Faux Spaghetti & Meatball Cake

#3 had his Blue & Gold Dinner last night for Cub Scouts.  It’s a tradition in most dens or packs to have the boys bring an originally decorated cake as dessert for the dinner.

Once again {like with the Pinewood Derby} we scrambled to throw something together that looked and tasted decent.

I loved the way Garrett’s Faux Spaghetti & Meatball cake turned out.

The cake was so easy to make and so self explanatory that I didn’t take pictures during the process, although now I wish I had.

Here’s how we did it:

1. We mixed up a boxed cake mix according to the instructions on the box.  We used a white cake mix, but you could use any flavor.  We baked the cake directly in a bowl that is oven safe.  Since the bowl was deeper than most cake pans, it took longer to cook than the directions on the box specified.  I’d just recommend watching the cake.  I think ours took an extra 10 minutes.

2.  We let the cake cool (covered) overnight.

3.  We made up a batch of rice crispy treats using cocoa crisps instead of rice crispy’s.  We spread out the mixture in a 9×13 pan.  When the mixture had cooled enough to shape into balls we used about half the mixture to make balls which became the “meatballs”.

Rice Crispy Treats

  • 1/4 butter
  • 6 cups cereal
  • 6 cups marshmallows
  • {melt butter and marshmallows in stock pot.  Remove from heat and mix in cereal.  Let cook in 9×13 pan.}

4.  We emptied most of a container of store bought frosting (the rest of the frosting he smoothed over the top of the cake) into a baggy, snipped the end of the bag and then piped the frosting onto the top of the cake to look like noodles.

5.  We added dollops of homemade strawberry jam to the top of the cake and then arranged the cocoa crispy treats on top of that.

The cake was super easy to make, tasted pretty good and is original, if nothing else.  I used store bought items, but think how much better it would be made from scratch!

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  1. Wow! That is super cute.

  2. very cute cake idea and we are doing snake cake this year

  3. holy crap that is so cool!

  4. Unicyclerose says

    That is genius! I absolutely LOVE it ;0)

  5. Cute, and also a little eww! My boys would love this.

  6. Awesome. Slightly ew at the same time like Trippin’ Mama says, but that makes it more awesome too.

  7. That is very cute!!! I bet the kids loved it.

  8. Such a cute idea … totally pinning this now 🙂

  9. What an awesome idea! Love those Rice Krispie Treat meatballs – I’d rather have those than the real thing any day! 🙂

    p.s. as you requested – I finally posted some pics from my NYC adventure. 🙂

  10. DARLING cake. So creative, just what the cub scout cakes should be. I will definitely file that idea away for…. let’s see…. 6 years from now!

    And Happy Birthday Emma!

  11. Oh my goodness how cute is this!!! I love this idea, thanks for sharing!!! I may have to do this sometime soon! It’s too cute!

  12. Looks pretty real! I’m sure everyone loved it!

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