Fall Fashion Live Chat

Some of you may recall that I’m a Community Leader in the Savvy Living Community over on The Blog Frog.  What that means is that I get to have an active roll in the discussions that are going on in the community, AND I get to co-host live chats.  Plus, I get to invite you to join me there!  {If you haven’t yet, please do!  You’ll find tons of great discussions and amazing couponing tips and tricks if that’s your thing!}

I LOVE the live chats in the Savvy Living Community because a lot can be said in a short period of time with a lot of people, or even just a few.  Live chats function very much like Twitter Parties, except there is no need for #hashtags and/or special platforms to view the party in order to lessen the “noise” that’s found on Twitter.

This month I am co-hosting a live chat about Fall Fashion with Amanda from Parenting by Dummies, Kristin from Bon Bon Rose Girls and Allie and Laura from ebates.  We’ll be talking about things like:

  • Favorite Fall Trends
  • Favorite Fall Collections
  • Favorite Online Shopping Haunts
  • Fall Fashion Inspirations
  • Favorite Celebrity Styles
  • Fall “it’ colors like Bordeaux & Pumpkin
  • Must have’s for Fall
  • Favorite Fall accessories

We may even be asking questions like:

  • If you could buy one handbag and one pair of shoes for fall, what would they be?

And there will be giveaways.  $500 worth of giveaways!  {score!}  Hoorary for fun, free, stuff!  The best part about the Live Chats is that nothing is set in stone and the flow of the conversation is always very organic and never seems “pushed”.

So, if Fall Fashion is your thing, I’d urge you to join us {tonight}, Tuesday, September 13th at 8 PM EST(that’s 5 PM for all my West Coast friends)!

Consider this your official invitation! Just click this link at the appointed time or bookmark the page for easier access!

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  1. Oooohhh… I just LOVE fall!! I’ve seen tweets about the Savvy Living community, but to be honest I’ve never used BlogFrog. But if we’re talking about fall fashions – I’ll be there! 😉