love shoes but rarely buy new ones as I can be very picky and indecisive when it comes to shoes. I did a post once on my favorite traveling shoes, yep, I have shoes I use for traveling only.

    I have to tell you those red one’s…super cute, love them!

  11. Straight to Your Hart says

    Love the red!! I am pretty bad about shoes…I see them in the store and ooo so cute..get them home and half the time..what was I thinking?? I have very odd feet..one is a size 3 (kids or 5 adult) the other a size 6! But alas it has NOT stopped me from looking or buying. My tastes are similar to yours..and it truly is about comfort!

  12. I’m a flops girl, myself.

  13. Oh my head…girl, I am totally doing a shoe post later on this week. And I may have to link you on it, ’cause yours will be better than mine. ‘Cause your shoes are cuter. Darnit.

  14. Love the UGGS… I just got a greta pair of KEEN boots for my birthday, my husband bought them for me even though he thought they were ugly as sin… I am a mother of 3 so I kinda know where you are coming from, I used to have a HUGE shoe collection, all kinds for all kinds of outfits, but it just seems like I stick to my few tried and true favorites, occasionally adding a new pair here or there…

  15. FLIP FLOPS!! Definitely, I love those the most πŸ˜€

  16. sassy stephanie says

    Love those sassy reds. I have been known (MORE than once) to buy some wild shoes then later find an outfit to wear with it.

    UGGS…love. I have the originals and don’t care if they are “out”. They totally rock.

    Flip flops are a year round staple in the Texas heat.

  17. Oh I love shoes too and those are all adorable. I can’t have fun shoes anymore b/c pregnancy made my wide feet even wider.

    I hope that your life gets back to normal again soon. Sending you (((((hugs)))))

  18. Love the red and the summer black ones!

    I wear flip-flops from April to October so I know what you mean about those.

    I have a black pair of wedge sandals that are my favorite right now…

  19. I live in flip flops almost the entire year. In January, I switch to funky toe socks and my warm, fuzzy lined, clog-type slip ons.

    What a fun post!

  20. Hello! First of all, I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I love it! Keep it up!

    I am ashamed to say that my favorite shoes are my Crocs. (gasp!) Oh so ugly, ugly, ugly. But, they are easy to put on and off, they stay on my feet no problem, and when my baby vomits on them, I can just pop them in the wash, and voila!

    Even worse is that, in the winter time, I often wear them with those thick, fuzzy socks that you can buy at Costco. Oh the shame!!

  21. I have the same aversion to socks and tie up shoes.
    Love those red shoes and I live in flip flops all summer and for as long as I can stand to wear them into the fall.
    I have some slip on shoes made by Clark’s that are oh so comfortable. I tend to wear those a lot in the cooler months. I have a couple fun pair of shoes from my pre-Mommy days, but I am thinking I need to indulge in some fun new shoes when the budget allows for it.

  22. I LOVE shoes! Especially ones with 4″ stiletto heels. I feel short in my ballet flats.

  23. Shoes just amaze me! I was thinking about them (oh how pathetic) last week and thinking that for SOME reason, they are as personal as lingerie.
    It’s kind of like a mystery, what we stash in the closet. Shoes really do tell a lot about a person and you Angie dear, are your shoes!
    I like the 2nd pr. (the brown heels). I just KNEW you had cute shoes!

  24. I just bought these little suedey like brown flats from Target that have flowers embroidered on them. Re-readin what I typed, they sound hokey, but they’re adorable!

  25. I totally need some new shoes! I was looking at my sad shoe collection thinking how I bought most of them more than 10 years ago! I live in my crocs most of the time. They are soooo comfy and easy to clean. Ugly or not, I love them!

  26. I am Arizona; a person, not a place. says

    I recently bought a pair of Columbia mary jane’s and I love them. They’re really comfy and go with almost everything.

  27. Those are very different shoes.
    I love them all.

  28. Crazymamaof6 says

    totally cute shoes! all of them!
    i love my crocs flip flops.
    they aren’t spectacular looking, but they make my feet not hurt. i used to buy tons of shoes but changing shoe sizes with pregnancies killed it. there just isn’t anything that cute in a 12 wide.

  29. the schirano triplets says

    i LOVE shoes. but sadly the only things that my feet see anymore are flip flops when its warm and uggs when its cold. every once in a while i will put on a fun pair of shoes. but definitely not often enough.

  30. I have a little shoe addiction, but you will most often find me wearing my croc flip flops. They are so comfy.

    Now to convince myself it’s time to let go of all the pre-pregnancy shoes that no longer fit me and move on.

  31. Love those red shoes!

    I USED to have lots of fun shoes. Now it’s all black or running shoes.

