Iderma Skin Care System Giveaway-$100

I was in my 30’s before I realized how VERY important proper skin care was for the health of my skin.

It’s not that I lived in a bubble and didn’t know that it was important:   my grandma drilled the importance of  it into my head, so I was well aware.  She told me repeatedly how crucial it was to wash and moisturize my face daily with quality products.  I just didn’t listen.  I thought my youthful skin would last forever.

When I was a teenager, I had a tendency towards an oily T-zone and so I thought that moisturizer would only make my skin oilier.  So, I didn’t use it.  Half the time I even fell into bed without washing my face at all.

As I mentioned, the light came on around the time I entered my 30’s.  Suddenly my skin was really dry and I noticed fine lines around my eyes.  I developed a desire to keep my face looking healthy and keep those lines at bay.  I started buying skin care SYSTEMS and was amazed at the difference a little cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing made.

Now that my oldest needs to cleanse and moisturize her face on a daily basis I find myself telling her all the same things my grandmother told me.  The big difference is that I am around and able to enforce a skin regime with her.  I want her starting good habits early.

In fact, iderma sent me a skin care system for her use and wants to give one of you one as well.

Contest Rules:

  • The winner of the contest will receive one (1) iderma Acne System valued at $100.00. The set contains a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.
  • The winner will be chosen by me, based on the quality and helpfulness of the comments that you contribute about widget products.  Winner must reside in the USA.
  • In order to qualify to win:
    • You must comment on at least 5 products in the  widget.
  • You must click the “See It” link in the widget below to read about each of the 5+ products you commented on.

  • You must make all comments in the widget (not at the bottom of the post or on iDerma’s site).
  • You must  leave contact information in the form of a name and email address so that I can contact you should you win.
  • Comments can be up to 500 characters (the widget will not accept more than this)
  • Contest Ends on Sunday, June 13th at 11:59 p.m.  PDT.  Only open to US residents.
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    1. I know that is the only part I do not like about getting old..
      Have a great Sunday..

    2. I hate the aging too. Is this a good system you would recommend?

      • I’ve only used it for one day, so I don’t have a full review, but so far I do like it.

    3. I can’t wait to hear what you think about this. I am SO BAD about remembering to wash my face at end of day. For example, as I was reading this I remembered that when I got home from GNO last night, I didn’t wash my face. GROSS. Off to wash my face and then come back and read about products and enter contest!

    4. I commented on at least 5 products!

    5. I commented on 5 products…they have some really cool products on there!!! Great giveaway!

    6. sign me up

    7. I commented and clicked the “See it!” link. I really am excited about a few of their products.

    8. Charles Opperman says

      The aging process sucks; I could use a win here.

    9. Shelley Mitchell says

      I’m turning the BIG 40 at the end of this month! I would love try this!

    10. wendy wallach says

      Commented on five products! Hope I win!

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    11. Cassandra says

      I’ve followed the directions and left comments on the widgets, but I want to add that I’ve heard wonderful things about the iderma line. My sister works in the skin care industry and has recommended iderma to me in the past. With summer approaching and breakouts due to extra sweat and sunscreen lotion, this set would really be a blessing to me AND my daughter. Thank you for your consideration and to iderma for providing this giveaway.

    12. scarlette says

      I think I commented on 5 and did this right? Am a little confused. I really need something for adult acne. I had beautiful skin until I turned 30!

    13. I commented on 5!

    14. the widget stopped working for me so I couldn’t finish

    15. I commented on at least five products…they are awesome!

    16. Betty Snowe says


    17. I commented on 5 in the widget.