{Favorite Mommy Moment}

One of my favorite things about being a mommy is:

Watching them {my children} enjoy some of the fun perks in life, like here. 

The laughter kills me. 

In a good way.

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  1. So cute, and so brave. You too!!

  2. I’m dying. My husband was on my computer this morning and he must have done something to mess up my function keys. I cannot get the volume to turn on! He sure looked cute, though!

  3. I think Masaru would really like this.
    I think they had it in Bountiful but there was like an hour wait and we couldn’t be bothered with that LOL
    It looks like it was worth it for you guys though.

  4. Hey Sweet Friend,
    You site is so cute and clever and oh so goodlooking… as in sleek and chic! When are the conferences?? If they’re in Utah I will be there! Tell me tell me. Or I will look em up!

  5. That is adorable! But I think I would be terrified to try that. Not sure what my kids would think…could go either way.

  6. Those things are sooooo much FUN!!! He has the cutest laugh EVAR 😀

    I hopped on one of those at the Renaissance Festival we went to in October. I have to admit, I did more screaming than laughing!!! haha

    I have a video you can see here: http://www.wayfaringwanderer.com/2009/11/eat-drynk-be-merrie.html

  7. we’ve always been too cheap to let the kids do that, but after watching that, I may have to rethink my cheapness. he looks like he had a blast!

  8. That is the best!!

  9. Laughter like that is the BEST! Just melts my heart! Adorable.

  10. Hi!

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  11. I agree. Witnessing the hysterical laughter is one of the best moments. Tristan is a bit older than yours and I probably wouldn’t be able to get him to do that. That’s awesome.

  12. OMG, that was awesome! Although, in the middle there… .when the guy was flipping him, I couldn’t tell if he was terrified or going to hurl.

    Justine 😮 )

  13. That laugh is the sweetest!

  14. He’s adorable! I love it!!!

  15. Wow, look at him fly!! He has no fear!! I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until the end of the video!!!