    I think I need to go shopping.

  32. Seems like I spend a lot of time in my running shoes, but my favorite shoes would have to be my high-heeled black boots. (Although I just went shoe-shopping for my new job and had a ton of fun getting a few cute pairs. Fun post, Angie.)

    By the way, I’m launching “My One Month” over at my blog today, if you get a chance to stop by and check it out. πŸ™‚

  33. Dansko closed back clogs! Each pair costs more than I typically spend on an entire outfit, but I’ve been able to avoid the podiatrist ever since I began wearing them! My favorite ones right now are black patent leather, but I’m hoping they’ll broaden out to kelly green! (They do make red, Angie!)

  34. Yay for shoes! I am addicted although I’ve had to cut back since becoming a SAHM.

    I also love your red ones. I’d be wearing those every opportunity I had. I am totally a flip flop girl too. Even in this crazy CO weather.

    I am totally going to steal your stolen idea! I will be sure to link back to you and to Mannequin!

  35. Are You Serious! says

    β™₯ I love shoes! I dig the flip flops too and I love your summer time wegde Espridelles if that's what and how they're spelled! πŸ™‚

  36. i think we have some of the same pairs of shoes!
    i have the brown ugg’s, the red peep toe heels, and the brown heels. of course we all need the black flip flops!
    i used to buy shoes a lot more too. I just found that there were too many choices, and it was too overwhelming for me to choose!
    they are so fun though.
    I actually saw a pair of yellow shoes i have been thinking about. i have never had yellow shoes though…

  37. Shoes are the one thing I will splurge on. I love ridiculous shoes. I’m not a sensible shoe person. I don’t wear flip flops because the toe thing bugs me, but I have several slip on ones similar to flips. Our weather makes me have normal shoes. BUT……. as Steve loves the non sensible ones, too, I usually get them. But then I have to wear them. 4 inches is as high as I go. What a cute fun post.

  38. I don’t think I have enough fashion sense to be a shoe person. I’m wondering if I have a ‘fun’ pair like your red ones, hmmmmm

  39. LOVE shoes! Love seeing YOUR shoes! LOVE flip flops.. seriously… are they not the most comfortablr shoes ever?

    Some current favs on my list:

    my dansko’s
    my REEF’s
    my fatbaby’s (see my blog)
    of course
    my FLIP FLOPS!!!


    I’m considering Ugg’s.. love yours!

    Have a great day!

  40. The only pair I’d take off your hands are the UG’s. I too, love boots. Of all the shoes in my closet, only my slip on Chaco’s get worn on a daily basis. I love flip flops, but they don’t have enough support, and my legs end up aching. I did just find an awesome pair of Rocket dog’s that are clogs for the winter. Looking forward to wearing those out, instead of my slippers.

  41. I think the boots. Where did you find them? I have to find a nice looking pair for this winter. Something I don’t have to lace up, that I know can look good without having to see them. :)Since I won’t be able to:):)

  42. I am a flip flop girl too. I was raised in Ft. Lauderdale.. so of course I am for anything that is quick to get on and off and won’t make my feet sweat. LOL

    LOVE those red shoes!

    I do want to know how on earth you can run after the twins in those wedges though! LOL

  43. Live.Love.Eat says

    This is too funny!!!!!!! Remember I said this once it comes to Wordful Wednesday this week. You will see why. But I live in flip flops especially here in FL. Come Dec & Jan I wear boots here & there!

  44. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Yes very good idea. I love shoes, so I need to do this blog sometime. My favorites are flip flops. I love my flip flops! i wear them even when it’s to cold to wear them.

  45. I used to LOVE shoes…I had so many of them. I guess I still do love them, but it seems I stick to flip flops most often. I mean it is soooo hot, that it is really the only thing I can wear. Except for date night. I reserve my cute shoes for date night!

  46. Now that I’m home and don’t wear my fancy work shoes, I must say that I’ve worn two pairs of shoes this summer….my Chaco flip flops and my tennis shoes! I do love stylish shoes, but don’t have the need for them now!

  47. I too have an aversion to socks and lace up shoes! LOL!!! Can not do it.

  48. 4 Little Men and Twins says

    LOVE the red shoes! πŸ™‚


  49. I’m with you on the no laces. My favorite pair are a brown pair of ugly slip-ons that are now 5 years old. Unfortunately I have no worn through the bottoms so it is time to replace them.

  50. I LOVE tennis shoe mules. And boots. My favs.

  51. Flip flops… leather ones. My toes like to breathe!

  52. Love the red ones. And the brown ones. Aw, I love em all. Especially flip flops. I live in flip flops.

  53. Since I am on my feet all day.. I usually wear Nike or New Balance. But in the summer I do love me some flip flops..

  54. Cute shoes. I think I like the red ones best too, although I also like the black wedgies. My favorite shoes are a pair of Italian-looking loafers. I like the because they are sort of a cross between black and brown, so they can sort of pass for either one.

    I am all about comfy shoes, so I buy ones that I like and then just wear the heck out of them. But I’m the opposite of you – I LOVE socks with my shoes. The really thin ones, but my feet sweat – ugh and I need something to keep them from sticking to the shoes.

  55. Great post idea!
    Great shoes!

    And I ABSOLUTELY second flip-flops as a first choice.

  56. I love love shoes, but these days it’s all about flats and comfort! I am all about my 8 million pairs of flip flops!

  57. Casey's trio says

    Love the summer time wedges….I am all about the flip-flops too!

  58. I believe that it is hard to be unhappy when you are wearing red shoes! πŸ™‚
    I happen to be a real shoe fanatic, and my favorites are the really expensive and beautiful pairs that I can’t afford but sometimes feel a need for. I do love a good flip-flop though…usually of the Teva or Reef type. I also love a sassy stiletto…it just makes me feel powerful. But, for my daily life, a cute ballet flat has to work!

  59. Your photos aren’t loading and it’s really bothering me!!! There are pictures of SHOES for heavens sake and I want to see them!!!

    Love shoes too! Never was a big shoe girl till after my divorce and I had a whole empty side of a closet to fill and some money to burn and I thought….hmmmm…..shoes….

    And now I can’t get enough of them! I love the way I can wear a plain white shirt but my bright yellow strappy peep toes and suddenly it’s an OUTFIT :)!

    I’ll just sit here waiting patiently for shoe pictures….

    ooh! I see them now. Like a moth to a flame I tell ya….

  60. WheresMyAngels says

    I’m a Born girl, all my shoes are that brand and I hardly ever stray from them.

  61. Good N Crazy says

    I’m with you on the flip flops.

    I do have a pair of ‘dressy’ flops though, with a bit of a heal, and black. LOVE them the MOST. except right after the surgery. HATED them. Back to loving them now.

  62. It’s almost time to change my shoes out to winter boots πŸ™ I love those red shoes so cute!

  63. Oh and I wish I could wear flat flip flops with my jeans. Your tall.

  64. Flip flops. For sure. I think I own about two dozen pair. At least. And when I see a new color I don’t have, I can’t resist. I wear them in the winter. Like a moron. Whatever.

    I need some Uggs. Clearly.

  65. Cute post! Flip flops or my walking shoes.

  66. Cute shoes you have. In the summer I usually wear my birkenstocks…they’re ugly but sooo comfy!! Winter I wear my nikes or boots.

  67. I don’t really do shoes. Hubby is the same height as me so high heels are NOT allowed, they make him feel short.
    I pretty much live in Dansko clogs. I have a couple pair. They’re the most comfy things ever… Hubby thinks they’re ugly, but I so don’t care.

  68. My “Havianna” Flip Flops are my favorite.

    I also have a pair of wedge sandals that make me tall and don’t hurt my feet!

  69. love the red ones

  70. GREAT shoes!!!!

    I see you so often on so many blogs I frequent that I finally figured I should pop over and say “hi”.
    LOVE your blog:)
    So pretty!

  71. I love shoes!!! I love my flip flops, crocs, and just bare feet too!!

    I have such a problem shopping though for shoes and wide feet. The two just do not mix.

  72. What a fun blog! I’m with you on keeping the basics. The good thing about that is that your shoe choice is easy.
    I couldn’t read your blog for a couple days not sure what happened. Glad to be connected back to your site!

  73. blueviolet says

    What the heck? Why do those winter boots that you lived in all last year look like they were just taken out of the box from the store? I object.

  74. Sarah Brooks says

    Yes, I also LOVE the flip-flop for all the same reasons you listed. I use to own about 65 pair of shoes (no joke) but then I started having kids and also became way more interested in comfort above all else. I LOVE the redish orange ones you posted. I wish I could find something like that in my size. Sadly I wear a child’s size 1 and so I am really just trying to find something without Dora on it. Grrrr! Not as easy as it may sound.

  75. I love me some flip-flops too…I’d wear them year round if it wasn’t for that nasty white stuff that is around here for 6 long horrible months.

    I would love to get a nice pair of heels but the most I get to go out is for groceries of McDonald’s with the kids.

  76. I’ve got to tell you. I LOVE MY UGGS! They are the bets things I’ve ever purchased..

  77. I love your red sandals!! Ther are reall every day sassy shoes!! I love my heeled flip flops as well….and some cute new tangerine walking shoes with pink piping!! LOVE them!

  78. love the red ones